RESULTS: After 13 MONTHS Of Gold For Life – Watch This

I sent this out yesterday, Gill’s results after 13 MONTHS of implementing
Gold For Life on YouTube:

You know, anyone can do something or follow a strategy or make
a strategy work for a month…

It’s not that hard.

BUT how you really test an investment strategy is over several months
of following it…

Does it work in EVERY market condition? What happens if Gold/Silver
CRASH? How do politics AFFECT the strategy?

These are all important questions and only TIME can answer them.

Well today, I want to share with you a phone call I had with Gill Warren,
a Gold For Life Student since December 2010 (the very first time we
taught these strategies)…

And you’re going to hear, what her results have been like WHILE:

– Silver has been through 2 of the WORST corrections EVER in it’s
price history..

– JP Morgan & Goldman Sachs have been accused of PRICE
MANIPULATION on a scale NEVER seen before..

– Europe falling to PIECES country by country…

And you’re going to hear her results today and her experiences and
the lessons she wants to pass onto you…


Gill was very open with her results & learnings for your benefit and
I just want to say thanks to her for that!

So come listen to the call right here, I put it on YouTube for you:

Check it out, you’ll learn a LOT from Gill!

Speak Soon,

Minesh Bhindi


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