PROOF: Dreams To Reality

PROOF: DREAMS TO REALITY. My favourite picture EVER taken of me on stage. I had to stop, double take and check it for 10 minutes. This picture, for me, shows the PROOF of the ability to turn dreams to reality. The picture in the slide was my first trip to Monaco. And if you know my story, you’ll know that’s where the actual VISION for what I’m doing on stage & speaking worldwide and helping people change their lives was actually conceived… This picture will go on the wall so I can guide anyone who tries to convince me that dreams can’t turn into reality to check it out! I finally “KNOW” it. Your dreams WILL turn into reality, as long as you keep focusing, keep on holding your vision & working towards it every single day. What more proof could you want? Thanks to my friend Rhoda for taking this & sending it to me..

– Minesh Bhindi


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