Why Reading Personal or Spiritual Development Education Can Ruin Your Ability To Create Wealth

A LOT of Gold For Life Members read/watch/learn from Personal Development & Spiritual education. It is OF-COURSE a very good thing to continue to develop yourself and improve the quality of your life through education about life. I do it myself.

But, it is also VERY common for people who are earning lots of money, to start reading personal development or spiritual education and suddenly experience a sudden, deep, drop in the amount of money they can make.

I went through this myself a few years back and want to explain WHY it happens, I’ve only been able to articulate this very recently and I think it’s profound.

It will explain to you, if you’ve experienced similar why it happened, and more importantly, how to continue Personal & Spiritual Development and never have it happen again.

Ready? Because this is going to take a deep look at the foundation of your character.

One thing that amazes me is why do so many people succeed with Gold For Life, a documented 92% success rate, but why. Especially when we have people from both sides of the spectrum, those who touch anything and it turns to gold (no pun intended) and those who have failed in everything they’ve tried, use Gold For Life, and it works, finally.

This is because the way the Gold For Life program is set up, we make people step out of their current conditioning, whatever it is, and just apply the rules that work, without thinking, and if they apply the rules, it works. So the normal frustration of learning 40 different variables is removed to just 1, that is, can you follow the rules.

Now this is valuable, but I didn’t know how valuable until I had this realisation about Personal & Spiritual education on ability to create wealth.

We’ve got to take this all the way back to why anyone wants to create money. Usually, there is a reason, a motivation, a belief or a value that the person holds so close and powerful to them that it motivates them to go forth and create wealth.

Creating wealth isn’t easy, there are road-blocks, situations come up, circumstances happen, all of this can and could stop you. In-fact 99%+ of people in the world WILL die with less than $1,000,000 to their name. That means, A LOT of people stop in their tracks because of these road-blocks. And there aren’t that many different road-blocks…

So the question isn’t ability. It’s our perception of the world that stops us or pushes us, our perception is created via our beliefs or knowing about the world around us.

Unfortunately, most of us are motivated to make money to avoid some sort of pain. Tell me if you relate to this in the comments, but for most people, they want to make money to avoid the hardships of life, live a better life than their parents, give their children a life they didn’t have, show their friends they could do it & win, prove to the world that they are worthy enough to win, defeat their competition & generally prove themselves to the world around them etc. Really to shield themselves from the hardships that not having money causes.

Correct? Why do YOU want to create wealth?

What this means is that your want to avoid that pain of the consequence is creating your drive, your motivation, your willingness to act & find ways to create wealth.

When you start reading Personal & Spiritual Development books & education, the heart of that industry is to relieve pain.

So you read the books, do the exercises, go to the seminars, work through what’s causing pain, remove it, feel absolutely awesome.

RESULT! Yes? Well… Maybe.

Money isn’t everything, and happiness is way more important than money, but a wise man once told me, “it’s never the thing that’s the problem, it’s the way you look at the thing.”

What that means is, for most people, your sole motivation to go and create wealth, was stemming from the pain that you’re holding. When you go and read personal/spiritual development education, you remove that pain, subsequently removing the VERY thing that you were using to motivate/inspire and drive you to create the wealth.

You removed your driving force.

Imagine, your driving force for making money was to help the family and people around you because on some level you felt worthless that you couldn’t at a time you had no money. You went to a Personal Development program, removed that pain, subsequently removing the need to want to help, and the domino effect is that your drive to make money, just disappeared.

It’s never the thing that’s the problem, it’s the way you look at the thing.

You saw that pain as real, hard to deal with pain, but your brain had manipulated it and used it to create what it needed to get you to act & succeed.

Do you see how this works now?

I’m not saying you have to be hurting and sad all your life to get rich, in-fact I think the wealthiest people on the planet are those who are creating wealth from a perspective of service & happiness.

The real problem isn’t getting rid of that pain, it’s replacing it with another motivator to KEEP YOU CREATING THE MONEY.

I was recently with Andy Shaw for a couple days, who a lot of you know is a friend of mine and he’s also the author of A Bug Free Mind. I was observing/speaking at his workshop about Designing Your Life, especially since I was the person who forced Andy to actually run it after he helped me create the design for my perfect partner in May 2012. I wanted to see my manifestation come to life and help the 42 people in the room! Was very satisfying :D!

What I like about what Andy calls designing is that rather than creating an attachment to the wealth, which is created from the perception of pain eg “I’ve got to have that, I need it in my life to plug xyz hole”, it teaches people to create a design that comes from within you, and creates a pull towards it, from the perception of happiness.

When you design your life from within you, not from what you’ve experienced from outside you, you automatically get pulled to it, rather than pushed to it.

Once you eliminate the push, which as we’ve seen above, can be taken from you with a little Personal/Spiritual development and removal of the “pain”. And replace it with a pull, you find yourself happy & wealthier.

If you DON’T do this, you are making the choice between Happiness & Money.

The problem is, because most Personal/Spiritual Development programs are not holistic ie they don’t deal with the “whole you”, once they’ve helped you erase the pain, they are by definition a success. But you as an individual need to keep an eye on the effects of that for the rest of your life.

This is why with Gold For Life, we sort of step outside of this, and make it automatic for our students, wealth is certain, following the rules is the goal. We remove the pressure, remove the need, remove the attachment… and it just works.

This is a very important part of human psychology that you can seriously mess with, if you’re not working with the right people. Most importantly, just not observing what’s happening to you as a person as you change one part of you that seems “right” to change.

So, all I’m saying is BE CAREFUL. This has happened to me, and several other successful people. I don’t want it to happen to you. Look at what motivates you to create money, and cherish it, be grateful for it.

Thank you & share the post if you found it valuable!

– Minesh Bhindi

Does that make sense? Have you experienced something like this? Share in the comments…



April 28, 2013 at 9:15 pm - Reply

Very profound post and one I can certainly relate to, personally for me making money has always been from a position of fear! Which is something I only really started to understand after going to The Millionaire Mind event for the second time! What I’ve noticed now that I’m concious of it and having stopped chasing money my financial success has been many times greater and more importantly my mental well being has been significantly improved.

I can totally related to the importance of creating a better motivation than that of a fear based one it’s much better for everyone and much more fun!

Honolulu Aunty

April 28, 2013 at 9:29 pm - Reply

Very interesting post! I take lots of education seminars/courses/programs, most of them for financial growth, a few for personal and spiritual growth.

What you say is true – and even funny – that once we relieve our “pain” or move toward our own self’s fulfillment as a person, the drive for achieving our financial goals diminishes. Whether that is good or bad depends on the individual.

For myself, I want to achieve financial greatness and stability, AND also achieve spiritual and personal greatness. For that to happen, I’ll go for the financial growth as the major but also dabble in personal growth as a sub-major for now. Once we have financial greatness and stability, then personal and spiritual growth can be the major because I don’t want to become a rich arse hole – there’s a lot of them out there…

Mahalo and aloha from Hawaii!


April 28, 2013 at 9:33 pm - Reply

Good post Minesh and very true. The point you are making alscould refer to a recently discovered circuit in the brain. If there is no sense of reward it literally switches off the connection to our seat of consciousness and causes biological depression and stagnation.


April 28, 2013 at 10:18 pm - Reply

Minesh – this is such a good post and you articulated it well! I personally found it helpful and expect plenty of others will too.



April 28, 2013 at 11:40 pm - Reply

Thanks Minesh, I perfectly agree with you on this subject. In fact you need the DRIVE in order to accomplish and if you remove that you are left Orphan of the purpose to accomplish. I am puzzled about creating the drive by creating the pull “within”. I find it difficult to achieve!!!! is that Immagining?

Michael Lee

April 29, 2013 at 4:49 am - Reply

Hallelujah Minesh,

Your article is a God-sent. I now understand why the driving force can be removed together with the pain that we wish to forget.

I am not there yet like most of you successful people. In fact I am still struggling financially. However, I am an ardent reader of your posts. They give me inspiration and hope that one day I’ll be successful too.

Thanks agin.


April 29, 2013 at 5:57 am - Reply

Great post. Exactly a realization I’ve been having recently, as I focused on earning then felt I was betraying myself by not focusing 100% on religious studies and self development. Wierd,

A lot of values conflict clearning later..

I realize as you say, that the motivating forces should be a ‘towards’ and not ‘away from’ perspective. Now I know that it is my duty to earn, I will be rewarded, and I have clear ideas of the purpose of earning and the constructive use I will inshAllah put the money to, for my own development, that of my children, and as a contribution, inshAllah.

This realization relieved a lot of pressure for me. Thanks for sharing and putting it so well!

Jon Majeika

April 29, 2013 at 8:11 am - Reply

That makes perfect sense Minesh and is an extremely helpful article.

I also think it is because people suddenly become aware of their incorrect thinking and then focus on it… and what they think about they bring about. It’s conscious incompetence, the second of the four stages of learning. Which I know you know all about but in case some of your readers do not, here is my interpretation:

1. Unconscious incompetence – We don’t know what we don’t know. We are oblivious.

2. Conscious incompetence – we know what we don’t know. We are now aware of something new but we don’t know how to do it. In this case, we are aware that our thoughts determine our lives so we fret when we have a bad one and it can get out of control.

3. Conscious competence – we are aware that we are able to do something and are aware that we are doing it – controlling our thoughts for example.

4. Unconscious competence – we do things without thinking about them. They just become a part of us and what we do. Ever had that feeling after driving somewhere and not being able to recall parts of the journey let alone changing gears, looking in the mirror, signalling, manoeuvring etc?

Unfortunately, in many areas of life, people get stuck at stage two and then claim “this does not work”.


April 29, 2013 at 11:43 am - Reply

Yes, this subject is unconscious a very vulnerable subject for me. I will learn that there is no choice between : happiness and money. When for this moment, life period of my life, financial thing is important to me, so I have to do things to earn money, instead of wasting my time and my money, but it is easier te say then to imply this, because it is for me such an unconscious process. I I am not happy, I worry more about my happiness, then about my money.

Rick Falls

April 29, 2013 at 1:38 pm - Reply

This is a very thoughtful insightful and well articulated post Minesh.

“Design from within and be pulled” (not pushed) is brilliant, as is “creating wealth from a perspective of service and happiness”.

Taking people through the follow the rules to work your “Gold For Life” program is simply expecting that they move through or past the “bugs” that Andy helps people get through with A Bug Free Mind.

I’m really glad to know both you and Andy !

Jane Champion

April 29, 2013 at 4:41 pm - Reply

I think anything we do which comes from a position of fear is tantamount to building your house on sand, which can be swept away, and oft times it is as it as there is no inner foundation of security and OKness. Make anything outside of us our `God` source and it can be taken from us by other people, or whatever life throws at us.. So often motivation is placed outside ourselves in things, people and life events, but true motivation?? comes from an inner source which I would call `vision.
Nobody`s life needs to look like anybody else`s life` As I see it happiness is within us and does not depend on anything outside of us.
Thanks for your posts Miniesh

Julie Coffey

April 29, 2013 at 8:04 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh – this bit is very profound, you’ve said something really powerful – it’s gone in my little book of quotes 🙂

When you design your life from within you, not from what you’ve experienced from outside you, you automatically get pulled to it, rather than pushed to it.

veronica brand

April 30, 2013 at 8:36 am - Reply

Thankyou Minesh, you have answered something that no one else has .
I wondered why I can really make money when I have a crisis, then it drops right back when the crisis is over……now I understand.
Also it gets exhausting doing it this way.
Pull to rather than push to..genius !

Paul Clarke

April 30, 2013 at 5:05 pm - Reply

Well well, the situation you’re describing after putting into practice my personal development learnings is exactly what I’ve been thinking over the last week or so, and then you go and put it in writing for me! I’ve been a student of both Andy Shaw and Dr Robert Anthony for a couple of years now and yes, I’m about 90% pain free which is great but I’ve lost my drive. I’m not motivated by money at all but we all need the stuff to realise certain desires or take a shortcut to them, so I’m in the process of re-learning Andy’s teachings to get back the focus of obtaining my desires by design. I blame Dr Robert Anthony who said the secret to everything is learning how to be happy in the moment, so I am!

Rose Evans

May 7, 2013 at 7:24 am - Reply

Thank you Minesh, wise analysis, you provide a clear understanding of why it is important to follow your own dream (inside out design of life) then to LET GO of the outcome. You have me thinking about the pain pleasure principle and my own drive (pull) for sustaining happiness.
You words explain the definition of self-actualisation which was described to me by a Dale Carnegie coach as follows:-
Self Actualization consists of 3 key things
1. Quiet confidence
2. Detachment from the opinion of others
3. Detachment from the fruits of our labour
I like your line ‘’It’s never the thing that’s the problem, it’s the way you look at the thing.’’
I believe the only way to help the poor is don’t be one of them!
“Surrender is surrender to THIS moment, not to a story through which you interpret this moment and then try to resign yourself to it.” – Eckhart Tolle
I quoted your words in an earlier blog about self-acceptance http://www.workstresstosuccess.com/2013/05/02/plagiarism-and-self-acceptance/
‘Never value and judge people on what they can do for you. Value and judge them on what you can do for them while on your path to your goals. Because if you give with focus, receiving is effortless’ ~ Minesh Bhindi
Thank you for inspiring me Minesh
x Love Song & Smiles Rose x ♫♥♪¨¯`♥ ¸.♫♥♪¨¯`♥ ¸.♫♥♪¨¯`♥

The Philosophy of Mental Illness at LSE | Work Stress to Success

May 8, 2013 at 1:47 am - Reply

[…] Matthew had me thinking about the pain pleasure principle and an excellent article I read from Minesh Bhindi  click here: Why Reading Personal or Spiritual Development Education Can Ruin Your Ability To Create Wealth […]


May 17, 2013 at 9:39 pm - Reply

Hey Minesh

I’d say a lot of personal development is designed to make you feel worse! Like you need their solution otherwise you’re a loser. The structure is carefully designed to tap into pain and use leverage to make you take action into, often spending money you don’t have, but being pumped enough to believe it’s the magic bullet that will fix everything.
Being in London, there is always some amazing must-go-to event on and I used to spend most of my weekends jumping around at them and getting out my credit card (that was a long time ago.. I have since wised up!).
Now I have only a couple of things I am focusing on – and thats it. Those other things will always be there and if I need them they will find me. It’s funny, you realise how much you know and have grown when you no longer get sucked into the jumping around frenzy and take ownership of your life, your destiny and what is actually really important to you..not sucking up to, lining the pockets of, or funding the ‘guru’s’ lifestyle, which they say you can have too… if you just sign up today…
Oh, and don’t bother going for the ‘networking’… most of the attendees are broke, or have no direction and are searching.
I have been around the block too, for 10 years now, and have also been on the other side of the seminar industry, so can see it from both sides. If the speaker brags about how meagre his upbringing was and how he grew up in poverty and flunked school to boot, hear alarm bells. He still has a scarcity mentality and the transfer of your cash into his pocket is his goal for the day. If you get a buzz from it, well there’s a bonus for you!

Totally agree with your closing comments:

So, all I’m saying is BE CAREFUL. This has happened to me, and several other successful people. I don’t want it to happen to you. Look at what motivates you to create money, and cherish it, be grateful for it.

thx for reading, I hope I didn’t come across as a sceptic, I so am not! I’ve just had distance and woken up 🙂 xx

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