Soros and Paulson Load Up On Gold

When the Elite are investing in metals RIGHT NOW, you have to ask yourself, “Why am I not?!”

“As gold bugs try to defy the bear-market threat of gold with the Feds plans for the future easing, billionaire George Soros is buying heavily. The founder of Soros Fund Management LLC bought more gold in the first quarter while hedge-fun manager John Paulson kept hold of his biggest stake in the SPDR Gold Trust, which is the largest exchange-traded product backed by bullion.”

“As for Soros, his fund management firm more than tripled its investment in the SPDR Gold Trust in the first quarter to 319,550 shares now valued at $50.2 million. The range at which the Soros Fund Management has held shares in the SPDR is astronomical. It has held as few as 42,800 shares last year and as many as 6.2 million at the end of 2009.”

Great Article On Wealth Wire… Click Here To Read Full Article


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