Open Ended QE Announced… And people still don't believe in Gold & Silver?

So we just had Ben Bernanke announce an Open Ended QE program. Check the Business Insider article here.

In simple terms, which is how I like to make things for you guys, what we’ve basically got is $40bn a month being printed to buy mortgage backed securities. This means we’ve just signed up for $480 BILLION a year in QE.

Just to remind you how ridiculous this is, QE 1 was approx $750bn. And we went crazy over that.

We’ve just agreed to 64% of the first QE being printed on a yearly basis now with no more necessary announcements of any QE’s because this is “Open Ended”.

And people still don’t believe in Gold & Silver to protect their wealth?

Merrill Lynch analyst Fransisco Blanch explained, ““The combination of open-ended MBS purchases and the possibility of additional Treasury bond purchases starting in December could further lift gold prices by adding over $2 trillion to the Fed’s balance sheet over the next two years,”.

The FED is going to add over $2 trillion to it’s balance sheet. When Obama was inaugurated, the FED owned $302 billion in US Treasury Securities. Now it owns $1.668 trillion. Under the same President. Bush might have been bad and started wars. But Obama’s attack is on the people of America. By diluting their wealth.











I think we know what strategy this administration has picked to deal with this so far, Inflation. And to be honest, none of the political issues matter. The question for you is – do you want to prosper or do you want to stay on the slide to poverty?

Gold & Silver are not only protection against inflation, they are your answer for huge profits.

As the prices of Dollars drops, the price of Gold & Silver will go up. The question is are you protected?

And the next next question is – Are you positioned to profit?

Especially when analysts are saying Gold is going to $2,400. Replicating the last increase

Take action & protect your wealth now.

Leave any questions below & I’ll do my best to answer them.

Take Care,

Minesh Bhindi

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September 19, 2012 at 1:36 pm - Reply

If we buy ETF’s and our $’s are in the account side of OpXpress and the dollar looses value slowly or quickly (while Sliver goes up), isn’t that a slide down (for our money)… and how to protect this aspect? If metals increase 30% a year – holding and praying still work quite well, no?

Maybe a naiive question, but one that keeps barking at me, so thought it worth asking Minesh.


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