Why Do Most People Do Everything For A 3% "Chance" Of Success, But Won't Lift A Finger On A 92% "Proven" Success Rate?

I’m currently sitting in Boisdale, my favourite “chill out” place in Canary Wharf where our London office is…

I brought some of our Platinum group here a couple weeks back, it’s just one of those places where I can sit and THINK. I do enjoy a cigar now and then, which I repeatedly get emails telling me how “bad” it is! But you know, you gotta enjoy life, and living in fear is for others to worry about.

So, I have a lit Cohiba Behike 54 cigar here and I just started reminiscing about the success of our students. WHY do we have such a high success rate, what makes our students so special that 92% of them that “try” make money and keep their investment an ongoing success. Can we push that any higher?

I mean let’s be honest, 92% is good, better than anything out there, but you always like to set the aim higher, right? Me too.

So what’s the “Secret”?

One of the best lessons I ever learned about “investing” was that you need a strategy, a method, a system that just WORKS over the long term and can almost be “automated”. I mean do you think that would help your wealth building? Can you imagine the benefits you’d have by having your wealth build like clockwork?

We get so many students who have tried and failed at other trading strategies, the most common is Forex. Which is actually pretty hard to beat, especially when you’re fighting against bankers who have billion dollar high frequency trading systems designed to beat you within nano-seconds at the game THEY DESIGNED. Think about it.

FXCM a Forex Trading brokerage said only 23% of their account holders ended the year positively in the 4th quarter of 2010. The period in the year that the market went up the MOST. Only 23% succeeded when the market went UP.

And people wonder why they can’t bank on a certain, successful future. You’re playing someone else’s game & then expecting to beat them at the rules THEY created. You have no control. This is why so many of our students are ex day traders, ex forex traders, ex spread betters… After a certain age, you just need something “certain”.

And most investors know that for the inflationary environment we’re entering for the next 8-10 years, they need Gold & Silver, and most smart investors have decided that the Gold For Life Investment System, since 2010 has been the best method for investing in the metals.

What an amazing journey it’s been. It becomes easy and fun especially when like me, you believe, in the fact that wealth should be easy and fun to acquire.

Look, so last year I said that the Gold For Life Investment System was the Simplest, Most Profitable Investment Strategy available for long term investors.

A LOT of people doubted us, my friends in the community and in my personal life sniggered and said “you can’t get your success rate of students past 20%”.

“You can’t make a system that is THAT simple”

“It’s impossible, nobody’s done it.”

Truth is, it WAS a very arrogant statement, and the other truth was, I didn’t expect to get the results we did, but after creating the system, I spent a year focusing on making it SIMPLER, easier to follow and much more focused to the RESULT.

…and then one day, I was challenged to “prove the claims”, so we sent out an anonymous survey to our student community and the results were….

1) 92% of people investing with REAL money, people that actually took action, are making money. Is 92% a “secure” enough bet to go for? …especially when the other 8% only lost because they didn’t follow the rules..?

You know! When I was in school, they told us once, to look around, and they said “statistically, only 2 out of the 109 people in this room will become successful”…

“WHAT?!” was the first thought that ran through my mind. You see Gold For Life makes it possible “statistically” for you and 91 of your friends out of 100 to become successful. That’s more like how life should be right? How much more fun would wealth be with all your friends by your side?

2) The average length of period a surveyed student is using this system is a huge 10.6 months – Can you see yourself working a system with a 92% success rate over the long term? Or would you only do a system proven to work for so long, for only 3 weeks and then give up the money? No this is something our students will be doing for the rest of their lives, this is secure.

3) The average return our students are getting is 2.2% per month. Would it be wise for you to learn this type of strategy? Especially with a 92% success rate and a 10.6 month average use period?

Just imagine this, you get 1% per year in the bank. That means a $100,000 saving would be worth $101,000. With Gold For Life it would be worth $126,400…

Which pile would you prefer in-front of you? Yes, you can even use your 401K or Pension Fund. Would 1% or 26.4% per year be better for securing your future.

4) The average amount of “Trading Time” on a monthly basis is under 20 minutes per MONTH. Can you see how spending only 20 minutes a month to “manage” your investments making 2.2% per month would benefit your life?

NOW – this might sound funny, but every seminar I’ve spoken at, even at the big ones with Richard Branson or Alan Sugar or Eric Trump, NO ONE believes this statistic. But it’s true – documented.

Imagine this, 20 minutes per month is the same time as it takes to make 4 cups of tea. And your wealth is protected & growing, with your time free to do what you really enjoy. Sound good?

These are the facts. From an anonymous student survey. I stress “anonymous” because students didn’t HAVE TO say this about us. But they did. They want you, and others like them, to succeed like they have. Don’t you want to follow a crowd who has ALREADY succeeded? Would you want to follow an unproven or a proven route to wealth? Can you see how this reduces your risk?

I don’t think we need to even discuss whether “the strategy works” or not right?

The benefit of Gold For Life is that the age old complaint of “you’re not going to spend X’000’s on “another course” just DO NOT apply. Because with a 92% success rate, can you see how the risk is pretty minimal to you?

The only question now is – is this strategy right for YOU? Is it feasible for YOU to do? Is it RIGHT for you? Those are the questions.

I mean just imagine if you had a strategy proven to make 26.4% per year uncompounded, how would that change the outlook on your investing? How would it make planning for the future easier? Would that return, on-top of having your wealth protected in Gold & Silver be wise for you?

My main objective is to help people no longer have a fear of their future. Period.

How would it benefit the quality of your life if retirement was no longer a concern?

How much do you think just £10,000 turns into if you get 2.22% per month consistently over 10 years? (I’m going to reveal the answer in a future post).

If you could finally “retire” from your current life and it’s demands and start enjoying yourself, how would that improve the quality of your life?

If you had control over your wealth and it wasn’t manipulated by “the powers that be” when they felt like it to line their pockets?

That would be pretty good wouldn’t it? Can you see how this type of “system” would benefit your quality of life?

Do I have permission to tell you more about this & how it’s already helped our existing students and see if it’s right for your future? Right for giving YOU back the control of your wealth?

Would it be in your best interest to learn a system like this, with the proven success rate that this already has?

I agree. So over the next few days I’m going to take you behind the curtains of the Gold For Life Investment System, the same system that our students spoke so highly of in the anonymous student survey we did above.

There’s a sign up box below, leave your details and I’ll make sure that you are kept up to date as I release the future posts.

If you’re serious about securing your future and building your wealth, you won’t want to miss the next 3 posts.

This sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Your jaw will hit the floor after I’ve told you everything about it.

Speak Soon,

Minesh Bhindi

P.S. The Gold For Life Investment System has been shut, since November 2012. We only take 25 new students every 2-5 months. We will be opening up 25 more places very soon, if you want to be put onto a “waiting list” to have a first chance at getting in, please email my assistant Isabel at: Isabel@GoldForLife.com with your phone number and “WAITING LIST” in the subject line & she’ll put you on the list – or call her at the office on: 0844 586 5445 (UK) or 0044 844 586 5445 (International)

We always fill up. This will be faster. The momentum is building. People are loving the system. And as every month goes by, as every student makes more money, more and more people want to join the community. Don’t miss out. Get on the waiting list.

P.S. All this profit, doesn’t even include the fact that all our students are secured in Gold & Silver. Which has a multiple hundreds of percent on the upside. Would that be of interest to you? Pay attention… I’m going to break down the numbers for you THIS week.

QUESTION – So why do YOU think people repeatedly go to seminars, buy courses and then take no action, get nowhere or worse, subconsciously chose and don’t fight the urge to go for the program that’s fake, too risky or just won’t work.

OVER what they KNOW, has been proven to work?

Answer in the comments…

SCHOLARSHIP – I decided that our collective mastermind is very important, so I wanted some answers to some questions to allow me to help more people over the next 10 years. And I thought I’d “bribe” you to help me, by giving you a £4,997 scholarship into the GFL Investment System. Sound fair?

Now, in order to actually be in with a chance to win the scholarship, here’s the rules: 1. You must answer every single question honestly, fully & to the best of your ability. The questions are under every blog post, there’s 4 of them. 2. The person who answers ALL the questions best consecutively will win & I’ll be hand picking the winner after reading your comments.

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Enza Carrelli

February 20, 2013 at 6:37 pm - Reply

Because they feel lost and un supported when back home, no longer in a room with liked minded people to motivate and encourage. Cannot learn remotely. Webinar are good but dont replace human interaction and connection.

Fritz Meyer

February 20, 2013 at 6:46 pm - Reply

My experience is we try to do it ourselves after listening to the presentation. We buy books, tapes, videos on how to but we don’t have a coach to work with and get us through the uncomfortable times that always occur. We then find it is too much work and don’t have a specific plan and stately and thus quit. Fritz Meyer


February 20, 2013 at 6:53 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh,

My thoughts on your question….We do the courses, seminars etc because inside us we know that we should do something to change our lives, but the realisation that we need to step out of our comfort zone to take the action to change, this is where we resist and don’t take the action.

We keep looking for the next best thing that would bring us the fantastic results but would allow us to stay in that comfort zone,all the while the “comfort zone” is starting to become uncomfortable and yet still we take no action and continue to look for the next course that would allow us to keep us comfortable.


February 20, 2013 at 6:55 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh,

Great post. As a self professed “seminar junkie” for the past decade or so, I can completely relate to your question.

In looking back at all of the workshops, programs, coaching etc that I’ve invested in over the years what stands out for me is that I was always seeking that “magic bullet” solution to whatever challenge I was facing at the time. What I realize now is that in pretty much every case it wasn’t that the product wouldn’t produce the results desired, but rather that I didn’t follow the formula to produce the desired results long enough to achieve them.

Old habits and ways of thinking kicked back in, and at the first hurdle or challenge that strategy was dropped and I moved on to find the next shiny object.

Where I think the answer lies to your question is partly in your description of the results your students are achieving. While a 2% return is quite exceptional, it’s only over time that it really starts to accumulate. Most people are looking for the home run, lottery win and not willing to invest the time (albeit only 20 minutes a month) it takes for the results to show. It is easier to believe that some other home run opportunity will be their golden ticket to prosperity.

That’s my 2 cents.

Best of Success,
Dan Giercke

Chris MacNulty

February 20, 2013 at 6:59 pm - Reply

Speaking as someone who spent a huge amount of money on such seminars (which is why I don’t have the funds right now to invest in your system) there are two aspects to the appeal of such seminars.
1. The “Rah, Rah” atmosphere with loud music, and the highly skilled presenters who know exactly how to “work” the audience. Since attending such seminars, I have learned that most (if not all) of them use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and various forms of hypnosis.
2. The hype usually suggests that one can become a millionaire virtually overnight, and they have examples of people who have amazing results. They are not always open about potential problems. I attended several seminars on a particular form of real-estate investment, and then worked hard to make it work, only to discover that it was not possible to do it in the State where I live – the regulations were different.

I really appreciate your low-key approach.


February 20, 2013 at 7:01 pm - Reply

Why do people repeatedly attend seminars, buy courses and then take no action? Two reasons, the fear of success and the fear of failure. Fear of success because it’s an unknown, it’s outside of their comfort zone and people will stay stuck in horrible but known circumstances than face the unknown – the subsconscious rules us in that. The fear of failure is where people are so stuck on the past judgements of themselves by both themselves and others that they would rather not try than try and fail. And why do we all keep trying, because consciously we know we deserve better, we can do better and so we keep trying but then we fall back into the subsconscious programming and nothing changes.
And why go for the obviously fake, risky programme? If it’s a ‘miracle’, push button wealth creation programme, well, the same as buying the lottery, we all want to change our lives overnight and for it to be easy, costing us little time, money and effort.
The answer Minesh, is human nature.


February 20, 2013 at 7:20 pm - Reply

I think people buy the courses because they are afraid for their financial future. They take no action because they are also afraid to lose money when they don’t have the confidence in what they are doing. I am not certain they know that the program is fake or too risky…they don’t know for sure and there are so many products out there to choose from it becomes bewildering.


February 20, 2013 at 7:21 pm - Reply

From my own experience, I think people get enchanted and deceived by the power of marketing, which gives an idea that it’s all very simple and easy when it is not. After purchasing the product, then the problems arise and if the support it’s not good (if there is one) they end up quitting. So people continue their quest for a better life, until they find one method that doesn’t over promise but have a good step by step process and really works.

Paull Newsome

February 20, 2013 at 7:33 pm - Reply

Fear, confusion and a lack of a clear concise goal in life.

Veronica Brand

February 20, 2013 at 7:45 pm - Reply

Quite simply they are programmed that way in their subconcious beleif system.
So their conscious mind takes them to the seminaars etc, as consciously most people want to find a way to get rich, but their subconcious negative money beliefs will always take them AWAY from what works.
They have to reprogramme their subconcious for the goal they are setting out to achieve.
Its the same as people who wish to lose weight or stop smoking, conciously they want to, subconciously they are programmed otherwise.
The subconcious cannot reason with the instructions it is given, its like a target missile, whatever directions it is given it will follow, even if the end result is destructive !
A very painful conflict for alot of people who are genuinely trying to change something in their lives.


February 20, 2013 at 7:54 pm - Reply

Because it makes them feel good at the time of purchase and the sales pitch can be irresistible. If there is nobody to connect/correspond with after the event that’s when doubt in their ability sets in. Result = procrastination and non action.

best wishes

Peter Hool

February 20, 2013 at 8:08 pm - Reply

It is a combination of “It sounds too good to be true”, “I have not got enough to pay the subscription and invest the minimum amount” and “procrastination”. Create a profile of your typical students who have succeeded and target your message to that type of person.


February 20, 2013 at 8:37 pm - Reply

I think we go to seminars and get fired up on the day. Everything seems easy and clear during the seminar. But when we get home and start to apply what we have learned, we (me) find that there are some parts of the system that are not clear or have not been mentioned. Also the whole system seems much more complicated than when we sat in the meeting.
So if the support is not available to answer our questions and to explain the grey areas. We decide not to risk further money. The course then turns into shelf-help.

Regards Richard

Christine L.

February 20, 2013 at 8:45 pm - Reply

I think it is combination of things. The majority of people think:

1> success, investing, becoming wealthy is hard
2>those who are successful or making money with investments are very intelligent or had to have years of schooling and experience to get to that point
3>if it sounds too good than something is wrong

With that belief system, it is not in the realm of possibilities that it will ever work for them. After all, how many people do they actually know are earning that type of return and if they do know someone, than their own limiting beliefs about themselves hold them back. So they flock to what is comfortable by staying within the boundaries of a 3% chance of success because that seems more in line with what they feel is truly possible for themselves. Even though, in reality, it is often times just as easy or perhaps even easier and more lucrative to choose the alternative.


February 20, 2013 at 8:48 pm - Reply

Having tried vaarious systems over the years it seems easier to quit when things start to go against you. I think the old deep rooted belief systems that says this doesen’t work for you and the little voice in your head that controls you tells you its No good and if you continue you will fail and lose all your money etc.

Its the old controlling belief system at work that wants you to stay in your comfort zone. It thinks its protecting you from failure but what its really doing is ruining the hell out of your life. So its being preapred to listen to someone who knows what they are doing and sticking at it even if you do fail now and again. Its Having the Persistance to keep going even when things go wrong now and again.

I think they call it temporary defeat and the most successful and wealthy people on the planet have this ability to keep going no matter what until you make it work for you. Lets be honest what kind of world would we be living in today if People Like Henry Ford, Einstein, The Wright Brothers, Steve Jobs etc had all decided to QUIT!! after a few failures. If something works for around 92% of People who are doing it then there is no reason it cant work for ME or anybody else for that matter we just need to stick at it.



February 20, 2013 at 9:04 pm - Reply

Firstly – The fact of the matter is that ‘Believing is the truth’ and since childhood you have been told that life is hard things don’t come easy. As a result you don’t believe in simple and powerful things, which are also true.

Secondly it is as simple as taking the action (the doing part) – which a lot of people don’t take as they feel they are busy in their life and there are other important things.

Stephen Swindon

February 20, 2013 at 9:05 pm - Reply

Let me share my views on each part of the question above:
– Firstly there are those who take no action.  I think the reason that some people take no action is fear of failure in that they do not believe they can succeed (mindset) and nothing they have heard n the seminar/course etc has convinced them otherwise.
– Secondly there are those who take action but get nowhere.  This can be for a multitude of reasons but in my view it is most likely due to the material being incomplete or difficult to understand resulting in people incorrectly (or incompletely) interpreting what they have been taught.
– Thirdly there are those who subconsciously pursue program’s which are fake, too risky etc resulting in failure.  I believe that these people are usually course junkies who flit from course to course looking for the next best thing and do not undertake the proper due diligence before investing money in training.  It is almost as if they do not have faith in their own ability to ask the right questions and filter out the good courses from the bad.

Sandra Winter

February 20, 2013 at 9:09 pm - Reply

I speak from my own experience (sadly) that I have spun my wheels a lot around financial success. I think the biggest reasons are as follows:

1) beliefs that success is for other people and not for me, that it will demand too much of my time or energy or that it will change me into someone I don’t respect
2) the idea that even if something doesn’t appear to be working, the problem isn’t the investment — it’s that I haven’t tried hard enough
3) fear of failure. If I do nothing, I can’t fail.

Crazy as all this is, I’ve been there, done that and got the T-Shirt. Time to go with something that feels right, makes sense and that I can believe in.

paul booker

February 20, 2013 at 9:35 pm - Reply

were sucked in by the hype ..we want to successful and we want it now !..unfortunately you find out it doesnt work that way , its a slow process that takes years to achieve , but we want to believe you can achieve it straight away with some new miracle system instead of the slow compounding …. in other words most people dont have the patience to wait it out ….so move on to the next big thing that comes along . the strategys that are proven to work are generally boring which goes against the image of these hyped up courses so again were naturally attracted to them …


February 20, 2013 at 9:44 pm - Reply

I think it’s because people ‘believe’ that they can find success with these courses and seminars, however they don’t ‘know’ that they can find success. They spend all their money on the courses thinking “yeah this is the one, I believe that I can get this one to work, this is the magic bullet.”
But they subconsciously have all the past failures sitting right there behind these words. When you believe in something there is always an element of doubt coupled with that belief.

As soon as something goes wrong, they make a mistake, they lose a little money, those past failures come rushing to the front of their mind, and then this becomes another of those failures, and they instantly dismiss it thinking “this cannot work for me, I will go to the next bright shiny object”

The main problem is all these courses and seminars promoting the latest way to make a load of money make it sound so easy, telling people that they push a button and cash falls from the sky.

Any real method of making money takes effort, it takes time, and it takes mistakes. People aren’t willing to embrace their mistakes and learn from them, they make one and then think they have failed for life. They don’t realize that making mistakes is part of the game and the only way that you can really find success.

Believing in a money making idea will never lead anyone to success. People need to know that they can make it work, have no doubt that they can make it work, embrace all mistakes along the way and know that the mistakes are leading them to massive success. People need to know that they can make it work or they wont take enough action.

Until people can get into that mindset of knowing they will find success with an idea, and have no doubt in the success they will find, they will jump from course to course, never take proper action, and never find success.

Andrew Moore

February 20, 2013 at 9:49 pm - Reply

All I can comment on is what I have done and the programs that I have invested in. For me, the books, tapes, courses have never worked the way the presenter has described it would work. It has never been as simple as they suggest and the instances that I have had an opportunity to ask for assistance has never been more than “just follow the instructions and it will work”. There has never been the instruction and weekly calls that we are getting. Alot of the courses claim great results, so it makes it harder to believe all the new people out there toughting their products. For me there is a belief that something out therenhas got to work, its just increasingly difficult to find the “right” program.

Neil Gray

February 20, 2013 at 10:03 pm - Reply

I think it may be a conflict between their desire to make their life better and do something, and the fear generated by their ego that it wont work . . . The repeated visits to seminars is because the “amazing opportunity” before didn’t work . . . Whilst there they get marketed to and talked into buying the “completely new amazing opportunity that can’t fail” . . . Then they get home and their ego starts to creep in and starts using a variety of ways to keep from actually starting using it . . and sticking to it. . . You know the ones Minesh, “you don’t know how to do that” . . . “this wont work like the last one” . . . “you’ve done enough for now . . you can do that tomorrow . . go watch the telly” . . .Then of course you have the peer pressure of people around them telling them they just wasted their money as it wont work and the whole lot works together to stun them into inaction. . . . .Then a while later they go to another seminar because they have the desire to make their life better again and so it goes on.

As for going for the program that’s risky or fake . . . well that’s just them being marketed to and pretty much conned with the old “This program normally costs £10,000 . . but today you can get it for just £3000” . . personal experience speaking there . . they only got me once though . . I learnt after the first time! . . which is what alot of people don’t do.

Have fun reading all the answers :0)


Paul Craig

February 20, 2013 at 10:41 pm - Reply

Because most people think they have to work hard for success. 3% makes them feel like their hard work paid off and most people often focus on the how. But when you focus on what you want(the why) then you meet generous, caring people like yourself and your father who have created a system that works and just want other people to succeed aswell.

Thank you for your post 🙂

Crystal Smith

February 21, 2013 at 12:03 am - Reply

When you are inexperienced, you have no way to “KNOW” something has been proven to work. All seminars and courses claim that their program definitely works and they list testimonials to prove it. Often if I buy something and don’t take action afterwards, it’s because the system is much more complex than the selling pitch led me to believe and there is no support from the company when I get lost or overwhelmed. Also, once you’ve spent a significant amount of time and money on a program that doesn’t work, it can be difficult to put your faith into another one.

James Hakansson

February 21, 2013 at 12:21 am - Reply

This is for a number of reasons:

People are told all the positives in the sales pitch and how much their life will be improved. They undertake the training and then hear what they actually have to do, have to risk, have to give up to get what was promised in the sales pitch and the pain they associate with the latter is far, far greater than the perceived benefits/pleasure they originally associated with the sales pitch.

This leads to fear of failure and doubt which transpires in to one of the following:

Reason 1
They simply cannot afford to carry out the instructions in the course i.e. they do not have access to the working capital/initial investment needed.

Reason 2
People go to seminars with the best of intentions then after parting with their cash to go, they are told they need to spend £XXX further on top of their already significant seminar fee to make money.
Which means some people won’t have the money, some will just about be able to afford it but it feels like money they can’t afford to loose, as the though of loosing all their spare/seed cash is just too much for them – so the result being they don’t take action, they don’t follow the advice on the course and quietly think – something else will come along I’ll wait. Then they repeat the above all over again.

Reason 3
They have the money to follow up of the action recommended in the course seminar, but have lost lots of money following advice in the past. If and this is vitally important…. if after taking the course/completing the seminar the attendee does not feel 100% confident this will work for me, then their mind will immediately start to doubt the advice and they will not take it.

If your sales pitch lets the would be customer know a fully inclusive and realistic minimum amount of time and money they must invest in your programme from the initial study to the daily/weekly/monthly/annual operating of that system, and if necessary the times of day you will need to be available to take action and the basic tools you’ll need to do it, i.e. internet access and you offer an effective (promptly answered) unlimited email support service to get all customers over all stumbling blocks then you should have a winning formula on your hands.


February 21, 2013 at 12:31 am - Reply

The fear, also the fact that they procrastinate. I, myself, have joined a course which was expansive but seemed feasible (a 10 lessons course), but on the 3rd lesson, I stopped because I didn’t understood correctly the lessons and didn’t have completed the work asked in the 2nd one.
Sure, I did the homework afterwards, but I realized that when the teacher is not “live”, it is more difficult for me to follow the lessons… I find it hard to work on a project alone, even if there is a teacher “over there” trying to answer my questions – I prefer live classes with the interaction of everyone. I’m surely not the only one.

Also, sometimes, it is easier to take a course, getting excited about all the stuff you learn, and like a baloon, you deflate when being alone, but for sure you do not apply what you have learned. It’s all in your head but have to be experienced, you have to apply what you have learned. It has to do most of the time with the “confiance en soi”, the ability to rely to your guts, and most of the time your subconscious mind gets on your way.

Another reason might be the language; my native language is French and even though my English is quite good, it sometimes put barriers along the way. I have to rely on very good teachers whom are able to explain things with another twist if the first time was not understood. And finally, I think some people cannot be looser, even if they play Scrabble – so to not be a looser, if you have any doubt along the way, you stop – you face your friends more easily if you simply say that that course wasn’t for you.

May I add that I find your logo is beautiful and that you present your teaching with the inclusion of spirituality, which resonates with me. May I also add that with the red scarf you are really “photogénique”.


February 21, 2013 at 2:20 am - Reply

I bought your course last November and so far have been unable to do anything about it, but I can tell you why. I received a video instructing how to sign up with a trading company (an essential first step before learning the actual tactics). I played the video several times but found the voice was too fast for me to be able to write the instructions while trying to follow the mouse spinning round several pages of a form and clicking on certain parts of it. I am 82 years old and my eyesight is not so good, so I really need a page of written instuctions so that I can concentrate on watching where you are clicking. I wrote to Isabel about it but never received written instructions.
I shall be in the UK in May and this is when I want to sell my present shares and invest in Gold and Silver but would first like to familiarize myself with the system and be able to understand your weekly calls. I am sure it would be much more fun than making millions of ”monopoly money” playing Farmville and would certainly give me much more time for my social life and other work.


February 21, 2013 at 2:36 am - Reply

Thanks for the post, Minesh.
Overrall, people grow up believing that the way to do ‘life’ is based on the way they survived their childhood. During their childhood, particular techniques were wired into subconscious – neural pathways, if you like. The whole population grew up watching their parents and then copying that except that they believe they have got it so much better than their parents had. And this is true because of the 3% successful people who do change the world – think Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson.
The question ‘Is this all there is?’ does come up later in life and that is when people start looking for answers but their pre-programming is not wired for change and so everything they try ends up failing because it is not using the same neural pathways they currently (pun!) have wired since childhood.

It could be argued that 3% is a high percentage of people who change and now that this statistic is out in the web it will change because people do naturally like learning and succeeding and will want to become one of this number. To do this they will have to start asking themselves different questions and, from this, start taking different actions.

So a ‘92% success rate ‘is another statistic thrown in people’s faces along with all the other ones from success field. It doesn’t mean anything any more.

And, underlying all of this, especially in your chosen area, Minesh, is that people are frightened of Investing in Gold. Gold buying means that the economy is failing very badly. People only turn to gold when the stock market is very unstable and about to take a massive downturn and that means all their superannuation is under threat. All their life’s work is about to go down the gurgler. We all know that the world’s economy is under threat, at some level, and don’t want it to be true so if we don’t buy your programme then it won’t happen, will it? :)) People like living with their head in the sand so they don’t have to see what is actually going on.

So one answer is to aim to your marketing at the 18- 30 year olds as they are more open to change and haven’t been ingrained for as long. Plus, aim for single people as once married and with family commitments it is hard to see the wood for the trees regarding financial security.
Hope that helps in some way.

michael cg

February 21, 2013 at 3:14 am - Reply

people all in all believe that they are not enough, and can not be loved. This belief comes from elders in our lives who also believe they are not enough and can not be loved. It is an endless cycle. Going to seminars is fun, exciting and mostly knowlege based with some exceptions.(fire walking) etc. Taking action requires courage. And risk of failure. This quote sums it up nicely: The cave we fear to enter holds the treasure we seek. Talk soon, Michael CG.

Vivek sharma

February 21, 2013 at 7:30 am - Reply

People want success overnight without the slog. Their sub conscious is actually configured with a Mindset that makes them believe that once they Pay the monthly membership Fee of their neighbourhood gym they will lose weight Even without going physically everything Day.

This is also Why less than 1% of us will ever success and will Be Held back by our own Minds which are Programmed towards failure.


February 21, 2013 at 8:26 am - Reply

Until you dont convince yourself you feel you are risking your hard earned money I guess

Vivek Sharma

February 21, 2013 at 8:38 am - Reply

Doubt is the single most poweful enemy of our psyche which effectivelyprevents us from taking positive affirmative action towards achieving success! In order to banish doubt it is foremost that you firstly believe in yourself and your ability to conquer whatever challenge life throws at you. If this is daunting then remember instances in your life that you actually brushed fear aside and achieved what you once thought impossible! The importance of a Role model and/or a Guru cannot be over emphasized and is instrumental in reinforcing your core belief system.

You need to forgive and forget your past experiences and let go of all that excess baggage in your mind. The key to changing your life is in your mind and what is needed is the training or rather conditioning that will unlock your destiny. Invest not in external and unreliable stocks and shares but in the one asset that is always going to be with you which is yourselves. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is based on the idea that our thoughts cause our feelings and behaviors, not external things, like people, situations, and events. The benefit of this fact is that we can change the way we think, to feel, to act better even if the situation does not change.

The mind is a fickle thing it will either work for you or against you… it will make you rich and happy or broke and miserable! You decide what you want to make of your life not your circumstances or your friends or your Government! Stop making excuses and Stop living a lie! Your inner world creates your outer world consequently we view the world as a sad place or a happy one full of misery or happiness!

Choose to live life not by chance but by choice, make changes not excuses, excel rather than compete and choose self esteem over self pity! Adopt the ways of the people you want to be like and you are automatically one step nearer your goal. Sow the seeds of Happiness, Hope, Success and Love and that is the harvest you will reap!

The law of nature states that each of us has a choice to be either a doer or a spectator so ‘Be in the Movie don’t just watch it because this is your movie your life’! Only a mountain has lived long enough to listen objectively to the howl of a wolf! ‘When your past calls let it go straight to voicemail because it has nothing new to say’! ‘Every master was once a disaster.’ ‘Emotions come into everything we do but are not always helpful, anger smothers the opportunity, shame strangles it and sadness suffocates it!’

Übung macht den Meister. This German proverb by Einstein means that Practise makes the Master not anything else. Success, Mediocrity and Failure are all habits the more you do of each one the more its ingrained. Nothing is anything until you get there you are in charge of your life you are the judge and the jury and you make all the rules!

Remember ‘Energy flows where the focus goes!’

Edward Pushman

February 21, 2013 at 8:51 am - Reply

Hi Minesh,

I feel the same way about this as many others here. There are a number of reasons people attend a seminar but then can’t see to take action or implement things once they get home. I think the main reasons are:

1. Often seminars are great on theory but not so much indepth pracital application – so once you’re home you’re not entirely sure what to do first
2. Even if they give you practical things to do many don’t give you a step by step process to follow – so whilst you’re in the seminar with the pros explaining everything it all seems so easy and straight forward but once you’re on your own it’s easy to get lost
3. Seminars are brilliant whilst you’re there but they usually lack on-going guidance – so once you’re home you may get lost on what do to next or make mistakes without anyone to turn too and get you back on track
4. Some do (to be fair)… But many seminars don’t have a place/community (on or offline) where you can go afterwards and talk to others following the same path to keep that motivation up and help you overcome hurdles that may pop up along the way. Faced with adversity or unsure of things and no help, many people will give up
5. Real life gets in the way! You’re all pumped up following the seminar but once you’re out there in the real world if the thing(s) you’ve learnt about involves a lot of time investment and/or is very complicated people often get side-tracked or despondent (especially without on-going guidance as mentioned above) and end up putting it off for a while or completely

I’m sure there are more reasons but those are the main “biggies” I can think of.

All the best,



February 21, 2013 at 8:51 am - Reply

People for most part are living in a dream. We are ‘domesticated’ to ‘follow’ everyone else doing the courses and seminars, as it’s seen as being proactive in aiming for a better life. The only thing missing from the quest for ‘happiness’ and ‘riches’ is
a) realization that being happy now with what one has is all that matters; and
b) doing the actual work that any of these seminars ask to be done is important to achieving the success one dreams of.

By manifesting a lack mentality, the voice of the nutter in the head drowns out the ability to go with the gut instinct and choose what’s a proven way to work. Manifest abundance and abundance there shall be.

Dr David W. Kirby

February 21, 2013 at 10:06 am - Reply

A number of interesting comments here Minesh.

But let’s cut straight through the heap of information here and get to the GUTS of the matter shall we? And BTW no apologies if this sounds brash and confronting.

YOU are the teacher and it is YOU who is trying to find a solution – YOU are seeking a method – YOU are searching for an explanation on how YOU can improve the efficiency AND effectiveness of helping others attain THEIR dreams.

You can have ANYTHING you want in this life if you help enough other people get enough of what THEY want.

So how can this be done ?

The same way it’s ALWAYS be done since the greatest teacher in the history of this planet showed us how to do it.

BTW There were a couple of answers in your column that were part way to the truth about fear of failure and another that suggested you created a profile of the people who were having the most success.

But let’s go FAR FURTHER that that and give YOU the solution on a SLV platter !!!!!!!

YOU are ONE person – and one extremely influential person at that – a very knowledgeable person – AND someone who passionately believes in what he is doing will help the world on a grand scale – and walks the walk and talks the talk.

So just do what every other mega successful and influential person has done.

This works in SO many professions and vocations and is outrageously simple it is hard to believe that more people don’t do it.

You already have the foundations of doing what you want to achieve –
you just have not actioned it yet.
You want and need leverage BUT you need to leverage YOURSELF.

So how has that been done ?

Select a small number – I would say 20 – yes 20 – that’s right – I said 20 – no more than 20 people of COMMITTED DETERMINED people who BELIEVE in what you do – and are TOTALLY on board with your VISION.
INVITE them to go on a JOURNEY with you to discover what they have so far NEVER experienced. And the only way that is going to happen if YOU are there to GUIDE them, TEACH them, MENTOR them, HELP them EVERY step of the way because they have FAITH in you.

Along that journey they are IMMERSED in what you say and what you do. There is NO failure because YOU are there to support them.

Sounds like too much hard work you say !
Hey – someone got crucified for as much !

Isn’t that what you seek ?

The result is an EXPONENTIAL and IMMEDIATE EXPLOSION of your teachings, methods and results across the planet because of those people who YOU gave the time and effort to help. They are the people who will promote you and do anything for you and cause the success that you seek. It is unstoppable

Your father is already doing this – and you are not too far behind.

Why do you think people from around the planet get up at 3am to listen to his Mastermind sessions ??? Because the FAITH we have in Guru Ashwin and his abilities is IMMEASURABLE.

Don’t get sucked in with phony testimonials and baseless claims and figures of success.
Stick to what WORKS.

And don’t get bogged down in the petty details of administering all this.
Your goal is to focus on the VISION and then focus with ALL your strength and might on the chosen 20 and don’t EVER let them down – even for a second.

I’m not talking about extraordinary customer service – I’m talking about MAKING it happen for them.
Your future and the planet’s well being depends on it !

If after all this you still don’t get it (unlikely) then on a more mundane level consider the greatest piece of marketing I have ever witnessed.

A property guru here in Oz ran an ad once about how he wanted 20 people (like the ones I listed above) to follow him for a year and guaranteed to show them how to attain ie actually get – $1 mill in equity within a year. The ad made national news and needless to say he had NO problem in getting 20 people to sign up. Many people already had seen his property success and had attended his workshops but to become a disciple of this guru for a year was priceless value because many people had TOTAL faith in HIS ability to get results. The downside was that the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) went for him for making “outrageous” claims – but let’s face it – the notoriety and success that he achieved – as well as his followers – was the only thing outrageous.

So there you have it Minesh – the answer to your problems or what you seek given to you on a SLV platter.

The only question is will YOU implement these suggestions.

I would guess yes – given you have the type of personality that is always seeking to improve yourself and not rest on your laurels and does not need to be led but perhaps guided.

YOU said it yourself – and I quote
“My main objective is to help people no longer have a fear of their future. Period”

Minesh – there is no need for any more surveys or discussion.
Your solution is right here in this post. Period.

So let’s see – are YOU scared of succeeding ?

Les Hall

February 21, 2013 at 10:22 am - Reply

Its the FUD syndrome (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt), its there in all of us.
People are looking for the “perfect solution”, they are naturally suspicious about success stories that have no possible pitfalls.
Aside from the very important up-hype, to be very effective it is very important to ironically spend more time dispelling the big fears of downsides, teaching the management of those “What If ” scenarios.
Getting rid of the FUD is the key to huge success………


February 21, 2013 at 10:45 am - Reply

Many people have the fear of being inadequate. So we read books and attend seminars, believing that we will “find ourselves” only after adding this last bit of knowledge to our arsenal. Fulfilment is always just around the corner. It is never happening NOW because we are constantly in a state of dissatisfaction with ourselves and our lives.

Then while taking the course, we feel great and the enthusiasm of the instructor gets us all revved up temporarily. Then it is over, the “high” leaves us….we go back to an office and/or home filled with dissatisfied, negative people, and UNLESS we have had a PERMANENT internal change/shift occur during the course….it all goes back to more of the same.

In many cases, the people who really take action after taking a course are either those who have already achieved a certain level of satisfaction in their lives, and the new information is integrated and applied…OR those who are so fed up with their lives, that they have reached the point where they cannot NOT take action, so they DO! Because they have nothing to lose.

It is those of us in the middle…unsatisfied, but not yet to the point of complete dissatisfaction, that keep taking courses and sitting on our a**es afterwards.


February 21, 2013 at 11:58 am - Reply

In my opinion, individuals confuse wanting something, to be the same as doing something about it. Change, Fear & Risk all play their part. Any one can say “I’m going to…”

I feel that if you do not know “what you want” and you do not pursue your “wants with congruency”, then you will get what you are given. Your life, take control, Attitude is nothing without Action.

Richard Teare

February 21, 2013 at 12:04 pm - Reply

I think you know the answer lies mainly in the question, Minesh. “Subconsciously” holds the key.
Like many I love going to seminars (learning), buying courses (taking action) and then getting nowhere. Either I don’t take action to implement the course, or when I find that the time and effort required (as with all things) doesn’t produce – within a few months – the results I visualised when I made the decision to buy, I lose interest.

Of course I keep thinking that the next opportunity IS the one that is going to make me rich, so I buy into it. Having made the buying decision – and only then, (as my subconscious, or Inner Self, is a devious character and likes to remind me of previous events and failings once I have committed), only then does it tell me that “you’ve tried this sort of thing before, it hasn’t worked for you before, so why should it work now?”

I’ve created my own proof of my abilities!

When I am presented with an opportunity like yours, Inner Self immediately says “Of course the return is far too high to be believed!”
Then, when you present the proof, and even though I can see it is working for others, and even though it only requires 20 minutes per month –

“Can you believe that?” Inner Self says – “20 minutes per month, you must be joking!”

and “It’s a lot of money again” and “You need some capital to start with”, and – perhaps for those of us who do the seminar and course-buying rounds this is the most telling bit ( as it may be lying deeper in our subconscious)–

“The return is over the next year. Aren’t you looking for an instant income?”

So life’s experiences coupled with “It looks too good to be true” warnings from friends and neighbours and good old Inner Self steer us away from the one opportunity that does actually work!
(My friend down the pub has put me and others off loads of opportunities, as he says they are just schemes for making others rich and must be scams! He is now un-employed!)

Me? I’ve moved on!
I’m on the waiting list, and I’ll find the money. My mindset has shifted, so Inner Self is now looking at the successes in my life, not the failures, and I have a plan!

Richard Treen

February 21, 2013 at 12:10 pm - Reply

Lets not beat about the bush…

We are fools not to sign up if the success rate is 92% with 24% annual return on our money. Where else can we achieve such returns?

If we don’t buy the course (assuming we can afford the fee) it must be because we have a slight doubt about the claims that you are making…perhaps our minds say…”is everything being disclosed? This is too good to be true” etc.

If you accept that some prospects do not fully believe the claimed success, then your results must be promoted even more convincingly.

How? Testimonials always have a serious weakness – we don’t know who these people are.

I suggest that a third party with an international reputation should be commissioned to endorse the claims. Similar to the audit of a public company. Their certification to be based on a full review.

Such an endorsement would almost certainly result in overwhelming demand. You might wish to control this demand through pricing, which could only be to your advantage.

I would very much like to be on your course before the price increase!


February 21, 2013 at 12:52 pm - Reply

People go to seminars because they know they can change their lives for the better. They have no idea though which programme is “fake, too risky or just won’t work”. Word of mouth is the best advertisement or meeting up with someone who is actually successful in the field you are interested in. To change our lives we really do have to stand alone, go against the majority…going to a seminar is following the flock…research and balls of steel are required. I am one of your 8% Minesh 🙂 at the same time I bought your system I gained a new forex mentor and am making 5-11% a month so I have been concentrating on that…total focus…it makes a difference. I am now at the stage where I can begin to think about GoldforLife again..success breeds a successful mindset which breeds confidence…you are living proof of that & I am beginning to get it! [Oh & giving is important ..metaphysically what we give comes back to us a millionfold in ways we do not expect]

steve teers

February 21, 2013 at 1:00 pm - Reply

afraid that everyone will laugh if it doesnt work because it’ll prove your not clever enough

Ryan Surgett

February 21, 2013 at 1:16 pm - Reply

At the age of 21 and having read all of the books, attend workshops, seminars etc. I feel I can offer an interesting insight here. I’m sure I speak for the majority when I express the excitement, drive and sense of belief I have felt during and after a seminar/workshop event. In such workshops we are constantly reminded of the “one percent”. The one percent that will ACT on what we have learnt. Even when success is predictable, when there is a proven strategy, a step-by-step blue print guide by which we can follow to ensure success, the majority (me included) will not. This beggars the questions, why? If success is predictable and achievable, why do we not follow in these proven, trodden footstep to achieve the success we supposedly so greatly desire? Having personally pursued entrepreneurial en devours and financial independence from the age of 15 (with extremely limited success) I believe the causation is a culmination of factors. Fear of failure is ingrained within all of us to an extent and is human nature. This is what prevents us from acting upon what we have learnt or know will work. Furthermore, having experimented with multiple investment strategies and vehicles myself – I like many – have had “my fingers burned” in that I have taken action, got it wrong or come close to success and quit. This has acted to further enhance this fear of failure we all already possess. This beggars the intriguing question, why do we continue to buy courses and take no action, or fail to achieve success from them? I believe this is where the “one percent” we are so often reminded of comes to stand. We are the one percent who have desires and aspirations away from the norm. We have a desire to better ourselves above and beyond the sheep mentality of the masses in the 9 to 5 machine. I feel this is what separates us from the masses; this is what drives us to invest our hard earned cash into courses and systems in pursuit of the goals and aspirations we possess. That leads me to following conclusion: there is another percentage within the one percent. A percentage that truly BELIEVE in the system they invest in, that refuse to give up and focus with such steadfast precision and belief that they achieve success. I feel the problem lies not within the course content we receive but within ourselves. It is us that need to change if we want to see the changes in our lifestyles we seemingly so greatly desire. It is our attitudes, work ethic and mind-set that need to change to make a success of the course materials. Then – and only then – do I believe we will see the results we desire, from what we have seen proven and know to work.

randy julien

February 21, 2013 at 11:43 pm - Reply

QUESTION – So why do YOU think people repeatedly go to seminars, buy courses
and then take no action, get nowhere or worse, subconsciously chose and don’t
fight the urge to go for the program that’s fake, too risky or just won’t work ?

ANSWER :hey Minesh, My answer would be because of subconscious blocks in the people. They might not know self-leader qualities and therefor commit to no action, thinking the seminars and courses will help them be on top but fail to implement the self- leader qualities that they see projected out from the leaders they attend seminars for but of course the best method is applied knowledge (taking action). You see I have noticed..(this has been no more than 2 weeks ago) that we all love to have “Hero’s”. Those “Hero’s are our leaders in terms of success but we do not dare to be that “Hero” because we have to change our routine and we have long been stagnating. Constantly changing is the only thing guaranteed in the world but we fail to acknowledge it.
others who have found this information out but have not taken action would be in the to poor to pay for such a course at the moment with current expenses and only a part time job.-this is me-

Jennifer Rodriguez

February 22, 2013 at 3:37 pm - Reply

There’s no pat black and white answer to your question. The answer (as does your question) has several layers to it.
You ask why people go to seminars, buy courses, and then take no action – that has a lot to do with environment, unconscious self-sabotage, and negative conditioning. (Self-deception and just plain naiveness also play a part but more on that later.)
Most people simply are not in environments that will allow them to continue the momentum they gained at the seminar to move forward.
Then we have a lot of unconscious self-sabotage that blocks us from taking action (and also plays into us self-deceiving ourselves) as well as the fact that our neural pathways in our brains are conditioned everyday by Society to be negative. Once out of a positive environment those negative neural pathways re-establish control.
In response to the second part of your question, why do people subconsciously chose and don’t fight the urge to go for the program that’s fake, too risky or just won’t work. That’s where self-deception comes in.
We are all like children looking for the “magic pill” that will instantly give us results. Even though, we “know” that program won’t work or it sounds too good to be true, we choose it because it promises us the “magic pill” and we don’t fight the urge to go for the one that’s fake or risky because we also have the negative conditioning from Society that there exists a “magic pill” to all our problems. Even though consciously, we will all say we don’t believe in a “magic pill”, subconsciously it’s what we all deeply desire and the “naive child” in us wants to believe that the fake, risky, etc. program will actually work.
Sounds complex, doesn’t it? Of course, I told you the answer wouldn’t be so black and white and it’s as complex as us humans.


February 22, 2013 at 10:36 pm - Reply

People tend to have a belief programmed into their subconscious that they either do not deserve or are not meant to become successful, therefore, they are not. They may not even realize that a limiting belief is there, but after looking at their results it is quite obvious. It is so hugely important for people to know that this Universe is abundant and that it is their birthright to have, be, and do anything they desire. If they do not know without a shadow of a doubt that they will ever be successful, if they do not have a clear vision of what their success will look like when it’s been achieved, they will flounder from one program to the next just looking for a “magic” system that will make money overnight and never find it. It’s a mindset that is toxic and programmed from early life that most people will never free themselves from in order to reach their desired dream. Everyone has a desire for the finer things in life, and would love to live a life of unlimited money and time freedom. Unfortunately, they truly believe it is not “meant to be” for them to live in that manner and in turn, they take part in opportunities and systems that just do not work. It’s a cycle that continues unless the person changes their vision and knows what they desire. They must truly know that it is their for everyone and be confident that it will come to fruition with effortlessness. But they have to know it and take action on the right opportunities. This is the absolute law of the Universe that so many people do not understand and in turn… They remain stuck in a life that is mediocre at best.


February 23, 2013 at 6:19 pm - Reply

I have spent thousands of dollars on seminars that have only marginally changed my life. I was naive, thinking it would be some big change. Now that I know better, I know I have all the tools I need already & I just need to keep practicing what I have learned. There are no more “new tools” to learn. It seems like it’s going to be easy but it’s not. It take work & time.
As for your program, I would love to do it. Your post says that the 1st year, the average student turns $100K into $126K. Well, I don’t have $100K. Unless something is 100% foolproof, I don’t want to put all of my eggs in 1 basket. I may only invest $10K into the gold market. That means, if I’m average, I’ll make 1,260. Your program costs several thousand so it may take several years to make back my money.

Dick Smith

February 23, 2013 at 8:30 pm - Reply

Prime reason is frequently because a seminar often creates a form of mass hysteria with a well trained person fanning the flames of untold riches for very little effort or risk. Same person then expects a considerable sum for fairly basic tools and manuals to enable the magical scenario to happen.

Once out of the euphoric atmosphere questions then enter one’s mind. If that good why does the product have to be paid for up-front. With a system so good, the person selling it must obviously be making shed-fulls of dosh, so why not give it out with an agreement to pay for the instructions from the future profits the system is guaranteed to make?

The closest most systems get to this is to promise a refund within a certain period of time, knowing the majority of people taking up the offer will never get round to, even if they can’t get on with it.

ザカリア アウディトレ

February 23, 2013 at 8:42 pm - Reply

>QUESTION – So why do YOU think people repeatedly go to seminars, buy courses
and then take no action, get nowhere or worse, subconsciously chose and don’t
fight the urge to go for the program that’s fake, too risky or just won’t work.

Because simply, they were never ready to take action to achieve the goal promoted by the webinar. And they’re rather sold by the dream, the end result of the course/webinar rather than the work and the path they should undertake to reach it. It takes just a half-assed spokesman to sell them on this.
When they go through the course and are overwhelmed by its content or realize that it’s not exactly for them, they drop it out and rule it as “bad” or something to that effect and they keep going and buy the next “new” thing to only keep falling to their short-sight.

Fritz Meyer

February 23, 2013 at 10:20 pm - Reply

I have been in countless investments with advice from many “experts”. Many investments are presented that you will get a very big return and the 3% risk is either not presented or downplayed because “success is just around the corner”. After losing in many of these opportunities, you don’t know who to believe and trust. Even if 92% have had good results in an investment that pay big dividends, we tend not to believe these results or think we will be in the 8%. It seems that loss of ethics and honesty, along with the use of deception are so abundant we finally give up believing in another investment opportunity. As we get older and find ourselves without the savings to take care of ourselves, we turn to “safe investments” where you are guaranteed a 1% annual return in todays world.

This, of course, keeps us in a downward spiral, losing our money to inflation. Most people are unaware of this silent killer of our wealth and are now afraid to try another investment. Very sad that we have to be so cynical, but we are finally driven to invest with the “pain of loss” mentality instead of the “pleasure of success”.

This mental attitude will feed upon itself and you will keep getting what you are asking for. If you read Andy Shaw’s “Bug Free Mind” you will become aware that you deserve more and you can create it with your own mind. It is never too late to learn.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. Fritz Meyer

Dennis Thompson

February 24, 2013 at 12:24 am - Reply

The answer to this question in my opinion is multifaceted but you said keep it simple so here goes.
Fear of their own success potential is one
No clear strategy for their Life Goals or just none at all.
Their expectations of the courses they buy are not met 1) by being to complicated to follow 2) did not anticipate that real effort may be required to achieve results.
There’s no straight answer for the last part of your question nor do i think someone in that state of mind can be easily helped. They are just susceptible to being sold to and will make a purchase if only to feel they are doing something to progress their aspirations, much like a person taking a gym membership, continue paying it, and rarely if ever attend.

Avi Patel

February 24, 2013 at 1:27 am - Reply

Hi Minesh

Good Post.

To answer your question, I think its because they are scared, fearful and not committed to success.

Kind Regards
Avi Patel


February 24, 2013 at 7:45 am - Reply

When i did the courses i get the information,
But what i mis is how to live this information
at home . What to do step by step, to
come out of the comfort zone!
Thanks Kitty Knibbe


February 24, 2013 at 1:33 pm - Reply

Thank you so much for this post Minesh. What a fantastic idea!
Just Watched your seminar shortcuts on YT an I am positively shocked 🙂 great idea and great performance. If your course is as fantastic as it appears on Youtube and you provide step by step system with a strategic monitoring and mentor advice than I WANT TO BE IN!
I know 1400 people in Poland who would like to do it too. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you and all what you do…

Annie B

February 24, 2013 at 2:17 pm - Reply

I think the answer is that (a) there are too many false adverts out there making claims that are just not true. We all know this but many of us are sucked in to buy courses that are not suitable for us anyway, because the advert writers (or phone sellers) are sooooo clever. They know just how to manipulate us. They have studied what works psychologically and can knock down our defenses one after another. When we end up being persuaded to make a false ‘investment’, then we get burned and end up losing the money. Also (b) the ‘gurus’ who offer these courses want to keep you coming back over and over again so that they can fleece you regularly – because you have already shown them that you are naive enough to be conned. You are ripe for the picking. So they give you not quite enough information in the course for you to be able to make it on your own, then charge you more for the next stage of the course, where again there is not quite enough information. This can go on for years. Eventually when you have no more money left to pay for their fast cars and fast living, they disappear.

I once paid £16,000 for a property investment course that neglected to tell the course members at any point how to get a mortgage on a buy to let property based on rental income. I worked incredibly hard to make it work but fell at that first stumbling block. Phone calls to the support line just directed me to their next course. I found out eventually (years later and from somewhere else) but that one piece of information would have made all the difference to my success.

When you are an honest person who would never do this sort of thing to others because you are genuine and trustworthy, sometimes you don’t want to believe that others would do it to you. But they do.

It’s all very well people thread on this saying that society programs you with a negative mindset and that you have to reprogram yourself to succeed, but I would ask those people WHY they think that society programs us with a negative mindset – is it because there are quite a lot of greedy selfish people out there looking for their next meal and prey animals get scared?

Why Inflation Is Killing Your Chance Of Wealth & Why YOU Will Not Take Any Action To Stop It. | Gold For Life - Gold & Silver Investment Strategies

February 25, 2013 at 2:48 pm - Reply

[…] this community and save & reach more people. If you can help answer all 3 questions in 3 posts, the first was here, this is the second, and the 3rd out in a couple days, I’m going to give the person who […]

Elisabeth Westhead

February 25, 2013 at 7:26 pm - Reply

I am sure complacency is at the bottom of it.
I have seen the graphs. I have bought silver bullion, though currently I am suffering a loss on it because the storage cost is greater than the rise in value.
I am a pensioner. I don’t have much margin to play with. I read what you write with interest because I know about the 16 trillion dollar debt that the US is living. And even then I am suspicious that there is still a way to beat inflation……..

Andy Coates

February 25, 2013 at 10:50 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh,

Generally most “Online” products that come your way are bright and shiny and so easy to do !!

They are marketed to people who so want to believe that much, that they will suspend all logic
and use an unreasonable mindset based on “but just what if he’s right”

They buy this over hyped bullshit on how “How to make 25K per month ” with my $7.00
eBook /video course” because they want to believe it.

Then when it doesn’t work they console themselves with “well it was only 7 bucks!

And in fairness there are some really good effective marketers out there who know how to make a list then market to that list over and over doing jv”s and list swaps etc.

As for most people nearly everyone in fact (well about 97%) they suffer from what i like to call “The dog, the floorboard, and the nail.

(you will probably know this Minesh) However for others who may read this, i hope it makes sense.

I was with a friend in his old house in his front room and we were having a chat by the fire and the dog was curled up in front of it keeping warm.

well as we talked the dog kept yelping out then shuffling a bit then lying back down, then ten minutes later the dog would yelp out again and fidget around then settle back down, and we’d carry on chatting until once again the dog yelped out, at this point i asked my friend

“what the hell’s up with the dog, is he alright?”
He said
“yes the dog’s fine hes just laid on a floorboard that has a nail sticking out and it keeps digging into him and making
it uncomfortable”

so i said “well why doesn’t it move”

Then the dog owner said “because its just not that uncomfortable do do anything about it as he is nice and warm by the fire” so he cant be bothered to move!”

Now that there to me is how most people are, they are uncomfortable in their lives but not that uncomfortable for them to want to move away from the nail in the floor and they will put up with the pain.

All tho they will put some effort in every Saturday filling out their lotto cards 🙂

Also with a lot of training courses and programs, success doesn’t always come quick enough (or like how they showed it in the video) so the initial impetus starts to wain then self belief goes and at that point its game over. well…….

…..Until the next time !!

That’s my 2 cents worth

“Have the best day that you can have….. its truly your choice”


Andy Coates

Ian Ramsay

February 26, 2013 at 10:53 pm - Reply

People who go to these seminars are looking for the perfect investment, but mostly they do not know what the perfect investment is even when it is shown to them.
They will therefore continue going to more seminars to keep on looking for that perfect investment.
Eventually they will get bored and go away or will get so fed up that they invest in something that is entirely wrong for them.
Most of these people are dreamers and not doers, so any investment project they take on is bound to fail.
If only they had found GLF and taken action they would now be better off.

Abs Haitham

February 27, 2013 at 1:08 am - Reply

There are a combination of reasons as to too many people repeatedly go to seminars, buy courses and then take no action, get nowhere or worse, subconsciously chose and don’t
fight the urge to go for the program that’s fake, too risky or just won’t work. However, the main ones remain in that too many people fail to simply grasp the need to take time to think laterally, make SMART personal goals and decide what is likely to work for them and end up being emotionally sucked in by the well orchestrated marketing pitch of the course seller. It is not necessarily taking action but taking the right action that will propel one’s financial independence away from employer or government.


February 27, 2013 at 9:07 am - Reply

Hi Minesh,

A little story comes to mind it’s about the Gold Rush. Men rushed to Calofornia from every where in the U.S as well as Ireland to grab there piece of Turf and speculate.Once they arrived at the ground were the gold was supposed to be they had to purchase a claim ( this is the place were they would dig ) but to get your claim you would have to wake up up early the following morning and you had to race all the others and run to we’re you thought the gold vein was and claim that piece of land or as I call it first come first serve. Now remember these people came from all over and probably sold everything they had to get there fast , so once they got there they literally had the shirts on there back and nothing to dig with so they would have to buy spades , buckets and anything else to dig for the gold. To cut along story short The person who was smart enough to own a hardware store became very successful selling small but essential tools.the gold diggers apart from the very few went home with nothing dissolutioned for the rest of there lives or until the next gold rush.

In a nut shell a lot of people go for lousy or false schemes because they sell the dream more or less like the gold prospectors get rich schemes that push all the right buttons they don’t look at products that will get them successful over a period of time with small but usefull profits like the person selling the hardware we now know who became successfull would you rather be the prospector or the hard ware seller.

Kind regards Bharat


February 27, 2013 at 11:24 am - Reply

We just do not like to be proven wrong. Whether we are happy to ride the wave of circumstance or are an organised planner, none of us truly embrace the accusation that we have made a wrong decision. To think wrong is to be wrong or so we seem to believe.
Once we have established that we are unhappy with our situation we begin to look for methods of changing. This is perhaps our first mistake as what we are looking to change is not our self but rather our situation. We then tend to look to others who we feel are better qualified to guide us how to change the unsatisfactory situation. Mistake number 2, as usually that individual is telling you what happened for them orchestrated by them. In other words, it was a customised program. When the program does not work we lose heart, motivation and commitment. That is because WE are expecting this empathetic, magical system to carry us to our required destination without understanding our commitment or the true workings. However sometimes the system we become embroiled in is just a downright scam. We can then console ourselves that the world is full of evil thieves waiting to rob us.
There are amazing systems run by genuine people who truly wish to help and support others but we who seek this assistance must examine and be honest with ourselves and do our due diligence.


February 27, 2013 at 10:32 pm - Reply

People are too afraid to attend so they
People think it’s the others who will do their withdrawal and banks
will protect their money because the bank safes have more of a professional level of knowledge. But this is a lie.
see you sissi

j mondoux

February 28, 2013 at 1:07 am - Reply

I am that person. I have sat in seminars like most and get talked into the dream because they the sales people make it sound like this is the one (course) that will get your life back on track or better then where you were. I have lost thousands myself. Most people are afraid of what they don’t understand and if they like me have lost a lot are unwilling to take the risk on another program that could potentially not only teach them but make them the money they have been searching for.

brian zarb

February 28, 2013 at 1:09 am - Reply

People tend to be lazy and think they bought the course or attended the seminar now their work is over. Spending the money is NOT the motivator, the person that sold the course (if they have true intentions to help people) is to be an active coach that holds their “STUDENTS” accountable for the information being taught to become actionable. Those then that are serious students will take the help given and the others will always be the buyers of tapes , cds, seminars and do nothing more.

Glyn Williams

February 28, 2013 at 10:40 am - Reply

Hi Minesh, a great post. I will try to break down your question into its component parts.

So why do you think people repeatedly go to seminars buy courses and then take no action?

Can I be so bold as to suggest I don’t think this is the real question you should be asking for you have already cracked the answer to this as demonstrated by your 92% success rate. However, perhaps your marketing could focus on why your system is so successful, which I would have thought could have messages around the two critical components of:
Knowledge – your system works and is hence repeatable by others who apply it
Support – from yourself which encourages all to have the correct mindset to apply the knowledge
This may also touch on patience and discipline virtues developed by any successful trader

The real question therefore is why do people choose fake or risky programs over those that work?

I suspect the answer is principally due to lack of information and or fear.
Providing correct information is covered a little bit above already.
Fear takes many forms but a £5000 cost up front on anything new takes a huge leap of faith which will often prove too large for many who are strapped for cash. Those ‘Cheap’ or free courses are the substitute for those who know they need to do something but cannot be convinced enough to pay such a high entry price for the quality product. They then hope that the cheap course will deliver the dream but invariably it doesn’t because of the poor support and their own weak mindset driving their choice.

How do you overcome this?
Provide the relevant information to ignite the desire in the potential customers’ heart and by addressing directly their fears within your marketing. Continue to develop your marketing along the lines of your system works but then crucially explain why. Tackle the alternative cost of not doing so as with the inflation issue in your second question which will also be a great start. Can I also suggest you should explore more innovative ways to pay for your time and knowledge such as you have started a little by paying some expense out of the profits made.


March 1, 2013 at 1:39 pm - Reply

I think the majority of people don’t actually see that they themselves can be one of the people they read about. Which in turn means they don’t bother trying.

Believe is the biggest factor in all things. Fitness, career, education, finance. If you can believe you can do it, they you will.

Otherwise just go back to watching the endless rubbish on TV with the rest of the sheep.

Today I will do what others won’t….So that tomorrow I can do what others can’t.

Jim M

March 2, 2013 at 8:34 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh, I really enjoy reading your posts! The Answer to your first question is that individuals have to rise up above the common agreement that keeps their money stagnating in reserve accounts and investments which only return low percentages (or losses). They do not have sufficient clarity of purpose and long term goals to see what is in front of them. The safe route is to keep their funds in ‘agreed upon’ safe houses – namely the established banks and institutions. They don’t want to reach out and grasp something that that can’t see has the ‘stability’ of the established systems, or the insurances (such has FSA) backing up their money. If you want to show folk that your system can really deliver what is says it can, then you have to show them the stepping stones that gets them past their own ‘dragons’ preventing them from reaching for it. If they can see a path through the maze then those who are single minded will be able to slay their dragons and achievetheir goals.

William Stewart

March 2, 2013 at 8:53 pm - Reply

Most people are looking for something simple to do at home and get scared after they buy it because of the effort they have to make in decision making of many stocks or currencys.

Then there is the myth that if it sounds too good to be true it’s probably not true.


March 3, 2013 at 12:48 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh,

I think that it all stems from what we’ve been taught throughout our lives, by our parents, at school and by society.
Because we don’t know anyone who is doing investing well or is successful at it we try and find answers, usually in the wrong places, such as going to our bank or a financial adviser (but we’ve all heard horror stories about them recently so we don’t have much confidence in them anymore) and so we decide to look around and do our own research (on the internet right?) to find something better, a guaranteed success, but when we start looking around and taking the initiative to find something that will help us improve and move forward in life, we find the internet is full of promises, programs and schemes, we usually come across lots of courses that make big promises and get confused by the amount of products on the market.
Unfortunately we usually pick something we think is the right thing, but really it’s just been marketed cleverly and maybe isn’t a good product after all (or worse still is a scam).
In the end we try a few products and programs, we’re aware that every product we buy or seminar we attend costs us money and we get to a point where we don’t want to spend any more money (because we’re now broke) and we get confused by all the conflicting advice; property/gold/stocks/shares etc. Then ultimately in the end, whatever program we bought, seminar we attended or course we took, we are required to take action and that’s where we stop and start to look for something else (or make an attempt at it and fail or worse still find out it was a scam).
Even if it is a good product that works for some people it doesn’t work for us because we’re not mixing with people who are succeeding at doing it, we are afraid to start, afraid to take action and afraid of both success and failure. We all have the good intention to succeed but don’t have the support in place to help us make it happen.
When a genuine program does come along, that has been proven to work, we don’t believe it because we were convinced the last program would work; we’d been show the evidence, seen the statistics, been sold by their proven track record and we believed it. When we failed it wasn’t just the failure that hurt, it was the loss in faith, we no longer trust ourselves to make good judgements, we don’t believe we can do it, we don’t believe the next person’s promises, statistics or proven track record….. as far as we’re concerned it’s just another well marketed program that won’t work for us or will be another scam.
That is where GFL is different, we feel supported every week and are mixing with people who are doing it (you) on the weekly webinars and can e-mail for help when we need it. We talk about the market and can ask questions. We have the support to take the necessary action and keep us focused on the long term vision and aim if things don’t work out well one week. We have more guidance and less fear of taking action.
Well that’s my thoughts for what they’re worth, it’s different for everyone.


March 3, 2013 at 7:53 pm - Reply

QUESTION – So why do YOU think people repeatedly
• go to seminars, buy courses and then take no action, get nowhere or
• worse, subconsciously choose and don’t fight the urge to go for the program that’s fake, too risky or just won’t work –
• OVER what they KNOW, has been proven to work?
Seminar tourism
This is a widespread problem and not at all confined to the investment niche. I have spent years doing and learning and earning in the “make money online” niche and it is common there too.
First of all going to seminars and learning new stuff can be enjoyable all by itself. You learn new stuff and meet new people and have a day out.
What’s not to like about that?
And that is it for a fair percentage of the audience. They have an interest and they have a day out. They may never have assumed or planned for anything further. They never were going to take action and they have not failed in any way. They wanted and had a nice day!
Picking a lemon
Know any fantastic people who have unbelievably awful partners? And the partner before that was awful too?
That is common too and is a self image problem.
Shifting back to investment. If someone has a subconscious picture of “being a loser” then they are going to do their research carefully and unerringly pick a program that will produce crap or no results or pick a good program and not take action.
Subconscious patterning takes place up to the age of about 7 so early home experience of repeated problems and self image issues involving lack of success are powerful. They can be overcome but the issue has to be suspected and found first.
My stuff is clearly better
There is a saying that every potter thinks his pots are the best. To somebody looking at the range of investment opportunities and reading the reasons why each is a logical choice and has a track record etc it can easily overwhelm. Competing claims and graphs all scream, “I am best, I am best!”
To really sort this out takes a significant investment of your time. Suppose you do that and make a mistake a huge embarrassment and financial loss is experienced.
That is very scary for some people and so they pull back from a close engagement with the evidence and save themselves from possible shame and embarrassment and loss. The lack of financial success they will get is much less painful to them than the emotional turmoil they would find in a situation where they jumped into an investment and failed

ザカリア アウディトレ

March 3, 2013 at 8:44 pm - Reply

Hello Minesh,

Allow me to respond to your question.
Simply, because people are sold on the dream (ie: making a crapload of money, getting rid of their problems, insecurities, etc.. -whatever the market is advertising). They weren’t anticipating that they’ll need to work to make that money/get that gain/whatever…
And let’s be honest, most (88% roughly) of the products on the Internet are pretty bad because anyone can make them and there’s zero production cost. So we see a lot of these so called “Internet Marketers” ripping people off with their products. It’s actually to get sucked into this whirlwind of mediocre product because people get sold on the dream and they always have that feeling that the “next thing I’ll buy will work!”. The solution to this is to actually buy stuff from someone with credentials not any schmuck online who pretends to know how to make you “win 5000$ per day!”. Truly these guys are the modern day snake oil merchants and they still don’t get caught because the police don’t understand the Internet.
Okay, now that this is out of the way. Provided that the product really works, the reasons that someone won’t act on it is probably because he wasn’t expecting it will be hard to achieve his goal. He was expecting some 1-2-3 steps formula. Or the product is poorly documented and people don’t realize that what works for some people doesn’t work for others because of some major reasons. Other than that, the rest of the popular reasons (like people afraid of success, they don’t believe in what they bought, information overload …) are absolute -pardon my language- horseshit excuses that people provide to make them feel better that the mediocre product they bought is working and they didn’t get scammed of their precious money. Just look at GFL success rate like you pointed it out, over 90%.
Why? Because it works. If something is proven to work then it will for everyone unless there’s a major face like the ones I cited before.


jame green

March 3, 2013 at 11:26 pm - Reply

[So why do YOU think people repeatedly go to seminars, buy courses
and then take no action, get nowhere or worse, subconsciously chose and don’t
fight the urge to go for the program that’s fake, too risky or just won’t work.]

It comes down to the lack of a CLEARLY DEFINED GOAL. One which can be concisely described, is achievable and which can be focused on.

People prefer nebulous promises, other people to make decisions for them and to not have to think for themselves.


March 4, 2013 at 5:20 am - Reply

Not a simple one to answer. So many things must be taken into account. I have listed all I can think of.. 🙂

1. People go on courses for the hope of an easier way to make money, and the hope of removing themselves from the rat race. Those that are selling the courses sell the idea, but, miss the fact that it can take a lot of work to achieve these objectives. They make it look easy. For them it is easy. They have the full picture.
2. Those selling the courses are professional sellers, and may be thinking more of commissions rather than that of people’s best interest. Those fake free quick money courses look so easy, and they are being sold in this manner playing to people’s desire for a quick punt. Lots of psychology being used against these poor unsuspecting individuals. These people want SO much to believe that this can be true. 3 months in and I can retire! Their ego tells them it’s true. He just demonstrated it right in front of us!
3. Everyone leaving these courses is pumped up and enthusiastic. That can fade quickly without the required support. The magician has vanished.
4. People want the promise of massive “lottery win” returns quickly. In reality this is not achievable. A nice steady compounding of your money can easily get over looked. The use of compounding is one of the surest ways to create consistent solid income. This has been the secret of the rich that has eluded the rest of us throughout time.
5. There can be a tiny missing piece to the puzzle from a course that stands in your way and without adequate support you cannot get past this.
6. The seller might just be selling the initial course as a “starter course”. To get to the really juicy stuff requires another course and then another..
7. You may be overloaded with information and “free stuff” because the seller wants to make it look like they are adding value. Often all this does is confuse and removes the structured approach that is required in learning these courses
8. Often those that attend have great intentions. They feel that they have time to learn what is required. They would, but, for that piece that requires a little bit more effort. They cannot get over that hump. The job then suddenly gets busier and gets in the way; the children; other commitments. They do not achieve success quickly enough and give up.
9. If this lack of success has happened on a number of occasions, the fear of failure kicks in, perhaps even subconsciously, and then another course gets dismissed.
10. Lack of community afterwards, for motivation and to see that others are achieving in order to keep the required enthusiasm. A community to be there to answer that missing link question that would have stumped you in the past. Also, removing the factor of procrastination with you feeling more accountable.
11. Lack of a mentor afterwards to ask questions of and give ongoing guidance.
12. With the addition of a mentor and community you can change the fear to faith. As we know nothing can be achieved without faith; everything can be achieved with it.

I love the fact that you have a good heart, you have been on the scene for a long time, you have come via a trusted source and that your approach is honest and the true foundation to creating wealth and the life I desire. I will use the money created from this scheme to help my parents who are reaching retirement age and have been deceived on so many occasions from people that did not have their best interest at heart. My faith will remove their fears. Then I can go on to help others.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Rita Gautam

March 4, 2013 at 9:19 am - Reply

The main driving force for people is FEAR and so is the main hindering factor! The majority of us have an underlying subconscious fear of success itself which in itself is more than enough to hamper our chances and lead to failure. This risk of failure is the bug in our mind which holds us back and paves the way for imminent failure. Whats needed is confidence and positive thinking with affirmation that will lead us to our goals. We are motivated by the prospect of success enough to buy a lottery ticket that has one chance in a million but when faced with a more concrete opportunity as one afforded by the likes of GFL we fall back and doubt ourselves that leads us down the path of failure and inaction.

Joshua Curtis

March 4, 2013 at 9:20 am - Reply

I think the primary reason is that these programs and seminars teach tactics, but that tactics aren’t what’s needed. Tactics don’t lead to changes in human behaviour – changes in mindset and the way we see ourselves are all that can change us.

It’s all well and good to get a process to become wealthy, but if I don’t see myself as a wealthy person already or get the tools to change myself to see myself as a wealthy person, it will come to naught.

I think this is why the 3% change actually can win in the appeal stakes – we can see ourselves changing 3% – I can see myself going from having $100 to $103. It takes a mind shift to see myself going from having $100 to having $1,000.

Change your mind, change your results.


March 4, 2013 at 9:23 am - Reply

question 1.

Simple answer is MINDSET. People particularly in this society have a mindset that has been passed onto them through many sources; tv, education primarily, media whereby they are expected to fail, anticipated low expectations and aspirations. Yes, a small % fall through the net and they are the entrepreneurs and go getters or they have had role models to observe but the majority of people do not even ASK? So the courses are great to sign up to but there is a lack of impetus driving the action…….primarily a combination of laziness, lack of self confidence and motivation.


March 4, 2013 at 9:25 am - Reply

Great question, the answer is because all fingers are not created equal. Limiting beliefs and a lack of understanding means that some people will not resolve to be successful, and so they won’t be. It’s fine to dream. But dreams don’t come true, goals with well considered and tested plans do.


Austin Reid

March 6, 2013 at 2:21 pm - Reply

Some like myself will not have the money for the course and to invest and will therefore not do anything. But if they have, the answer to your question comes down to a lack of belief and faith in themselves and the investment system. They may be lazy, fearful of failure, fearful of success and lacking in self discipline, but if they really understand the investment system then their self belief that they can do it will overcome their negative mindset. Their negative mindset may be influenced by thinking that it sounds too good to be true and misunderstanding the motives and actions of the government in relation to the value of their monetary earnings and investments.


March 11, 2013 at 12:16 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh,

Great post and system

The answer would be because people are afraid to fail. You can analyse it over and over again but the bottom line is that people are afraid to make mistakes and end up worse.

The soon the virus in their mind starts to come up with past experiences why they weren’t succesful and lost, the damage is already done. The ego tells you: you have done this before and it didn’t work, so just leave it and go on with your life. Wich means: don’t you try to think out of the box, you will fail, if this stuff is working then why is the majority not doing it, succes is not that easy to abtain etc. Basically the ego feeds you crap and because of fear to fail you swallow the bullshit and ‘hope’ that you one day will be ‘lucky’. What a waste of energy en potential!

If you son’t have a succesful mindset then it’s indeed better not to start anything because your fears will became reality.

My mind is bug free, I am looking forward to participate!

Peggy Salvatore

March 11, 2013 at 12:22 pm - Reply

1. People WANT to have hope, but have had their hopes dashed and been scammed so many times, that they open the door again to HOPE, but then remember when other investments of time, money, energy and resources were lost, and step back from the edge.

2. This question is: “over what they KNOW has been proven to work”…but, in reference to answer #1, they may THINK they know something has been proven to work, but seen it fail.

The rest of the answer to these questions is that you never really know if something didn’t work or if you didn’t give it your all, or if you weren’t smart about it…some variable having to do with your own effort, input, attitude, experience or knowledge to effectively implement someone else’s advice.

Tricky stuff…we aren’t all at the same level so who knows?

Thank you for asking.


March 11, 2013 at 12:42 pm - Reply

Most people believe it is the system that is important for success, even thought it is a component. The truth is a confident and disciplined person can take a bad system and make it profitable and one lacking in those qualities can take a good system and fail. People don’t want to do the work. They think they can sit back with no effort. It doesn’t have to be hard or difficult but some effort needs to be applied. Work smart not hard!


March 11, 2013 at 12:47 pm - Reply

There ego’s are keeping them trapped in an uncomfortable comfort zone.


March 11, 2013 at 1:13 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh
First is the feel good feeling one gets from attending or buying the programs, by doing so they assume part of their problem is solved and thus do not put any effort to take any action.
Second is due to procrastination. Where by one post pone doing what one has learned and never reaches a point of doing it.


March 11, 2013 at 1:29 pm - Reply

It s simple, every program claims that it is the only one working, you can give people numbers, facts… but until it has happened to them it s not a sure thing, every program etc., has live testimonials, info of great feedback…It s just too much, they get people exited they get believers, later doubters, lack of determination and they go on to another program… People are looking for a golden bullet, magic pill call it what you like and there is a lot of people making great living of off that.

Patrick Laureys

March 11, 2013 at 1:37 pm - Reply

We are never made aware of all the clever ways the ego has at its disposal to sabotage our success. So we go to seminars and workshops without thinking about exactly what it is that we want to learn and why. And we continue to believe that our lack of success is normal because of virtually everybody’s lack of it. In the worst case we’ll even have one of the ultimate tools of the ego sabotaging our lives: to make us feel guilty for even wanting to be successful by convincing us that success is evil. Choosing programs that are fake, too risky or just do not work naturally accompany this self-limiting belief. Because instead of consciously choosing something that really works in the long run, we will commit an “irrational sin” by choosing the program that promises to make us “rich in no time”.

I don’t know about schools in the UK, but in my country I was never taught – neither by my parents nor by the educational system – that to achieve full awareness or consciousness (and hence a true sense of responsibility for our own lives) is the highest good one can achieve as a human being. School focuses on filling the mind, without giving us the tools we need to control it, for example by becoming aware of our inner dialogue and learning how to silence it. Controlling what goes on in your own mind and learning structured thought should mean much more than solving algebra problems in school. It should mean true self-mastery.

Lindsay Stewart

March 11, 2013 at 2:29 pm - Reply

Our egos want us to fail


March 11, 2013 at 2:53 pm - Reply

I think the answer to this question is mostly lazy thinking, people want to be offered a very quick fix for things and nothing that will put them outside of their comfort zone. I also beleive that subconciously thats why they choose the riskier or less effective programs because they dont present a challenge to their thinking, just empty promises.


March 11, 2013 at 3:02 pm - Reply

It’s that F word, no not that one but FEAR but furthermore they have not brought into the idea, are not convinced etc & cannot envision success from it. Others are plain lazy & want a get rich quick solution & go from pillar to post until the curiosity dissipates.

Malcolm White

March 11, 2013 at 3:12 pm - Reply


The reason has been very clear to me, but only very recently and I am 59 !

It all became clear when I read Andy’s BFM and really got it – and now try to live it, I still regularly fail but after too long am always able to pull myslef round.

It really matters how you think and the mind that is full of bugs which when you’re my age and basically have little or nothing to show financially for all the years of various senior management roles which all disappeared after losing my job and getting divorced etc etc – boring right ? ! well here’s the point.

Unless you really can clear you mind and really get what Andy has taught and how he has taught it i.e. truly understand not to keep pooring ideas into a muddy pool of water whatever you try and learn new will fail.

It is so simply but really unless you do the basics of Andy’s teaching, accept what is is, surrender to everything and clean up that pool any new idea , thought, teaching or concept will fail.

Once you really get this – bingo

That’s it.




March 11, 2013 at 3:28 pm - Reply

me: i personally know several people who have lost a LOT of money in investment strategies that were offered as “promises of gold forever” …and lost everything
so i became quite allergic to this kind of language and of situations.
to be honest i’m really interested in how finance works, but ultimately would like to invest my money in real economy, in people working together for a better world instead of in speculation on the price of metal..

Keith Davis

March 11, 2013 at 3:29 pm - Reply

I’ve learned that the real answers at the large gatherings are out side the gates where the so called guru’s are hanging because they are gregarious too..
Copywriters make a career out of deception, knowing that nothing is more powerful than the right sequence of words.. People Buy to prove themselves right or wrong as the case may be..
It is the choice of the hard road or the easy road,,, we are programmed to spend little time on analysis and choose hastily because the situation is not timely..
If we could adhere to fundamental principles without distraction and as Andy says: “Focus long enough”, we could sidestep the dilemma you speak of..
The mind is preprogrammed to violate the laws that govern it.. Lac of specialized knowledge..
I am not rich either,,, but I will be..

Carmelo Fidel B. Rustia

March 11, 2013 at 4:06 pm - Reply

The average person is hopeful to “make it big” sometime somewhere somehow. So they attend seminars, buy self help programs (DVDs, audio, video, and and printed materials, etc). They are easily persuaded by people’s testimonials attributing personal success to these self-help programs. A part of them believes that some means external to themselves will “trigger” the mighty change in their lives that they are yearning for.
The testimonials are most likely true. But the people who experienced them must have made the proper connection, must have applied the teachings correctly, and must have developed and generated the correct energy vibration.
It’s like learning to ride a bicycle. Even if the best expert on bicycle parts and maneuvers teach you, unless you actually handle the bike yourself and experience the balancing attempts and the falls and bruises, you simply won;t learn. The physical handling of the bike and the actual attempts at getting the balance, you can’t teach; you can only guide. It;s like the taste of saltiness. Unless a person personally experiences tasting the salt himself or herself, no amount of description will enable anyone to comprehend what “salty” means if he or she never tasted anything salty.
So the challenge is getting the experience right. And since anyone who desires to learn to ride a bike eventually succeeds, then there must be a correct sequence that fits different people, too!

Adrian McCluskey

March 11, 2013 at 5:46 pm - Reply

I think our ego’s (sub conscious minds) don’t like change even if the change would be “good’ for us financially. Our ego’s like things the way they are. It feeds us a diet of self doubt that keeps us at it’s comfort level. We buy programs and talk our selves into failure or we ignore programs that have a 92% success rate as it “wouldn’t work” for us. Rinse and repeat!!


March 11, 2013 at 6:21 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh
To answer your question simply, three words describe it the best: Fear of the unknown.
Sometimes even when things are not working, we don’t let them go. The reason is that they are familiar to us and we even get attached to being a failure because it gives us some kind of identity and something with which we can connect with our fellow humans.
Trying something new requires a leap of faith as well as taking the risk of standing out.
Both can be achieved by developing knowledge of how the universe operates, the lknowledge of this profound indeed , but is ultimately the only way to overcome our fears.


March 11, 2013 at 6:34 pm - Reply

I think that its because of self sabotage, this is the most dangerous disease, it hinders success and creates victims who really try to succeed and work hard for it but then they self sabotage. I myself suffer from this disease, and after extending research i understood that this is a major obstacle especially to ” Smart” people because they are always looking for logical answers while the real answer is illogical and counter intuitive, so the solution is to change the ”inner game” and remove the bugs from the inside, so we can create successful results, which is manifested in successfull decision making, which includes chosing the right products.

Mary DeLynn

March 11, 2013 at 6:39 pm - Reply

I believe the number one reason that people don’t take action when given a proven opportunity is Fear. Even though they are sick of being “broke” they are comfortable with those feelings. To try and do something different is scary so they stay stuck in this life of want and need because it is familiar for them. So they let the ego convince them it just won’t work for them. And so they are proven right. If you don’t or can’t believe something doesn’t work then it won’t thus they are right. Keeping the ego intact by keeping that Broke mentality.


March 11, 2013 at 6:45 pm - Reply

I feel it is down to belief, or lack of belief in oneself. Deep down (subconsciously) many people don’t believe that they can be successful, that they are worthy of or deserve success. So, they will continue to sabotage any chances of achieving success so that reality will line up with their inner talk.

As for the choice of the riskier program vs. the proven successful program, I believe people choose the riskier programs because they want an immediate result (with the promise of higher returns perhaps) instead of looking at the long-term, steady gain. A lot of people tend to want a “silver bullet” instead of taking the time required to understand a system and gain knowledge, insights, etc. then translate that knowledge into a strategy that one sticks to.

Valerie Thomas

March 11, 2013 at 7:17 pm - Reply

“Making it” would mean taking a great leap of faith. It is always easier to stay where you are at right now. Of course it’s short sighted, but it’s familiar, it’s comfortable, it’s “what you know”. (and the devil you know is often chosen over the devil you don’t!). And then if you try a fake program and it doesn’t work, you can ease your conscience by saying that you’ve tried and it just didn’t work out.
It’s always harder to move than to stay in the same spot!


March 11, 2013 at 9:41 pm - Reply

Laziness and greed. People keep searching for the “clue” that will take them by the hand and lead them to the pot of gold or enable them to ‘find themselves’. However, when faced with having to put time, effort and self-discipline to achieve success they decide that is not the solution. They become embroiled in the schemes that are risky or a scam because they are “easy” and ‘greed’ steps in blocking their logical mind.

E. Tabertus

March 11, 2013 at 11:23 pm - Reply

I believe that behavior is due to an inbrained failure virus. When people go to seminars, buy self improvement programs, they initially get a high about what they hear, what they read. Once they return to their environment, they breathe in the same ‘filthy air’ that pollutes the brain into inaction. They are paralyzed. They know that they should take action; but procrastination tie them up.

Michael Alberto

March 11, 2013 at 11:51 pm - Reply

I see several reasons that people will not take action. One is seeing expence as an insurmountable barrier. For others they will say “[chosen metod] only works for certain people who think that way”. And for the rest they lack the faith in what others have done to take that leap of faith and go with such methods.


March 12, 2013 at 12:16 am - Reply

You know , i read all this stuff and i would like to believe in it and i read all the other complicated answers that others have left, but the fact is that most stuff online is just a way of someone taking advantage of all the suckers out there and yes i hear Andy saying its just the demon in your head…yeah yeah maybe! but im not sceptical for no good reason and you Minesh! why if your making rakes of money do you want to let everyone else in? all the people that i know that are well off just dont spread their knowledge about so i find it really hard to believe when someone says that they want to help others make loads of money,there are a lot of people in this world that do help others but its for no reward, dont get me wrong here, ive been in business and like to earn money just like you but im afraid money taints all and honesty is so hard to find these days, so why do people go to seminars? cos they think they are doing something and they are going to find the meaning of life,oubt you’ll find real successful people there apart from those that are running them, its funny but since the introduction of the web we can now find the answer to everything!……this is probably not the answer your looking for Minesh but it was bloody good to get it off my chest….. eh! have i won?

David A. Davies

March 12, 2013 at 3:07 am - Reply

I am very interested in your program. I have been looking at the forex with some automated systems. I can’t read the questions. How can I invest in gold and siler now? Thanx
David A. Davies


March 12, 2013 at 3:15 am - Reply

I think that as we were “raised” (made complacent) as children we were given attention, held, and basically felt loved more when our hero (parents) felt pitty on us. It seems as though every time something great happens people stop the affection that comes with feeling bad for us, so our mind is like “woah…wait a second, where did all of my affection I was getting go?” Long story short, we are raised to basically enjoy failure because we get that childhood affection we all crave so unknowingly.

John McHugh

March 12, 2013 at 7:56 am - Reply

When you are at a seminar & listening to a great motivational speaker you get excited & everyone says & thinks they can do this & that until they get home & it all wears off. You are then alone with no one to inspire you & then the big doubts start to creep in.The ego says ” who are you trying to kid, you know you can’t succeed at this” You think you may have been ripped off etc or just don’t know what to do next. John McHugh. Australia


March 12, 2013 at 9:10 am - Reply

I’m still trying to figure out the first part of the question– “why do YOU think people repeatedly go to seminars, buy courses and then take no action, get nowhere or worse” because I am guilty of having done this with both internet marketing and real estate courses and seminars, and I need to probe deeply to get the answer. I think it’s because even though I do affirmations, visualizations, and study Law of Attraction, Self-Development, and Success books, I have a subconscious program that says things like “I’m not worthy”, “I’m a poor widow”, and “Only men are top marketers or investors.” Then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Now it’s at the point where I am on food stamps, applied for welfare, and am being evicted– the lowest point in my life. Maybe now, out of desperation, no matter what I do, I’ll finally succeed. Maybe that is why there are so many stories about people only “making it” after hitting their lowest point– that it takes “do or die” courage to survive and overcome the deeply ingrained programming that we don’t even know exists.
As far as why people “go for the program that’s fake, too risky or just won’t work.” — I’d say it is excellent marketing on the part of the sellers. I do appreciate the craft of marketing, so don’t begrudge the product vendors. As Blair Warren states in his One Sentence Persuasion Course, “People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures,
allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their


March 12, 2013 at 9:47 am - Reply

well my man, I do enjoy proven methods, tho the word strategy is from Musashi Miyamoto who discovered it in the samurai days of japan, the two sworded style, which is for right handed people only, while the left handed people get stuck pushing the pen, my question is, what is the variable, which is Wu Chi, the variable of all methods of life and abundance, but since I am always interested in a twist in a story , myself – meaning lifestyle to wealth (your idea) I would say, it seems to be enlightened and thoughtout and even insightful, tho maybe the you and the ignorant need my comment becuase you dont have a comment in and of itself. Which some people tell the story of Musashi Miyamoto as learning the way to win by seeing a drummer, have you seen the way to win by watching a saxophonist (it is the only instrument you dont see when you play it) and wouldn’t it be worth practising to make 100% success rate all the time rather than a lower one, and if you don’t have this then can you expect your so called “stratergy” vs “counter intuitive” (which leaves the bent people shoveling the waste) to win. Both seem to be passification of leaving the rest of the story to the actual peace and winning and darkness and light. Tho I know it works so I am knowing you have insight


March 12, 2013 at 10:07 am - Reply

It is because it is a kind of procrastination , and fear, inside ourselves that cloud our mind, makes us do not have the clarity the see the truth about ourselves, our belief, in the subconscious, which results in the repetition of same act that lead to failure.


March 12, 2013 at 12:15 pm - Reply

Is it simply that by scrabbling for advice and approval of ideas through courses and seminars that we’re actually admitting to our subconscious that we are powerless and needing to be coached every step of the way? Then we know we’re on thin ice from ripping it apart and giving up, and anything we learn is so easily subject to ridicule. Ultimately not believing in courses, products, seminars is reflecting elements of not believing in ourselves, and it provides the ego a cushion of having someone else to blame (course, seminar) for not making things happen.


March 12, 2013 at 1:57 pm - Reply

If people have been willing to invest their time, money or both into a system that will make their future approach their hopes and dreams, they have intellectually bought into the system.

The problem is mostly in the next step. They now have to align the intellectual with experience. Due to Andy’s bugs in the mind, or just life getting in the way, things happen and it is easy to follow the wrong path. The lack of focus doesn’t allow the intellectual belief to become one with the experiential practice.


March 12, 2013 at 3:11 pm - Reply

I think it’s the age old duo of fear and greed.

People fear what they don’t understand. They do not understand the economic world they live in. They do not understand why it’s getting harder and harder to provide for themselves and their families as the work harder and harder, longer and longer.

They fear for their uncertain future.

Then there is greed. Human nature is to want the most you can get with the least amount of effort. We, as a species, are never satisfied with what we have and continually strive to better our condition or situation.

Individually fear or greed may have beneficial effects. Fear keeps us out of danger, Greed keeps us (as a society) from stagnating and just existing.

Together they form a force that works against us.

We fear losing what we have in order to take a chance at gaining what we desire. Then when greed overcomes fear, we make irrational, emotion based decisions and wind up losing what we had on that “sure thing”.

Take the lottery. Not much fear in losing $1 in order to “win” $1,000,000. The fact that we have such an infinitessimal chance of winning never enters the mind. So we play and play and play, never realizing that we have invested hundreds or thousands into the dream of winning the “big one”.

Those same $1 bets, invested with a more realistic win rate, albeit lower payout, can not override our greed for the fast home run.

At the same time, taking the same lump sum as the aggregate of our lottery bets, and investing that in a higher perccentage vehicle ellcicits our fear response. We don’t mind losing $1 repetitively and often. We never think of the aggregate amount. But to risk that same amount all at once, even with a higher expectation of winning, is just terrifying.

We see low cost as low risk. We see low returns as lo rewards. Our internal fear/greed meter is looking for low risk/high reward scenarios but we have mis defined risk and reward.

So, especially as time passes, we feel the need to reach our goal grow stronger while the time available grows ever smaller. Fear and Greed pull us to try the next “low risk (cost), home run opportunity”.

We never see the true definition of risk nor the benefit of a real risk/reward analysis.

Risk = what we might lose X the % possibility of that loss
Reward = what we might win X the % possibility of that win

Lottery Risk Reward, 1:3,000,000 (one winner for every 3,000,000 tickets)

Risk = $1 X 1:3,000,000 = $1
Reward = $1,000,000 X 1:3,000,000 = $0.34

In real terms you are risking $1 to earn $0.34 or put it another way you need to bet $1 3,000,000 times ($3,000,000) in order to statistically expect a win of $1,000,000.

By the way, each lottery draw is independent so to guarantee a winning ticket would require those 3,000,000 bets PER drawing.

Now clearly no one is going to spend that much on lottery tickets but the math proves its a BAD investment.

Typical Investment Risk Reward, 50% (one winner for every two “tickets”)

Risk = $1 X 50% = $50
Reward = $2 X 50% = $100

Over a period of investments for each $1 risked you will likely make $2.

By comparision to the lottery example, if you risked $3,000,000 you would likely make $6,000,000 as opposed to the $1,000,000 on the lottery tickets.

You will likely spend the same amount of time reaching the same goal but $2 a win just doesn’t stir the imagination even though it’s a much surer outcome than the lottery.

Bradley Black

March 12, 2013 at 3:34 pm - Reply

I believe there are many reasons but the main one that I can think of is that innately people are resistant to change. From birth, people hear everyone’s opinion about money and how to make it. Unfortunately most people don’t differentiate advice from an expert and advice from someone who just likes to voice their opinion. Therefore most people have the voice of every unsuccessful person they have met in their life guiding them to keep doing all these things that are wrong. This is the case because if people come from money then they would have proper guidance and not need to seek the counsel of others to learn to make money more efficiently than they are. No matter if it is right or wrong, if you hear something long enough over and over again it is human nature to believe it. Once you believe what you have been told your whole life, it is ingrained in you to believe the advice of poor people on how to make money.
Now, when you come along and say and show them that you have a better way to make money, this person may believe for that minute but the mind is a powerful thing and all the people’s advice that came before you is still in his or her head telling them how wrong they are to think that. Every time they try your ‘new rules’ about money and it gets hard, they fall back listening to these voices’ of the naysayers. The longer it takes for money and success from your ideas the louder the voices’ in their head telling them to go back to the way he or she was doing things. Also, what starts to happen the longer it takes for this ‘newfangled method’ of money making to occur, it that the voices calling them crazy for believing in you program aren’t just in their heads any more. They are at home every night when they have to explain to their wife or husband or children or parents that ‘Yes, I am still working on this program and No, I haven’t seen a difference in my income yet.” It is hard to be an island in a sea of people who just KNOW that they are right. People are resistant to change because it is easier for them to go with the flow of life than to fight each and every person and opinion you encounter on a daily basis telling you are wrong. Its hard and nobody wants to have to alienate every one that you love and care about over money. I mean if you really think about it not only are you starting a fight against the beliefs of your family but if you believe how the Christian faith as a whole interpreted the scriptures then you are bound to go to hell anyway even if you do become rich and successful. So, most people would just rather be comfortable in their meager lives knowing that their mommy and wife still love them and for the rest of eternity after this torturous existence they will be rewarded in Heaven for all of eternity with all the riches they passed up on here on Earth. For me, it keeps coming back to the fact that it is easier not to change.

Rachel Brockman

March 12, 2013 at 10:28 pm - Reply

QUESTION – So why do YOU think people repeatedly go to seminars, buy courses and then take no action, get nowhere or worse, subconsciously chose and don’t fight the urge to go for the program that’s fake, too risky or just won’t work.
OVER what they KNOW, has been proven to work?

Speaking to my own experience lived and imagined. I don’t have a congruent result that allows me to feel successful based on my attendance and participation of wealth creation programs. , which keeps me searching for clear conclusive personal results. I have come to realize that it is the way I am looking at opportunities which is holding me into a pattern, I don’t have a clear risk assessment understanding and trust in my selection process which keeps me stuck in making selections based on financial ability as a default. I then overwhelm myself with information and processes, surrounded by confusion and distraction and all movement toward success is obstacle laden and fruitless with just enough truth getting through to keep me searching. Limiting thoughts revolving around fear of the corruption of wealth, and ignorance in general money management serve to further hamper me. And I can only speculate that the experience is the same for others. I notice that I feel really resistant to the statement in your question that the potential participant “knows” that your proposal works, because my feelings is “I” don’t know but you “say” that it does and I can “entertain” the possibility that it “might” do the same for me, but I don’t “know” that it will. And to me that lack of knowledge prevents me from acting decisively and I suspect that others experience the same hesitation.

Peter-Andreas Zielinski

March 12, 2013 at 11:32 pm - Reply

It’s a psychological question actually. The person who tends to act the highly risky way acts completely irrational. Normally, we all want safety in our life if it comes to investment questions.
In my opinion, the choice of the 3 percent represents the opposite of procratination or even an anti-procratination act. The person knows his budget. If the budget covers the opportunity costs, the person tends to do this risky act to improve his fortune or simply the person wants to encrease his budget to be capable to have a better life – a kind of high-speed. improvent or change. The person risks a lot of money even though the 97 percent choice would much more rational. It’s like an “All or Nothing-Choice” ( neurobiological action potential) or doing lottery.

Michelle Bryan

March 13, 2013 at 3:41 am - Reply

Other go to seminars, buy courses and then take no action because they are after a “get rich quick” scheme with out having to do any form of hard work at all. They just give up because they just see it as too hard to do and lose interest straight away. They go for the more risky, fake types of programs because they offer just what the other are looking for. that they will make loads of money with out having to do any of the hard work first.

Sarah McCrum

March 13, 2013 at 6:14 am - Reply

I have seen a similar situation related to health and wellbeing and exactly the same question comes up. I have repeatedly given people a direct experience that they claim, without any pressure, to have made them feel “better than they have ever felt in their entire life”, but they would not even spend $12 to repeat it. And I have seen people experience 80 to 90% healing of a chronic, debilitating health condition in a one hour session that also made them feel fantastic and not come back for more. So even after proving it to them personally, through experience, they still took no action. After many years of study of this phenomenon, and working through my own resistance in many situations, this is what I have found:
1. It takes additional energy to change lifestyle habits. Using pure will power is demanding and most people do not have enough energy to sustain change. it is easier to repeat a familiar action (including a mental approach to purchasing decisions) than to change. This appears to be especially strong when a person senses that the change would be real and effective. It is easy (low energy) to slot into a course where an apparent guru provides excitement and stimulation, which are a substitute for true energy. You feed off that person’s motivation for a few days and then it fades. Real change takes concerted increased energy levels and most people have no idea how to access this. I have found that when people are taught how to access higher levels of energy change is natural and effortless and they naturally make wiser decisions in all areas of their lives. They literally have the energy to make the decision, change behaviour and maintain it in the longer term.
2. There is an interesting phenomenon relating to our understanding of life and death that has a profound effect on the strength of our desire for life. When you have a very strong desire for life you naturally make life enhancing decisions. Many people have a subconscious desire for death because of something they have been taught. For example if you learn as a young child that you will go to heaven after you die and your life is very challenging now as an adult, you may contain a subconscious desire to get to heaven quickly because life appears to hold no real value. This desire for death fights the natural desire for life that we are all born with and creates tremendous resistance, leading to depression, apathy and lack of drive/motivation. There are many subtle versions of the after death story that lead people not to value life. When your life appears to have little value you make decisions in line with that value. it’s an equation.
3. The other piece is probably simpler. It is about self-love and self-value. We take actions that resonate with the value we put on ourselves. Most of us grow with fairly damaged sense of self and very little self-value or love. it is then impossible (energetically) to opt into a program that is going to raise your value beyond what you can currently imagine. People are able to make these kinds of choices when they are starting to love themselves more and can choose to continue to increase their value. Again it is a kind of equation where the choice directly reflects the level of self-value, which in turn reflects how much you love yourself.


March 13, 2013 at 6:25 am - Reply

I’ve asked myself this question many times. I am one of those that buy self-help programs on a regular basis. I start off strong, but then resistance appears and soon I’m moving on to the next program never finishing the one I started. Even if I’m starting to see positive results, I can’t follow through. Is it because I don’t want it enough? Is there a subconscious belief that I don’t deserve greatness and wealth? Do I fear success? Is my comfort zone too comfortable? How do I get out of my own way to achieve everything I desire?

Seamus McCrory

March 13, 2013 at 9:30 am - Reply

I think the main reason people purchase self improvement courses and go to seminars is because obviously lots of us want to improve our life situations.The reason that nearly all of us fail with the new information we obtain is because we DON’T APPLY it.The reason we don’t apply it is because we are conditioned in our minds by our enviroment(parental,cultural,educational,experiences etc) In effect we have our mind (ego) that makes the choices for us based on the experiences we have had in our life up until now.For nearly all of us that is based from our experiences in FEAR. Fear of failure,judgement and any number of mind made defences to move forward in our lives.Simply put,the mind will still use a defense strategy that you used many years ago to defend and protect you,and it worked.However it doesn’t work now and you have lots and lots of “old” strategies like this in your mind that keep you firmly anchored from moving forward.The answer is to clear your mind of ALL those old strategies (excuses) and then provide your mind with the NEW information.Hopefully this will then be akin to lighting a rocket to your ass. 🙂


March 13, 2013 at 1:16 pm - Reply

Many reasons: Lack of trust in the system/presenters. There are thousands of scams competing for the money of those looking to get on. Is the system/presenter a scam? Can they teach it? Can I use it?
If the author is making so much from it, why are they selling it? They *can’t* need the extra money after all. If they do, then the system can’t work, so why buy it?
Once they have it, the enthusiasm goes and the amount of work sinks in.
Once they use it, if it doesn’t perform quickly, they’ll drop it.
If it’s not simple and quick, many people will find the pub/tv/facebook more appealing


March 13, 2013 at 2:11 pm - Reply

Over the years there have been many “get rich quick” schemes and con artists. Many, including me, have burnt our fingers following “expert” advise only to find we are at the wrong end of the wave (about to crash) or that in reality the schemes were not as rosy as they made out.

Most of us do not have funds to risk but are looking for ways where we can take calculated steps to improve our financial situation. I know I need a mindset change and am in this process but just require time to get there. Also bad property investments in Spain have not helped and any funds that could be used to invest need to be recouped first.


March 14, 2013 at 9:07 am - Reply

I firmly believe that it is because we as a race are our own worst enemies. We simply do things like attending seminars or buying self help programs to assuage our conscience. This way at least you are actually doing something to make a difference on what ever level will satify your psyche. But heaven forbid that it may actually work, since we are all wired to such an extent to fear success we may actually die from even the slightest signs or mere thought of reaching our goals. According to stats all over the world only 1% make it and the rest who don’t are summed up in the movie The Matrix. Our basest fears are exposed in this movie – we would more often than not live with the lie in our minds, living a fantasy than face the harshness and hard work of reality.

Kelvin Hull

March 14, 2013 at 2:18 pm - Reply

Because they think this must be the one that will work. Like most things in life once you get burned it is hard to become a believer again. They are thinking how can something that good can possible give you the results that you say.


March 15, 2013 at 4:34 am - Reply

People don’t take action because we are in fear – mostly fear of loss of love. If we succeed, we will leave behind those whom we love and think/hope love us – but once the scales are unbalanced they will either need to jump with us, or we will need to leave them behind. So we think. We are fearful we won’t have anyone to love us in the new life, even if it’s been one-sided up to now. So, people don’t move…and stay behind their little rocks, watching the sun climb in the sky, move overhead and calling to them, and then go down without their leaving their clinging, rock-hugging places. Yes, how can we assure them it can and will be better for all if they were to move out from their rock?


March 21, 2013 at 12:56 pm - Reply

Hey Minesh
I reckon the answer to :
QUESTION – So why do YOU think people repeatedly go to seminars, buy courses and then take no action, get nowhere or worse, subconsciously chose and don’t fight the urge to go for the program that’s fake, too risky or just won’t work.

We are deeply programmed to be sceptical! Taking out the credit card is programming. Doing the work required isn’t. Disciplining your own time and having something to show for it is something we are not programmed to do, hence we doubt, and go off building an addiction to the next shiny thing.
It’s not tha none of htese things ‘work’, I guess you have to do the work to make it work!


March 24, 2013 at 3:45 pm - Reply

The reason why people go to seminars, buy courses and take no action is that their egos prevent them from doing so. Everything is fine and golden and the future painted in bright colors during a seminar and everyone who attends a seminar ‘and’ buys a course ‘beliefs’ that he/she will be successful with that particular course and that this is the missing piece. But once back home and the day to day life is back and the memory of the course fades away, the ego comes back with persuasive whispering telling that the bought course won’t make any difference as it is one of many that has been purchased and it just won’t work!
Doubts (we can’t do it and won’t succeed), fear (of success) , worries (we will have to spend to much or money on the course and will lose everything we have invested) and procrastination (‘I will start the course tomorrow next week or in a month..’.) are the typical thoughts…..


March 25, 2013 at 10:00 am - Reply


The education system we have all grown up with does not equip us to deal with the real life situations that present almost daily. There is almost no financial literacy taught in our education systems. The current world financial systems are so corrupt that the average person cannot hope to even understand what is going on, let alone know what to do to secure their financial and emotional future.

People are looking for the “Silver Bullet” that will fix all of their emotional and financial woes. They attend seminar after seminar, invest more and more in home study courses and, because they have not developed their mindset to be able to disseminate and utilise the information presented to them, they do nothing. Some have been “sucked in” by spruikers pretending they have the magic solution people so desperately want, and of course have been burnt badly, so are even more reluctant to act on future solutions presented to them. And the main reason is that people simply do not fully understand the information presented to them and they become confused and a confused mind will always say NO.

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