Why I Love & Respect Gold Investing & Gold Investors

This weekend’s been an interesting weekend for me. 

I spent the whole time thinking about my purpose, making it clearer, discovering the full potential of it & most importantly making it a reality in my mind. 

Remember, with anything in life, only when it’s a REALITY in your mind, will it show up in your life. 

This is why with GFL, the first thing new students do is go through our simple Fast Start Walkthrough, regardless of experience, this makes the “result” a reality based experience for you, this then makes it much easier to manifest the end result. 

Anyway, I was listening to a song, and I heard a line “if I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it?” 

This got me really thinking, in depth about Gold & Silver Investors. 

I mean, in this lifetime, the people who are currently financially ABLE to invest, have never seen Gold & Silver make people abundantly wealthy. 

Think about it, we’ve seen real estate create huge wealth, we’ve seen the stock market create huge wealth, we’ve seen business and ecommerce create huge wealth, but we haven’t SEEN, EXPERIENCED and FELT Gold & Silver do the same thing. 

Why is this important? Well, all of human evolutionary science tells us that we are creatures of habit and we learn to respond to things and trust things in the environment. 

So when I tell you, when Robert Kiyosaki tells you, when Mike Maloney tells you, when Eric Sprott tells you, when James Turk tells you, when David Morgan tells you, when Max Keiser tells you, when Marc Faber tells you… 

When anyone who understands Gold & Silver tells you about the importance of it in your portfolio… 

You have to take a HUGE leap of faith in order to listen & act. 

You have to denounce all the other media, all the other people investing in those familiar investments, disregard what your body and it’s sense’s tell you bout the current Monetary system, ignore all the people saying that Gold & Silver has had it’s bull run…
Ignore everything you know and have been conditioned into believing about money… 

And STILL invest! 

Yes ofcourse the “risk” is reduced by doing your own research and looking at the facts, but this “leap” of faith is very impressive. 

Gold & Silver Investors, as far as the investment world is concerned are the LEADERS in believing before you see. 

That is the creation process of the way the world works! 

Yes ofcourse as time goes on, more money is printed, more people are robbed from by the banks and more restriction is placed on our money, ofcourse people will wake up. 

But it takes a real visionary thinker to get into it before anyone else does. 

And that is why if you’re a Gold & Silver investor, that even has the incling that what I’m saying is true, and has taken ACTION to invest, you’re a real visionary. 

That’s why I love and respect Gold & Silver Investors. You SEE something before it’s happened, you have the power to reject reality everyone else see’s and SEE the reality you want to create. 

Visionaries are never created, they are simply revealed through time. 

The time we’re going through now and your response to that time, that investment in Gold & Silver WILL see you deemed as a visionary & profit is just a by-product of that. 

It’s just that sometimes, time needs to run it’s course for the world to see what we see. 

I’m glad you’re on the journey with me, and the Gold For Life Community. 

To Limitless Wealth, 

Minesh Bhindi 

P.S. The winner of the Scholarship last week by the way, is Veronica Brand. Congrats & Welcome to the community Veronica! 

Isabel will contact you by email to get you signed in 🙂 

Everybody else, we’ll be opening 10 more places within the community in the next 2-3 weeks.


Honolulu Aunty

May 21, 2013 at 10:25 am - Reply

Love you back, Minesh!!

Joseph Botelho

May 22, 2013 at 11:02 pm - Reply

Well written, nicely spoken and easy to understand your direction………true gold and silver has never made anyone wealthy like real estate and stocks have. that was then, this is now, a new set of unpredictable rules and obstacles that have very little meaning of the direction it will go. But when you mentioned the names of buyers, one has to listen…They have been right more then they have been wrong with their investment decisions. One other person that is also very aggressive in investing in this asset would be George Soros, self made man…. no need to share what he has done… you not agree..

So l do agree we must listen and follow their direction….

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