Minesh Bhindi's Random Thoughts: NEXT GENERATION

NEXT GENERATION: So many young people (eg Myself) are now getting into Spirituality, the Law of Attraction, How to TRANSLATE the universe etc etc… Not even including the POWERFUL investment strategies we’re learning. I just had a thought, how POWERFUL are our CHILDREN going to be as FORCES OF CHANGE? Damn… my Daughter/Son are going to be SO FREAKING AMAZING – Might be premature, but I’m a long term thinker, 2 rules I’m going to STICK TO with my Children: 1) Meditate EVERY DAY.. 2) Identify CLEARLY What You Want And Design It With Uncle Andy Shaw‘s Method. 3) Understand That Your Universe Is Just A Projection Of YOU. Do you realize that everything we’re doing now is just being put there for us to make the next generation MORE STRONGER..? Life is a an intelligent thing and evolution is a gift, we’re all part of the journey. Just as a matter of interest, out of everything FORWARD MOVING you’ve learned, if you have got kids, or haven’t yet, what have you learned that you’ll be teaching them or are teaching them about LIFE…? Young Bhindi… Can’t wait to coach you!

From My Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/MineshBhindi/posts/10150872152356593

– Minesh.




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