Obama Under Pressure on His Syria Nonsense

“Obama is not finding it as easy to start a war as Dick Cheney via his patsy George Bush, Jr. Three letters were delivered from Congress to Obama. They informed him that he should not go to war with Syria before Congress returns. Obama tried to skirt that issue of not consulting Congress by just calling John A. Boehner so he could claim he consulted Congress. It is clear he is doing his best to circumvent the democratic process.

Obama had both France and Britain behind him because they desperately need war they belief to occupy the youth and to revitalize the economy as they think World War II did economically. The US will not get UN support for both China and Russia will veto the USA. There is no plan whatsoever going forward. Now Obama claims it would be just a strike to “punish” Syria not to remove the government. If the government falls, you will have another Iran and the entire region will become far more dangerous.”


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