Money Talks Bullshit Walks – Why Don't People SEE The Difference?

I’m sitting at one of my favourite places in London writing this with a glass of Rose Champagne. It’s a members club at the top of the Gherkin building in London. What I love about this place is that when you’re up here, it just feels so peaceful, so calm, like nothing can bother your thoughts. It’s one of my favourite places to just come and relax, chill-out and create for you.

So I’ve been thinking, we’ve really had some great answers from the posts i’ve been putting up, I believe that people are finally understanding the severity of the cash-matrix, how it has affected your wealth in the last 10 years and how it will continue to do so. I believe that you are starting to look at wealth differently, I believe you understand that you NEED to take action. But most people still don’t see the benefit.

My Current View Of London

As you know we’re about to accept 25 new investors into the Gold For Life Investment System tomorrow at 11am (will you be one of them?). One thing that fascinates me, following on from the first post, is why Gold For Life is not the “obvious” choice for most people.

Just imagine if your “work” to manage your investments was done in 20 minutes per month? Wouldn’t you like it even more if that happened from anywhere in the world on your laptop? Would it be wise to learn a strategy that gave you a consistent 2.22% per month return? With a 92% success rate?

So, in this post, I quite simply want to take you behind the scenes of this investment strategy, show you the components of it, remind you why you’re doing this, give you a little surprise on the tuition fee and inspire you to get ready to be one of the 25 students we welcome in tomorrow.

Look, let’s really take an in-depth look at what we’re fighting against…

Retirement – £100,000 Fund vs a £1,000,000 Fund

Most people I’ve met have a target of saving up £100,000 to fund their retirement. Well to be honest, I’m going to be an investor here and a huge reality check and show you how much of a joke that is.

This is what a £100,000 saved today will look like in 10 years:

What this shows is that at the current REAL inflation rate, people who are feeling safe and comfortable with £100,000 in the bank will really need £259,374.25 to buy themselves the SAME lifestyle that £100,000 can buy them TODAY. You thought you were done with making money right?

Well the scary part is, look at it from the other side, a £100,000 today saved for 10 years will buy you the equivalent of a £34,867.84 lifestyle TODAY.

Is this making sense? Can you see why you need to take action now to fight this? Is it sinking in that this plan of saving and not investing just doesn’t work?

So what about those with £1,000,000?

So you thought you were comfortable, if ONLY you could to that £1,000,000 in the bank, that next business opportunity, those 3 new property deals, that internet marketing project that will go right.. Well truth be told, you’re going to suffer just like everybody else who follows this system. You’ll need £2.6m in 10 years to fund the same lifestyle £1m can buy you today.

More importantly, your £1m will be worth ONLY £348,678.44. You just had £651,321.56 stolen from you. And the worst part is, you’ll be feeling very smug when it comes to retirement, because you’ll still SEE £1m on the bank balance. But in real terms, even after going through the sweat, tears & effort of acquiring that million pounds, you’ll still suffer in retirement.

Can you see why Gold For Life is not only important to profit with, it’s in-fact important for you to just PROTECT the wealth you’ve got.

BOMBSHELL – The average retirement length is 18 years. So with £100,000 fund, worth £34,867.84 at the START of your retirement, if your plan was to save for a good retirement, congratulations you just bought yourself a £1,937.10 per year fund. I put more petrol in my 2 Litre Blue Efficiency run around Mercedes E Class than that.

Oh and that £1m fund? That just bought you £19,371.02 per year for 18 years. After working so hard for so long, securing a million pounds cash, which is no easy feat and should be congratulated, by not protecting your wealth, you’ve just bought yourself a lifestyle for retirement which is less than a bin-man earns.

Can you see why if you’re not AT-LEAST making 10% per year, you’re going backwards? There is no such thing as standing still.

Gold Bars vs Gold For Life

As we covered in the last post, there is a DISTINCT profit difference to the way the Billionaires invest in Gold & Silver and the way the 99% invest. Just to recap, you can go and check the figures out in yesterdays post, an average person starting with £10,000, buying Gold & Silver bricks, bars and coins and holding it for 10 years would have a portfolio worth £30,000 in 10 years assuming Gold & Silver went up 3 times over 10 years (pretty safe bet).

A Gold For Life Investor starting with £10,000, would just with the cash-flow of 2.22% per month on average, over 10 years, assuming the price of Gold & Silver goes up $0, have a portfolio worth £139,413.62. And if it went up 3 times like for a brick/bar investor, have a portfolio worth, £418,240.86.

From £10,000 to £418,240.86. Does that sound good? For your 10 year plan? Especially with under 20 minutes of work per month? Not with a risky investment like Forex/Spread-Betting or Day Trading, but with just aiming for 2.22% per month? Doesn’t that feel a lot safer and more achievable? Doesn’t it feel a lot LESS stressful than sitting infront of the computer trying to read chart patterns? That’s why Gold For Life is for those people who enjoy life. Can you see how a system like this would benefit your future? Can you see how it would give you ultimate freedom?

Because the most important part of this is not actually the profit. It’s the fact that you’ll have learned that skill. Because then, unlike those people SAVING for retirement, you’ll be able to take your £418,240.86 fund, and in retirement, will ALREADY KNOW how to make 2.22% per month from it, so with that same fund, without it depleting, you’ll be generating an income of £9,284.95 PER MONTH to live on in retirement.

Can you see how the holidays, the cars, the second home, the savings AND the ability to help your children get on in life IS a reality, if you’re smart and decide to take action.

So, What IS The Gold For Life Investment System, And How Is It Possible For Us To Make So Much MORE Money?

In my years of learning about investing, I learned that there are really 3 important parts to an unstoppable process of wealth creation.

1. Buy the current booming asset below market value.

We want to be ahead of every other investor in the market ON ENTRY. So the only way to do this is find out how to buy assets below the market value.

2. Generate a monthly cash-flow on our assets. 

We don’t want our assets sitting dormant. All wealth, if not used is wasted. So even when our wealth is sitting in an asset waiting for the price of the asset to go up, we want it making a cash-flow.

3. Compound our wealth by accumulating more of that asset with NO MORE of our own money down.

If we’re buying into an asset that’s going up, we want to find out how to accumulate as much of that asset, and if after the initial investment, we can grow our holding with no more of our own money down, we’re way ahead of any other investor.

Look, once you have all of these processes working for you with your investments, you become unstoppable. This is literally how Warren Buffett buys companies.

Can you see the benefit of having all these 3 processes in place? Can you see why buying a booming asset below market value, then cash-flowing it and then using the cash-flow to buy more of that asset will literally bulletproof your wealth building? Can you understand why people love the simplicity of Gold For Life? Would it be wise for you to learn how to do this?

Now, lets think about how we, of the 99% go about learning these investment strategies… in most cases you have investment strategies that have one of these as the focal point.

So you go to a seminar, takes you to buy one course to learn you need all these 3 parts, then 3 individual courses to actually get each part working for you. And then you have to learn from 3 different teachers 3 different strategies and confuse yourself while applying them all.

How Most People Approach Investment Education

Now, they say this is the best way of learning investing. Besides it being a silly way of doing it, it actually means you’ve got to take 3 strategies and “tack” them together to create the constant process of wealth as I described above.

That’s like taking 3 different drugs, that you don’t know how they’re going to affect you, at the same time.

And this is without taking into consideration that some education might actually not be up to par, proven, or tested or backed up by lots of case studies. We’re assuming it ALL works, 100% just like the teacher said it would. Even THEN there’s confusion.

So what are WE going to do?

We’re going to find a way to link all these 3 strategies together more effectively right? Create rules… Checklists and processes.

No. Who the hell wants checklists and processes that you have to carry with you to manage the tacked together investment “holy trinity”.

That’s not cool, and most importantly it’s inefficient, you still have to learn the 3 independent investment strategies.

No. We don’t want to do that.

We want to make a CHANGE rather than doing the same thing over and over and make a leapfrog investment strategy that has all of these things built right into the strategy.

So then it becomes a sequential process, more of a scientific process than an artistic one.

It makes sense right? Can you see how having a scientific process for building your wealth is more powerful than “stitching” together 3 different strategies? Can you see how that would make your life easier?

We created the Simplest, Most Profitable Investment Strategy Yet.

We’re going to start, with a Revolutionary way of buying the asset Below Market Value. This is the result of almost 30 years of mine and my Dad’s experience in investing.

What’s the problem with the current way of buying assets below market value? Well it’s sort of the people you’re dealing with.

In most cases, like with property, you’re dealing with other investors, with personal situations, personal objectives, negotiation skill.

And you have to deal with them and navigate them in order to be lucky enough to pick an asset up below market value. And in terms of stocks, forex & spread betting, you’re dealing with brokers, and we can’t beat them. And when it comes to Gold & Silver, you’re dealing with brokers selling Gold & Silver bars at 4-30% premiums!

So what do you do? It doesn’t work because the people in your way between you and getting the asset below market value do not go away.

So how do you solve this? Turns out, we’ve already solved it. When buying property in the boom a few years back, we weren’t dealing with homeowners trying to negotiate deals. We went straight to the developer.

So, what we’re going to do is get rid of all these people in the way, and go straight to the source, play the games the 1% play with their investing.

Makes sense right? It’s really nice and simple.

And then… Step 2. We’re going to implement the Simplest Cash-Flow Generation system to get cash-flow on a monthly basis while we wait for the asset to go up.

And what better way to do this than use the same utility the market makers used to extract cash from speculators on a monthly basis. Options.

But everyone gets this wrong. Options are not for profiting huge. Speculators teach it that way, speculators lose their wealth to market makers by using options WRONG, trying to get rich quick, and then blame the utility for not working right?

It’s insanity.

So we’re going to do it right, we’re going to use Options for what they were created for, that’s regular monthly passive income. The way the market makers use them. That’s why we have a 92% success rate, because we use these utilities how they are supposed to be used.

So now, we want to implement Step 3 – which is an Extraordinary way of buying more of this booming asset with No More Money Down.

The problem with most “no money down” strategies is that they involve you going into DEBT to buy the asset.

This works, when the asset shoots up immediately after purchase, in most cases it doesn’t. And then you’re left servicing that debt at very high rates, and again, lining the pockets of the market makers.

So how are WE going to do it? We’re going to take the cash-flow generated in Step 2 and buy more of the asset.

We’re going to do something that any great fund in the world, any great investor in the world does, we’re going to RE-INVEST our profits, monthly. Not go into huge amounts of debt to buy and accumulate assets that do nothing for us.

This has been the number one secret of Warren Buffett. People miss it every-time, why re-invent the wheel.

The Holy Trinity

When you bring this 3 step process together, in a uniform, scientific attack on your investment, you get a 92% success rate, with the AVERAGE student generating 2.22% per month, with an average consistency of 10.1 months.

When you take into account all the factors, Gold For Life is the Simplest, Most Profitable Investment Strategy yet.

It just works straight out of the box. That is why we can give such amazing guarantees to our students. That is why our £25,000 a year students are not only happy to pay for a years coaching but renew every year. Think about it, for them, a $1m fund invested, yielding 2.22% per month = $22,200 PER MONTH. Do you think that’s a good ROI for them? Do you get why they keep paying £25,000 a year? Easy maths right.

What’s different about the Gold For Life Investment System?

Look, this ISN’T the only investment strategy that “works”. There are Forex/Day-Trading/Spread betting/Real Estate strategies that do work. You just have to know what you want. If you want ease, consistency, if you’re fed up with constantly adjusting, if you’re tired of changing strategies every 6 months because of a market change, if you’re frustrated with the lack of support, if you’ve had enough with the amount of TIME you have to put in to make it work, if you’re satisfied with getting wealthy slowly, but getting wealthy, then Gold For Life is for you.

We use one main instrument that most people, because of previous experience, may have a problem with, that’s Options. Options as I explained are a tool created by investors to take advantage of traders. Did you know the Options Clearing Council, responsible for making sure every option gets fulfilled has a statistic that 95% of Options expire creating a profit for the INVESTOR in the trade, NOT a trader. So WHY do people keep trading options and expecting to win? It’s crazy to me. Greed does that to people.

Our objective in this process is quite simple – to acquire as much Gold & Silver as possible. Period. As you’ve seen, Gold & Silver are money, therefore, when the value of one currency is going down, you want to be positioned in the OTHER currency. Gold & Silver is that other currency against paper money. That’s why, the longer you wait, the less Gold & Silver you can buy. So we want to acquire as much as possible.

All we do, is buy the underlying funds that own Gold & Silver, use the market instruments, in the way the BANKS & BILLIONAIRES DO IT, not the way traders do it to generate a cash-flow, then take that cash-flow and buy more of the underlying asset (which is in a boom cycle.)

So you’re using the markets instruments, to make more money on the money you already have and then buying more of that asset that’s going up in value.

It’s really simple. And as we’ve proven, everyone can do it. Izzy is a student of ours, who came to us really looking for a way to make the money she was generating work FOR her. But she didn’t have any time, she’s a new mum, a wife, an MBA student runs a couple of small businesses. Can you imagine how busy she is? I can’t. Anyway, she wanted a way to really time efficiently change the way her wealth grew, she knew it was possible, but everything she’d tried had failed, she’d never done anything remotely close to “stock market investing” and was unsure if it would be simple enough for her to do. Well after 11 months, 2.07% per month consistently, here’s what Izzy had to say in a telephone interview I did with her:

Look, You Have A Choice To Make.

You’re already in the cash-matrix. That’s not a threat, that’s not a fear mongering statement, it’s a reality check. You’re IN IT. Now. This is not something that’s GOING to harm you, your family and your finances, this is something that’s harming you NOW.

So you have a choice, one way is to stay in the cash-matrix and just “go with the flow”. You WILL see a reduction in the value of your money. You will have your wealth in terms of purchasing power stolen from you.

Or – Choice 2. Is that you can step out of the cash-matrix. I’ve shown you how over these last few blog posts. Buy Gold & Silver. You’ll protect your wealth and you’ll make some money over 10 years.

Some of our students hanging out with me at Boisdale after a mastermind session.

Then there is doing what the serious investors reading this will be planning on doing tomorrow. That’s joining Gold For Life. Opting to instead of turning £10,000 into £30,000 in this once in a lifetime opportunity, they will decide that they want to turn £10,000 into £418,240.86. That’s a better ROI.

So – “how much” is the tuition for Gold For Life? £4,997.

What do you get for that? You get:

Phase 1: The Whole Online Learning Centre. 7 full length modules detailing how you can implement the Gold For Life Investment System, Fast-Start walkthroughs, Broker account opening guidance videos, interviews with successful students so you can model them & a whole lot more training.

Phase 2: Live Weekly Coaching Calls. These are with me, every Tuesday at 6pm UK time, you’ll get on the call LIVE, be able to see my screen, ask me any questions and most importantly, I don’t leave until all the questions are answered. You’ll have market updates, advice on what management to take, LIVE in the moment. These last for however long you need them, we have people who joined in 2010 still attending the calls, no extra charge.

Phase 3: Life-Time Access & Updates. Once you’re a member, you’re part of the family. You get all updates to this coaching program and weekly coaching calls included. No extra charge.

Can you see how having this content available 24 hours a day, accessible from anywhere in the world will benefit you? Can you see how having it broken down into 7 modules, then further broken down into 5-10 minute videos allows you to absorb this information easier? Could you see the benefit of our fast-start program which gets you into the market “virtually” within 25 minutes of logging into the learning centre? Can you see the benefit of having these weekly coaching calls? Access to ME every single week for however long you need it?

Do you now understand why we have the most successful investment education program on the planet? It’s because we care about results, not education. We will provide the most adequate amount of education for you to get a RESULT. Not for you to fill your mind with information. Money talks, bullshit walks.

We open tomorrow, Friday March 15th at 12pm UK time/8am New York time. We will take & help 25 new investors, it’s your choice if you’d like to be one of them, how do you sign up? Quite simple, either email my assitant at: with your contact details and request she calls you, OR call the office directly on: 0044 844 586 5445 and speak to her to get in…

Let Me Put My Money, Where My Mouth Is.

In the words of Steve Jobs (RIP), there’s just one more thing. Those first 25 people who want us to help them tomorrow and are ready to sign up, will get an added bonus – Results Financing.

We’re the only ones on the planet that do this in the Gold & Silver education world. We will allow you to finance the majority of your £4,997 tuition fee from your results.

Here’s how this works, be one of the first 25 investors tomorrow and you’ll put down £1,997, get everything, and when you make your first £100,000 in profit, you can send us a cheque for the remainder of the £3,000.

This puts us in a partnership. It’s our job to help you as much as it’s in your interest to become successful.

Can you see how this is now much fairer both of us? Can you see how it makes sure that we’re as committed to you as you are to us? Can you see why our students love us now?

Also this makes this an absolute no brainer. Let’s say you have just £5,000. You’ll pay £1,997, put the other £3,003 in Gold & Silver, lets say you just manage to open the necessary accounts, wire the money and just LEAVE IT, don’t follow anything I say, just LEAVE the money in Gold & Silver, basically you pay me £1,997 and then do nothing more than just buy some Gold & Silver. Pretty silly, and you WILL do more than that. But even if you just did that, as Gold & Silver say double of the next 10 years, not even triple, just double, your portfolio will be worth £6,006. That’s £3,003 PROFIT. For being the WORST student I’ll ever have.

So “how much” is the tuition actually costing you? Nothing, because even if you do nothing with it, you’ll be making a profit. That’s why I feel comfortable in offering this Results Financing Solution.

Make sure you call/email tomorrow Friday March 15th at 12pm UK time/8am New York time: OR 0044 844 586 5445 and request to be one of the first 25 and request Results Financing.

Is it in your best interest to protect yourself from the cash-matrix? Can you see why Gold & Silver is the best method of protection? More importantly do you understand why Gold & Silver are the most profitable method of protection? Does it make sense why Gold For Life is better than just buying bricks bars and coins? Can you see that you need to take action, learn this and have this investment strategy part of your weaponry?

Or do you still find the “save £100,000, lock it in the bank and retire happy” dream appealing?

The difference between where you are and where you will be 10 years from now, is a choice. I can’t wait to welcome our 25 new investors who make the right choice onboard tomorrow.

Take Care,

Minesh Bhindi

SCHOLARSHIP – I decided that our collective mastermind is very important, so I wanted some answers to some questions to allow me to help more people over the next 10 years. And I thought I’d “bribe” you to help me, by giving you a £4,997 scholarship into the GFL Investment System. Sound fair?

Now, in order to actually be in with a chance to win the scholarship, here’s the rules: 1. You must answer every single question honestly, fully & to the best of your ability. The questions are under every blog post, there’s 4 of them. 2. The person who answers ALL the questions best consecutively will win & I’ll be hand picking the winner after reading your comments.

I’ll reveal the winner on launch tomorrow.

Question 1: Answer Here

Question 2: Answer Here

Question 3: Answer Here

QUESTION 4 – So what do you think the main benefit & difference of the Gold For Life Investment System is compared to 1) Buying bricks, bars & coins 2) Protecting your wealth outside the cash-matrix and 3) Profiting compared to every other investment over the next 10 years?

Most people just DO NOT see it, you do, so please help me nutshell this, in YOUR words.

Answer in the comments…

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March 3, 2013 at 2:43 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh,

1) With Gold for Life investing you buy below market value, create a monthly income stream and accumulate your wealth by compounding (putting your profits back into your investment). But if you buy bricks, bars or coins you can pay above current market value (especially coins), you pay yearly storage costs (or have your own safe and high insurance costs as well as the risk of having fakes) and sell below market value, so GFL is much more profitable in the long run.
2) it seems to be self explanatory this one, you’re in gold and silver, not cash, that is protection in itself from inflation, or you’re getting a higher than inflation rate return on your money monthly preventing your wealth from losing value with inflation.
3) All other investments have high costs involved, e.g property needs maintenance, stocks are risky and you’re up against trading machines and huge fluctuations in price are possible, businesses have high overheads, owning precious metals has high storage/insurance costs, the”opportunities” in the Forex market are usually bias and currencies fluctuate a lot, as well as the fact that all the fiat currencies are devaluing. All other investments usually have high risk and high overheads compared to GFL.



j mondoux

March 3, 2013 at 2:56 pm - Reply

I am not a member because I can not afford to be but I think 1. Its because gold for life investment system gives you a system to profit without having to have large bulky storage space for physical metals. 2. I think Gold For Life Investment System gets you in to real money at a price point everyone can live with it money that can not be printed when hundreds of paper currencies have gone to zero worthlessness. Gold For Life Investment System gives you a chances to profit monthly when most fixed income people such as myself are making nothing or near nothing returns on there life savings.

I think most people see the problems and they either don’t care, don’t know what to do, or don’t have a system that actually works to guide them. They have been burned a time or too buying a product that didn’t work and have given up. Gold, Silver Precious Metals are real money and Gold For Life Investment System will get you back on track

Andrew Moore

March 3, 2013 at 4:04 pm - Reply

1. The problem with buyig bricks, bars and coins is that first of all you are buying them at above market price. Then once you have purchased them you have to pay to have them stored or pay to have something secure enough that someone else can’t come around and take from you. Also the product that you are purchasing bricks bars and coins are loosing value while they are in your possesion. Not to mention if they are not 100% pure and you paid for the bricks basz or coins thinking they were 100% pure.
2. Money is loosing value everyday due to inflation. As we continue to print more and more money its value continues to decrease more and more. In purchasing gold and silver through the strategies of GFL I am increasing value in an asset that is not loosing value over time.
3. From my experiences up to now, I have not had an asset that has increased in value at a rate of 2.2% a month. At present I am lucky if I am making that kind of return over a year, especially with the value going down due to inflation.


March 3, 2013 at 4:57 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh,

The whole reason I’ve been reading your posts and following what you’re doing with Gold For Life, is for these 3 reasons.
1) While I absolutely encourage people to replace some of their worthless paper money into gold and silver, I have yet to find a way to acquire it below market value. This is an advantage on it’s own that will make a big difference in the performance of your investment.
2) Once people realize that EVERY fiat currency in history has eventually failed, and that gold and silver come back into favour, it becomes obvious why we need to escape the cash matrix and own hard assets with tangible, true value.
3) One of the drawbacks of holding precious metals and other hard assets traditionally, is that you can’t generate cashflow from them, and only sit and wait for their appreciation. The beauty of the GFL program is that you’ve discovered a way to leverage the metals and add to your holdings with your gains. The ability to compound your returns by adding to your holdings without adding more of your own money is a great strategy. Your projections of gold and silver doubling or tripling in value in the next 10 years are very conservative, and yet the ability to add 2% per month on average makes the potential returns phenomenal.
Thanks for doing what you do Minesh. It would be great if more people approached their investments with this kind of strategy versus the traditional buy stocks/bonds/mutual funds and be at the mercy of the markets.
Best of Success,

Peter Hool

March 3, 2013 at 4:57 pm - Reply

1. Easier and quicker to own assisted by a private very experienced members club.
2. Linked to precious metal which has a global value in its own right ie not linked to currency movements.
3. Global demand will outstrip supply added to the built in power of compounding.


March 3, 2013 at 7:02 pm - Reply

The answer is simple… The main benefit allows a person make a SINGLE investment of a minimal amount of money and build a steady monthly income that continually increases over time. As a result, after just a few short years of reinvesting profits, the monthly income continues increasing regularly and provides a substantial, reliable monthly income that allows a person to live a luxurious, fulfilling and exciting lifestyle (all without investing another dime of personal funds). The difference between Gold For Life and any other investment system is the simple fact that Gold For Life provides a fool-proof system, when followed and action is taken on a regular monthly basis, income continues increasing WITHOUT FAIL. I do NOT know of any other program/system that teaches the art of investing in such great detail with a 92% success rate. It’s just that simple… In a nutshell 😉

brian zarb

March 3, 2013 at 7:24 pm - Reply

1) GFL vs buying bricks,bars or coins. Well with GFL you have ease of system utilization, coaching, videos, various forms of student communication and guidance ,with bricks, bars, and coins you have storage issues,& initial buy in price issues of these hard commodities as the main 2 hurdles. Plus no help in what to buy , from whom or at what price 2)Protection of wealth outside of the cash matrix is simple in that as inflation rises the buying power of your currency goes down ( moving forward over time you are able to buy less with same currency amount as you started with initially). As you purchase gold and silver you now hedge aginst inflation with commodities that move up as currency values move down. 3) Profiting over other investments over the next 10 yrs. Well with real estate now in constant flux that no longer becomes as safe a profit maker as it has in years past, also even if you find a property that increases in value, now you have the time constraint of trying to sell or rent and maintain. Stocks, we all know this story of legal gambling controlled by market makers who affect the market when and where they feel like it, we just become the pawns in their games of hidden shells!! Besides with the ups and downs of the market over many years real wealth is a stretch at best!. Safety of bonds or treasuries- i do not think with those minimal returns anyone will get wealthy, do you? GFL seems to be a REAL WAY to take advantage of the coming wave of inflation that will surely make your “NEST EGG” into “SCRAMBLED EGGS” if you dont act now! Happy investing to all.


March 3, 2013 at 7:39 pm - Reply

A GFL Investment is a security which increases not decreases the value of that investment over time

Jim M

March 3, 2013 at 7:40 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh, The main benefits from the GFL program would appear to be that:
a) You don’t have to spend much time on a monthly basis to secure a high return on your investment, and without having to add capital into it.
b) The compounding of your investment leads to an exponential growth even without any gold or silver ‘bubble’ and then the growing bubble serves as a separate multiplier to your original investment.
c) While gold/silver bricks, bars and coins will improve in value just on their own, here is a system which makes your asset work for you while it also increases in value. (Just a one previously could buy a house and then let it out for a suitable rent while it increased in value).
d) Having gold/silver acts as a hedge to any fiat money collapse or hyper-inflation or devaluation.
e) The stock market is subject to many variations, companies going bust, currency collapses etc.
Those are the key benefits and differences. Your funds are not locked into the cash-matrix subject to vagueries of the system.


Fritz Meyer

March 3, 2013 at 8:14 pm - Reply

Gold For Life advantages are numerous. We invest in gold and silver, which will protect us from inflation and devaluation of currencies. We then sell options on our holdings to create cash flow, rather than waiting for the value of these assets to rise. Then add this cash to our holdings by reinvesting our profits. This compounds our return and thus we accumulate wealth more quickly without going into debt.
This system, in my mind, is the only sensible way to invest for your future. Currencies were developed in order to trade goods and services and was backed by gold. Today this has been totally destroyed by government manipulation. Real Estate has been one of the most popular investment vehicle to gain wealth through the years. However, with our eroding economy, new regulations, high unemployment, growing debt, and devalued currency, this is very risky. This does not give you income stream and ties up your capital with the possibility of losing it all.
Protecting your assets along with dependable cash flow income are the most important keys to becoming wealthy. Fortunately, Gold For Life is sharing their proven strategy and we can enjoy the same success by joining their program.

Thank you for sharing your program. Fritz Meyer


March 3, 2013 at 8:28 pm - Reply

1. Bricks and bars you aren’t generating a monthly income like gold4life.

2. Gold is keeping up with the REAL inflation… which means your wealth isn’t eroding.

3. Gold is sure win, as it’s the only insurance and proven to rise.

Avi Patel

March 3, 2013 at 8:34 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh

Another good post – I think the main difference is that with most investments, you do not get the combinations of income & Growth at the same time. You tend to get either income or growth so this is unique.

I also think once the strategy is understood then its an skill that is with you for a lifetime and can be used in every cycle when Gold & Silver is in demand.

Kind Regards
Avi Patel

William Stewart

March 3, 2013 at 8:58 pm - Reply

The main benefit of gold for life investment is buying below cost an item not loosing value to inflation.
1. Buying physical forms of metals requires cost of storage and verification of authenticity and dealing with various brokers or dealers.
2. You are buying a metal that will gain value from inflation as well as technological advances and is not dependant on fiat money systems.
3. There will be profit derived from the options exposure that is based on real wealth of metals.
Most people are scared of options but that will be explained in the gold for life investing education system.

Christine L.

March 3, 2013 at 9:01 pm - Reply

1. With buying bricks, bars & coins, you do not generate cash flow plus your funds are tied up in the physical asset which you will need to pay full price and larger commissions for. With Gold For Life, we will buying below cost, be using leverage and have the benefit of a cash flow generating asset. Additionally with physical gold/silver, you need to deal with finding a reputable dealer and not getting conned as well as storage for safeguarding your asset.

2. Inside the cash-matrix, your money is eroded due to inflation. The Gold for Life System keeps up with inflation and then some thus truly protecting and building your wealth.

3. Gold and silver are sure to rise in our current economic environment. Fiat currency, debt crises of the US and other countries, continual bailouts, money printing and kicking the can down the road will all catch up to us and impact investments. Gold and silver are where the money flocks to in times of economic turmoil and as past economic decisions catch up over the coming years, gold and silver will rise over every other investment.

steve teers

March 3, 2013 at 9:15 pm - Reply

becuase of the support in place

Richard Treen

March 3, 2013 at 10:05 pm - Reply

The Gold for Life System offers a method of buying precious metals below current cost and of earning an income from this investment that is significantly above current savings rates. The method is clearly presented in videos supplied to subscribers and learning is fully supported through weekly webinars hosted by Minesh Bhindi, who developed the system.

Current students have a 92% success rate of achieving an average 2.2% monthly return on their investment i.e. around 30% per annum. This is an extraordinary success rate and is supported by student testimonies. Trading is based on writing options, which may be regarded as a risky trading method by some, but to the experienced technician is a sound investment strategy. Minesh and his father have many years of experience.

If we accept that precious metals will hold their asset value and appreciate over the next 8-10 years compared to paper currency, then the addition of an annual income of around 30% using this method makes the proposition quite outstanding.

Other forms of investment will almost certainly not achieve such exceptional results. For example:
1. Buying physical gold will include a price mark-up plus insurance and storage costs, and importantly there will be no income;
2. Holding cash will result in a continuing reduction in value through inflation, and the income you currently may earn on your deposit is negligible;
3. Buying property or stocks and other assets, all involve capital risk and a level of income that historically rarely exceeds the annual income that Gold for Life subscribers earn.

Every reader must consider carefully whether he or she can afford to miss this opportunity to become a subscriber.

Glyn Williams

March 3, 2013 at 10:35 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh, what I think you are saying can be represented in 5 summary points where I will throw in a few possible marketing angles “in quotes” for good measure, in conclusion I will answer your question in one sentence.

1) Do you want to know why you may find your financial life so difficult?
It is not you. It is because you are fighting a rigged financial system where
“Your savings are dying”
because the cash matrix is designed to destroy money with inflation
(Over 10 years £10,000 becomes worth only £3,487)

2) You can “Keep your savings on life support”
By buying the fastest growing asset (currently Gold) to survive the cash matrix
(£10,000 invested in gold over 10 years may rise to £30,000 which outpaces inflation just!)
But this only maintains your savings it does not provide an income.

3) But it does not have to be this way. Investing should be easy and can be if you
“Turbo-charge your wealth to fund the life of your dreams”
with the highly successful Gold for Life Investment system (a 92% success rate)
(£10,000 invested may rise to £139,413 in 10 years but could rise with gold to £418,240)

4) In more detail the Gold for Life Investment system
“Creates a high and growing income in a safe yet simple way” such that anyone can apply it.
It does this by:
Buying gold below market value (so you are in profit as soon as you start)
Providing a 2.2% monthly income (where else can you do this, never mind with gold?)
Re-invests the income for the maximum compound growth (the billionaires secret to success)

5) Not yet convinced? Well you should be for Minesh is so confident in the system that he offers
“Payment on results” “where 60% of the fee is only payable AFTER your first £100,000 profit”

(Side note: Nothing else compares with the Gold for Life Investment system for a retail investor. I have bought physical gold and cheaply but never below market and it does not pay an income. All other asset investments over the long term are getting devalued by inflation and most of these include significant costs and or downside risk.)

So finally to answer your question of, “In a nutshell what is the main benefit and difference of the Gold for Life Investment system?”

It is the only investment system which easily grows (turbo-charge) your wealth to fund the life of your dreams.
(If you want a second sentence you can add: It does this by creating a high and growing income in a safe yet simple way such that 92% of its investors achieve success).

ザカリア アウディトレ

March 3, 2013 at 10:53 pm - Reply

Hey Minesh,

It’s actually quite simple

1)Buying bricks,bars & coins:
It needs a storage space of your own. It loses value if you keep it and there’s a risk of it being fake. And probably bought at market value if not more.
GFL transcends all of these constraints. On your own words, you’ve said that you can handle all of it just with 20 minutes a month on your laptop. It is bought below market value and it is invested again instead of leaving it to gather dust. Ergo it’s easy to own and it also has member support and a community that actually help each other.

2)Protecting your wealth outside of the cash matrix:
Actually, GFL helps you protect your cash outside of the cash matrix since you’re investing in gold and silver so there’s no difference relationship, just a complimentary one. It provides you with the right strategies and makes it very convenient for you to invest on gold and silver to protect your wealth.

3)Profiting compared to every other investment over the next 10 yrs:
The other investment strategies cannot even begin to compare to GFL because of the risk that comes with them. Like you said in your first article, only 20% of Forex investors profit. Real estate is subject to high investments, maintenance costs etc.. Stock markets are unstable, very unpredictable and generally not reliable at all. I could go on but you get what I mean, GFL is a high success rate and easily implementable strategy for anyone serious about protecting his wealth.



March 3, 2013 at 11:08 pm - Reply

Thanks for these posts, they have been great to read. So clear and focused that even a creative-type like myself can understand everything with ease. 1) GFL is different from buying coins, bars and bricks in that you’ve developed a system that removes a lot of the steps that were potential pitfalls with that approach (how to find a good dealer/price, when to buy, when to sell). My own Dad extolled the virtues of gold, but his own buy gold coins system was haphazard at best and never generated steady or large profits due to the pitfalls you mentioned. 2)You really can’t work outside of the cash matrix. It’s like trying to surf outside of the ocean. Your surfboard is only truly going to be useful to you when you get in the water & learn to ride the waves. 3) Other investments are prone to unpredictable booms and busts because they are based entirely on fads, temporary trends, loopholes or the value of paper currency. Many are just too difficult to make work if the climate is anything less than ideal. GFL seems to be more resilient & able to respond to trends and changes in the market.

Vivek Sharma

March 3, 2013 at 11:12 pm - Reply

The singlemost important factor in GFL’S favour is that the teachers actually trade the same system they teach.This is in stark contrast to the majorit of socalled coaches in the Internet Marketing era who actually make money money selling a concept that has stopped making money and which they actually use to make their money! For eg a marketer professes to sell PLR which is actually defunct and does not make him any revenue but he makes his money by selling the concept of PLR which unsuspecting people buy to only realise that its a sham!

The main difference that GFL has compared to buying bars and coins is the rate of return that you stand to earn which is phenomenol to say the least!

Protecting wealth outside thecash matrix is easier said than done with tradional methods being savaged by inflation alone. Add to that the fickle market and its a no brainer!

There isnt any other investment strategy that can boast of such a return on investment and that too with a guaranteed 92% success rate.

Elisabeth Westhead

March 3, 2013 at 11:33 pm - Reply

Minesh you are asking people to look at the Financial System from outside the box. Much like spacemen in orbit can see the Earth with detachment, because they are not part of it. Buying gold and silver is discouraged by our banks, because they want us still to have trust in the value of their man-made currency systems. The whole weight of public opinion is manipulated so we all have faith in the status quo. People just don’t want to see that the value of their savings/spending money, is dropping at a rate almost out of control, and that to change this requires rqdical thinking and action.
The benefit (1) is that You are teaching us how to buy gold below market value, without the middlemen shaving off profits in between. This gives us a headstart.
(2) Protecting is not enough in the current state of global economics. An aggressive attitude is more effective than a passive defensive attitude, so you then teach us how to make our gold work for us. Eventually the price of gold rises along with inflation. But it is good business sense to make it work in Options.
(3) And our money will really grow if all the profits are re-invested, because then the benefit is compounded. The initial 2.2% profit will add on to the original sum, so the second month’s 2.2% profit will be on the basic sum (102.2%_)…. That is, if the original sum is £100, then 2.2% is added, the next profit will be made of 2.2% of £102.2. And then at the third transaction, we expect to have reached the sum of £105 (approx) and multiply that sum by 2.2% again. So growth will be exponential, and therefore remarkably fast.


March 3, 2013 at 11:55 pm - Reply

In summary, Gold for Life buys a solid investment which is able to generate an income. The asset will rise in value and the income will ensure more of the asset is bought in a rising market with no further money down.
In the financially uncertain years ahead, your portfolio must include gold for security and growth. Minesh Bhindi and his father have spent many years developing and perfecting the most profitable and secure golden investment and that is why Gold For Life is the very best investment opportunity for the savvy investor

james green

March 4, 2013 at 12:29 am - Reply

1.When buying bricks, bars and coins you are paying market value at the very least – possibly more, incurring storage and insurance costs and run risks as to authenticity. Then when selling you do so at less than market value. Gold for Life protects you from these issues as well as giving you a monthly income stream which is compounded to create wealth.
2.By stepping out of the cash matrix you are stepping out of concerns about inflation as your returns are higher than inflation. This is what protects your wealth.
3.Precious metals (when considered against all other forms of investment) are perhaps the only investment that will improve the most as inflation gets worse.

Richard Teare

March 4, 2013 at 1:14 am - Reply

I see the main benefits & difference of the Gold For Life Investment System over:
1 – buying bricks, bars and coins as:
I don’t need to handle anything, store the bricks or bars, insure them – do anything with or about them. I have no worries, as I just spend 20 minutes once a month making money. Each month, instead of finding/using funds I just re-invest the profit from the previous month’s trade.
2 – protecting my wealth….
The cash-matrix is not working for me, any more than the payments into a pension scheme will produce the best pension – they are all based on stocks and shares which rise and fall in line with the economic phases of the world. I have no control over that.
However with the Gold For Life Investment System I have the tools and training to ensure that I benefit from Minesh and his father’s experience, philosophy and wealth management strategies, and a system that only demands that I follow their teaching and spend a microscopic amount of time on winning the game! What a benefit that is alone!
3 – Profiting over every other investment…
All forecasts of future earnings are just that – forecasts. We all know what the weather forecast is like – subject to change in a very short time, and so it is with investments. However when you look at past performance as confirmed by participants/members, then the Gold For Life Investment System, encompassing the ability to buy below market value and compound the returns, stands head and shoulders above others – consistently producing on a monthly, verifiable basis, a return that is rarely matched,
On that basis why would you choose any other investment for the next 10 years – or for the rest of your life?

Zaffar Aise

March 4, 2013 at 1:24 am - Reply

The GFL Investment System has taken three complicated processes and streamlined them into a simplified, integrated procedure that ‘anyone’ can apply who has the desire to create wealth for themself and their loved ones. The GFL system advocates buying a great asset (Gold), cash-flowing that asset and reinvesting the income for future growth by utilising the 8th wonder of the world – compounding! Sounds like a good plan to me…..thanks Minesh.


Joshua Curtis

March 4, 2013 at 9:29 am - Reply

1 – the advantage is buying ahead of the game. That’s the 1% game – not buying at the same price as the ‘amateur’.

2 – Gold For Life is a way of pulling out of cash markets and therefore bypassing the ‘flaws’ designed into the system – those of inflation.

3 – the only difference I can tell between Gold For Life and other systems is the history of returns. I must take your word for that, not having experienced it yet, but I completely believe the statistics you share around your course are from experience and your money-back guarantee tells me all I need to know about your belief in the results going forward.

Rita Gautam

March 4, 2013 at 9:34 am - Reply

Buying bricks, bars & coins
The water tight guarantee that is afforded by investing in Gold is that your investment is never going to be reduced to paper or null in value as Gold wil always be worth its weigth and investment in it will generate a strong and stable revenue stream. It is not for nothing that OIL too is referred to as black gold!

Protecting your wealth outside the cash-matrix
The cash matrix as we know it has been crudely manipulated by banks and financial institutions to take our money against a ridiculous rate of interest and then use the same to invest shrewdly in Gold and silver to earn billions. If one were to remove the obnoxious middleman ie the BANK and invest in Gold and silver directly one would not only profit but increase his/her net worth exponentially!

Profiting compared to every other investment over the next 10 years?
History is witness that bank accounts afford a miniscule rate of interest and financial investments are notoriously fickle and risky. It is true that Risk is proportionate to Return but when you put all your eggs in one basket you dont want to do that in a ponci scheme as there are millions of Maddoffs out there who would gladly rob peter to pay paul! What one requires is a system that would afford safety and security and at the same time an above market ROI ie return on investment. These parameters are well demonstrated by the GFL program which gives an investor all this and much more.

Veronica Brand

March 4, 2013 at 9:34 am - Reply

The Gold for life Investment system is a structured plan with forecastable outcomes.
Unlike property, stocks and shares alone where the outcome is dependent on the value of the stock going up .
With the gold for Life system any rise in value of the stock is an additional bonus, but not the dependent factor of making an inflation proof investment.


March 4, 2013 at 9:36 am - Reply

GFL has a number of benefits:
1. Proven Success – average joe can invest in the same vain the Goldman Sachs has been doing for years.
2. Models success – Minesh shows you how and supports you to success
3. Automates success – 20 mins a month is a total no brainer!


March 4, 2013 at 9:40 am - Reply

1) The value of the bricks has had its day for the next possible 10 years-its wealth cycle has passed and therefore the precious metals now is on its way up. Therefore, sitting on those tangibles are still of value but the capital appreciation is not going to be realised years down the line and so the cash flow from a below market value commodity is the benefit and the difference.
2) Having no money in the cash matrix is safeguarding the value of what you own GFL offering an opportunity not only to rest money in a safe place but also to set it to work for you.
3) Besides profiting from the bull market also – main advantage is profiting from a cash flow-that is the BIGGEE.

Les Hall

March 4, 2013 at 10:26 am - Reply

1. / Nothing can offer the same benefits, i.e. what or who can offer gold or Silver at below the market cost?

2. / Making an average 2.2 per month with £10,000
1st year- £13,014.59 = 30.14% (find me another investment that will do that!)
5years- £37,338.13 = 373.38% or 74.67% per year!
10years- £139413.62 = 1394.13% or 139.41% per year now that’s a serious return!

3. / I rest my case; no other investment can offer this return consistently and reliably and as a bonus with very little effort!

Hema Chowdory

March 4, 2013 at 10:50 am - Reply

Hi Minesh, Just would to know safe is this investment. I would like to invest quite a bit in gold and silver for io years.If for e.g I invest Two hunded thousands pound, what’s the return likely to be in i10 years time. Thanks, Hema.


March 4, 2013 at 10:51 am - Reply

1) Buying bricks, bars & coins
Well you can buy gold or other precious metals like this but it is not a serious way to invest.
Some of the value may be in the stamping of the coin for example and you pay for that – so that is money lost instantly.

And you are buying at the retail price, which again robs you of your edge.
In the gold for life programme you are buying where the banks do at less than retail so you maximise your starting asset and get all the value from the compounding effect to a bigger number.

2) Protecting your wealth outside the cash-matrix

Cash is a dangerous way to hold wealth because it is vanishing every day. The effect of inflation means that the guy, and I know one, who has a big stash of notes stored under his pillow is losing a note or two every month.

In a previous answer I likened inflation to a tiny mouse eating your notes.
Cash is a risky form of your assets and should be kept to a sensible minimum. All else should be invested and working for you 24 / 7 so you can get the full power of the law of compound interest.

3) Profiting compared to every other investment over the next 10 years?
Over the next 10 years (at least) gold and silver are expected to be booming assets and this is where your investment capital should be.

Anywhere else and you are missing out on a huge rise in value of your portfolio.
Added to the facility to buy at below market price and you have a very powerful system and if you then include the ability to “rent out” your gold then you have a clear winner, you have in fact got Gold for Life, congratulations on your decision!


March 4, 2013 at 11:00 am - Reply

I am not a member because I can not afford to be but I think 1. Its because gold for life investment system gives you a system to profit without having to have large bulky storage space for physical metals. 2. I think Gold For Life Investment System gets you in to real money at a price point everyone can live with it money that can not be printed when hundreds of paper currencies have gone to zero worthlessness. Gold For Life Investment System gives you a chances to profit monthly when most fixed income people such as myself are making nothing or near nothing returns on there life savings.

I think most people see the problems and they either don’t care, don’t know what to do, or don’t have a system that actually works to guide them. They have been burned a time or too buying a product that didn’t work and have given up. Gold, Silver Precious Metals are real money and Gold For Life Investment System will get you back on track


March 4, 2013 at 11:14 am - Reply

Well I missed the deadline for the 3rd question, but I will answer anyway, as I’ve found this whole forum to be very interesting and educational.

The answer is…the main benefit and difference of the Gold for Life Investment System is that it can be done with a minimal amount of effort (time is valuable!) and a maximal amount of safety…for financial results that BEAT WARREN BUFFET’s record.

Isn’t that what everyone’s DREAM investment would be?

Thanks Minesh for an interesting journey!

Andy Coates

March 4, 2013 at 12:55 pm - Reply

Right, here goes,

Having read most of the posts below i think Glynn Williams as put it most succinctly as it can be put, and i echo his description of G.F.L 100%

nice one Glyn

Now here’s my take on the past 4/5 emails i have received

In a nutshell you have nuts right, and this is what you must be if after reading (and understanding) the previous emails from Minesh and yet not wanting to take action.

All the facts and figures are laid out bare for all to see an you can not not argue against the numbers that have been laid bare for us all to read see.

However Minesh, like many who have been informed of the indisputable numbers, I cant join your gang at this point,
due to other things that i have to deal with first.

But to those who can good luck and jump in with both feet, as Del-boy would say “you know it makes sense”


Point 1

You buy below market value so at the point of purchase your already in front before you start (how cool is that)

Point 2

The next point you wish to add to your investment (to buy more gold) well guess what, you don’t have to find anymore money as with this system it is “Self financing” yes you heard right you buy the gold from the interest (2.2 per month
average) that you gold has made you, and another thing its also exponential !

which means because you have more gold it gives you more interest so you can buy more which in turn gives even more interest etc etc etc how fabulous is that

point 3

inflation proof

Inflation, who cares about that (well you should if your playing by their rules and their matrix)

I vaguely remember the film “The Matrix” didn’t stuff used to disappear in that, a bit like your money does in the financial Matrix!!

Anyway if you step out of The matrix and invest in the G.F.L program then this is how it stacks up in your favor and why you wouldn’t care about inflation

you see…

The do nothing, head in the sand approach, (or sleep walking approach) is this…..

A loaf of bread today is £1.30

so your £10,000 today will buy you…………. 7,692 (give or take a crust)

your £10,000 (because you just left it in a bank or under the bed )

in 10 years will get you ……………………….3,077 loaves.

This is due to the inflation applied to that bread @10% per year making it actually cost £3.25 per loaf (in 10 years time)

Now the G.F.L way is…….

your £10,000 used the right way over the next ten years

(and make no mistake ten years will come round sooner than you think! think about it the next time you hear a record on the radio that says “that was from back in the nineties” we’ve all done it and said never! surly that was only 3 or 4 years ago when that was out! )

anyway your £10,000 used in the gold for life way actually turns into £418,000 !!

so now your £410,000 (in 2023 ) will buy you 128,615 loaves plus crusts !! (now who cares about inflation !!)


Job Done

Andy Coates


March 14, 2013 at 1:57 pm - Reply

In simple terms, Gold and Silver for life gives the incredible benefit of protecting and growing your wealth by investing in precious metals while at the same time, providing a monthly cash flow that doesn’t come from buying physical gold and silver bars and coins and sit in a vault collecting dust. Take that monthly cash flow and reinvest. Rinse and repeat. Your investments grow at a steady and fantastic rate and inflation becomes your best friend. What a wonderful concept!!!!

Thanks again for the life changing information you’ve provided in these four posts. Now it’s time to take action!


March 14, 2013 at 1:59 pm - Reply

In simple terms, Gold and Silver for life gives the incredible benefit of protecting and growing your wealth by investing in precious metals while at the same time, providing a monthly cash flow that doesn’t come from buying physical gold and silver bars and coins and having them sit in a vault collecting dust. Take that monthly cash flow and reinvest. Rinse and repeat. Your investments grow at a steady and fantastic rate and inflation becomes your best friend. What a wonderful concept!!!!

Thanks again for the life changing information you’ve provided in these four posts. Now it’s time to take action!


March 14, 2013 at 2:47 pm - Reply

What do I think the main benefit & difference of the Gold For Life Investment System is compared to;
1) Buying bricks, bars & coins – Buying bullion/coins alone is a bit like the “buy and hold” strategy for stocks and bonds, or personal residential property. You are dependent not only on the asset appreciating over time but that the asset has appreciated at the time you need to use your investment i.e. when you need retirement income.
How has that worked for people who retired (or planned to retire) in 2008 – 2012? Not so well as their retirement portfolio was cut in half (or more) just when they needed it most. I know from personal experience on this one.
Gold For Life sounds like an investor can follow the smart money into a rising asset class and derive an income stream to ramp up the investor’s holdings faster, and more securely than jumping from one “sure thing” to another “hot tip” trying to catch the next Apple, Microsoft, or commodity bubble. I especially like the idea of following a mentor who has proven himself capable of achieving realistic results.

2) Protecting your wealth outside the cash-matrix – Clearly the current cash-matrix is a concept past its prime and, due to irresponsible management, is headed the way of the all fiat based currencies… destruction through hyper inflation. Even if it doesn’t collapse, high inflation destroys purchasing power thus essentially causing a loss in wealth even if it appears you are maintaining a strong balance sheet. Again, I can personnaly attest to the impact of high inflation as I worked through the 70’s and 80’s in the US when inflation pushed mortgage rates into double digits and prices rose while wages declined. I’d hate to have been in countries that went through hyper inflation during the same period.

Golf For Life will teach us how the smart money protected their wealth and even increased it during the same periods. Since we are approaching a similar, if not greater threat today, I’m excited to be able to learn directly from the smart money.


3) Profiting compared to every other investment over the next 10 years? – I am already “retired” and my retirement portfolio has been a wreck waiting to happen. All the cash matrix based investment advice and strategies have dramatically underperformed promises and expectations.

I’ve been invested in real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement accounts, you name it but they all depend on the strength of the economy and integrity of the currencies at the time you plan to use (need) them. All the forcasts and theories by the investment guru’s and talking heads are useless if the market, or your chosen asset class, tanks when you are about to retire.

I am forced to take consulting jobs to supplement my income and maintain my desired lifestyle.

Had I known these Gold For Life techniques ten years ago I would undoubtedly be more comfortable in my retirement and have greater lifestyle choices available today. Whether the wealthy were invested in gold, silver, or any other asset class over the past twenty years the way in which they structured their investments seem clear to be perhaps more important than what they invested in.

Given the average retirement is 18 years, following the strategies of the wealthy (GFL) to protect and rebuild my portfolio is an obvious choice to ensure the quality of my retirement and any legacy I leave to my wife, children, and grandchildren. I trust the knowledge I learn and pass to my children and grandchildren will be an even greater contribution to their lives and assurance they have a propserous future to enjoy.

Peggy Salvatore

March 14, 2013 at 2:54 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh,
1. Gold for LIfe is better than bricks, bars and coins because they are a. more tradeable so your money is mobile and b. you can get far more for your investment because you are only investing a portion of their actual value to benefit from their upside potential.
2.The cash matrix is in an inflationary spiral which devalues cash assets and actually increases the value of gold and silver because of their long-term stability as the underlying currency
3. The upside of gold and silver is huge over the next 10 years both because of the poor economic cycle and the fact that markets and favoured countries/currencies are shifting but everyone recognizes silver and gold as a valid and unwavering currency.
I’d love to be in the class but have to figure out how to pull together a few thousand dollars (would that be enough?) to get started investing. I love to work and actually love economics, but have always shied away from accumulating money – not sure why, but I’m 10 years away from retirement and have to get serious about changing my attitude! I don’t like poverty very well 🙂


March 14, 2013 at 3:27 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh
The greatest benefits of Gold4life investment system seem to be the following:
1. Takes less of your time
2. Teaches you the fundamental principles of investing and the correct use of market instruments.
3. Teaches to trade and invest with a knowledgeable and realistic mindset instead of being driven by need and greed and trying to throw in every strategy that you learn with the hope that something will work. Once you know the fundamental principles, you know how to adapt instead of the other way round. You don’t try desperately to bend things to work for you.

How it is advantageous over buying bricks/bars/coins: With this system, you can generate passive income like rental income from a property till you sell it.

How is your wealth protected outside the cash-matrix: Gold and silver prices are set to go up for the next 10 years at least. So you use the profits to reinvest and keep your original amount safe.

Making profits: You learn to use the market instruments like futures and options in the right way to make profits.

In-a-nutshell, you work like a seasoned sports player, who knows what move to make next because he knows all rules of the game and has complete knowledge of the basics. Gold4life is all about learning the basics and practicing under the watchful eye of an experienced teacher!


March 14, 2013 at 9:11 pm - Reply

buying bricks of gold is wrong because there is a risk of theft in addition to the problem of storage. Keeping cash is also out of the question, and this is coming from me, I work at a bank and the interest rates in our country lebanon on our domestic currency is 7% annually which is relatively high ( special rate for bank employees), but it is peanuts compared to your numbers.


March 14, 2013 at 10:54 pm - Reply

because the good things are simple…
everybody knows (or feels) that buying bricks bars and coins are not fair!
and almost everybody seems to have a difficult financial life.
isn’t that strange…??

it’s not that everybody is stupid , but the moneysystem is !!
and gold for life is the anwer !!


March 15, 2013 at 4:45 am - Reply

Gold For Life Investment System will give you steady cash flow you can use to compound into more profits instead of buying bricks, bars and coin which take up space and provide a one time profit or loss. It’s critical to continue earning at a rate which will keep you ahead of inflation which will maintain, or better yet, improve your standard of living. I’m looking to improve my lifestyle now as well as for my retirement years. I don’t know of any other investment system which has a high success rate with low risk that I will be able to count on 10 years from now.

Thanks for sharing this system.


March 15, 2013 at 5:23 am - Reply

1. The main difference between the Gold For Life System and buying bricks, bars & coins is Cost, storage, hassle, commissions. To actually store and hold these assets, one must consider and allow for the expense of sourcing them from a reputable dealer; the cost and trust of storing them somewhere; the hassle of dealing with multiple middle-men and the costs associated with every level’s part of the pie. You then hold and store the asset and have to wait for it to increase in value before you can realize any gains. With Gold For Life, you are benefiting from the price changes without absorbing the associated costs that are involved. Also, you can accumulate a monthly cash flow which can be compounded to exponentially increase your wealth.
2. The GFL System protects your wealth outside of the cash-matrix by building your wealth with an asset that will increase in value as inflation increases, as opposed to cash, which will fall in value. You are investing in an asset with intrinsic value that is recognized world-wide.
3. Every other investment over the next ten years will be subject to the pressure of inflation. Cash/currency of all kinds will decline in value. The lowered purchasing power of the population could have a negative affect on the demand on goods and services, which could in turn lower the returns in the stock market. The value of IRAs and 401ks will be lower. Simply, no other investment will rise and beat the rate of inflation as gold & silver will. And in fact, the GFL system shows you how to compound your investment while benefiting from the increase in value over the next ten years.


March 15, 2013 at 6:42 am - Reply

After numerous failed investment opportunities, I am looking for a new investment opportunity. However I do not have youth and time on my side and neither do I have tens of thousands lying around looking for a place to invest. I believe that gold and silver will not only provide me with an opportunity to grow but at a much faster rate than anything else out there (even though I have only the minimum to invest).

Bricks are still good but it takes quite a bit of time and effort to find the one you can turn around quickly and if it does not turn around, you find funds draining into mortgages that are not covered by rent. I hope to become a student of yours soon.


March 15, 2013 at 7:51 am - Reply

Q1. People have been taught not to question, to be sheeples and follow the herd. Don’t question, don’t ask, and above all, don’t think for yourself. If you do, you might find the things you take for granted, are in fact, a lie. Just like the young man whose wife always trimmed the roast lamb bone before putting it into the pan and into the oven… he asked why she did that. Her answer: my mother always did it, so I do the same. He asked her mother: why do you trim the end of the bone before putting it in the roasting dish? Her answer, predictably enough, was: My mother always did it. So the next time the young man visited the grandmother, he asked her why she felt it necessary to trim the bone end before roasting the lamb. She looked at him quizzically, before taking a somewhat tiny pan out of the drawer, and answering: so it will fit into the pan, son.

Q2. Inflation. in 1990, the post-war dollar was worth FOUR CENTS! Therefore, most of us are actually working for a minus or negative value of the real purchasing power of a dollar – basically, giving away our work skills and labour, in return for peanuts. Everyone knows what they say about monkeys and peanuts. Banana, anyone?

Q3. To me, the MAIN reason Gold and Silver will be the sexist investment for the next decade (putting aside the gazillion reasons you outline in your blogs, Minesh, is that – unlike money which can be printed till the cows come home – there is a finite supply of it. Once it’s ‘bought out’ that’s it! Not to mention that gold – oooh, looks the cows have returned. Fancy that.

Q.4 The MAIN benefit and difference of the GFLI is that it totally smashes to smithereens, every false notion and concept of ‘you can’t do that’ and ‘that’s not how it’s done’.. spouted by those who never do it correctly, wisely and properly themselves; and don’t want anyone else to, either (see Q1).


March 16, 2013 at 9:24 am - Reply

if you have the tuition fee then do it, you would be better to invest in this than waste you money and play stupid typing manipulative games like I am doing now and have done in the past. remember i wish i could do this, if i had the money i would be there laughing in my retirement. i wouldn’t show off or talk bull, i woould do it and reap the rewards, it says in the bible to turn the other cheek, this means leaving your ego behind and letting Gold For life take you to you goals


March 23, 2013 at 8:31 am - Reply

QUESTION 4 – So what do you think the main benefit & difference of the Gold For Life Investment System is compared to 1) Buying bricks, bars & coins 2) Protecting your wealth outside the cash-matrix and 3) Profiting compared to every other investment over the next 10 years?
Most people just DO NOT see it, you do, so please help me nutshell this, in YOUR words.

The main benefit & difference of the Gold For Life Investment System compared to
1) Buying bricks, bars & coins is:
with the GFL system, you are generating monthly cash flow, on top of generating a profit as the value of gold and silver increases. If you just bought bricks, bars and coins, sure, they would be worth more than you paid over a perod of time, but you are missing out on the cashflow to grow your wealth. And with the GFL system you buy below market value in the first place too, which means you’re of to a winner to begin with! 🙂

2) Protecting your wealth outside the cash-matrix:
Cash, due to inflation as we all know, decpreciates over time. £1000 today cannot buy you the same as £1000 in a few years time, it will buy you less in the future than it can today. (Think property prices or deposits needed!) Rather than keep savings in the bank for example, ‘for a rainy day’ or retirement, chances are that rainy day will be a deluge and last beyond its season (the UK weather in 2012-13 so far!!). With the GFL system, you learn how to protect your wealth buy buying under market value, an appreciating asset and generate a cash flow and re-invest the profits. Simples.

3) Profiting compared to every other investment over the next 10 years
There is no more investment required. You generate a monthy income. You reinvest your monthy income. With property, firstly good luck buying under market value, as market value is driven by sentiment. It can cost a lot to own a property. Yes, you want it to cashflow on a monthly basis, but void periods, a new boiler etc and that cash flow is gone. ‘Reinvesting’ the net rental returns by paying off a bit of the mortgage may mean you are a few quid better off and may reduce the number of years left to pay the interest – oh and you have to find the actual mortgage amount at the end of the term too, and in the uk, pay tax when you buy, when you rent out and when you sell.

With shares, typically you can learn to trade and spend loads on education and software, need to stare at charts and be very disciplined, non-emotional and be ok with the risk before entering into the trade in the first place. Or you can invest in shares – buy them and hold them forever and look forward to the dividents. A longer game, deciding on which shares to buy requires a level of education, if you want to buy wisely and be ok with riding out the slump periods with little dividents as a result, as well as when the shares are doing well.

The Gold For Life system, with tuition, ongoing live support and a community sounds good to me. Even if I’m your worst student, and do nothing, I’m still winning – though, that’s not my plan!
I’d love to win this scholarship, but even if I don’t, nothing would give me greater pleasure than depositing £3000 into your bank account once I make my £100,000 🙂

Good luck all 🙂

PS – oh and having your own business is another way to wealth – start up costs, education, flitting from one seminar to another trying to be an internet marketer or having a ‘tradional business’ or franchise… will cost way more initially, and we all know the stats of how many business fail. Think Woolworths and Comet – and they are huge high street chains! I think its good to have your own business, if you love what you do, but the GFL system allows you to spend just 20mins a month generating wealth, so you can do all the other things you love, such as your own business, playing golf, travelling, helping the needy. raising a family etc 🙂

Bill Gray

April 15, 2013 at 7:46 pm - Reply

I am sitting at my pool drinking ice cold beers with intermittent shots of Crown Royal. I am quite comfortable in my swimming trunks listening to the birds sing. Since you are an astute charmer, here is a tip that may interest you. THEY ARE COMING TO GET US!!! I personally don’t believe this but there are a whole bunch of folks that do. I am talking about creatures that sneak up, bite
you and suck out your blood. It gets worse but let’s talk about a solution. I have invented a bullet that will kill them for good. It is plated (thinly) with silver and retails for $9.99 (USD). I can make them available to you when purchased in bulk at the very low price of only $4.99. This will generate huge profits (almost 100%) for you that is sure to make your investors happy. I await your return to ground level from that fancy joint overlooking the underlings that me and my brothers saved years ago.

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