The $15,000 Picture…

I was at a seminar this weekend with my good friends Andy Shaw, who you know, and Nicola Cairncross, who you may not know. Nicola was one the first people that taught me about the Internet and how to use it to move my mission forward in teaching people investing. I met her at her workshop my Dad took me to at 15.

Andy was telling her an interesting story and I thought I’d just share it… It’s all fun! This is why I love talking at seminars, you get to hang out & make some amazing friends, on-top of learning the amazing strategies being taught… anyway… here’s Andy’s post from Facebook.

“Breakfast on Saturday morning Nicola learns that people paid $15,000 for photos with Minesh and after she stopped laughing wanted her photo taken with him :-)”







Even though it’s true, don’t sweat… I haven’t gone that “hollywood” yet, it was part of a whole package experience for another event… – if you ask for a picture, you won’t need your cheque book (for the moment anyway!)


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