How To Make The New UK Pension Rules Work For You

As most of you know I hardly ever send you media sources that are part of the “Investment Entertainment” industry.

However, I haven’t seen a more comprehensive or simple review of the UK pension changes than this review and I know many people who follow me in the UK have a pension you’re dealing with…

Therefore it felt wise to share this particular video and email series from Money Week, regarding the new 2014 pension changes, who they affect and how to take advantage of them. Watch this short video from them here:

Now, you can click here and opt in for the mini email series but I want to be clear, I’m only “endorsing” their review of the Pensions series, everything else I haven’t reviewed and therefore cannot endorse.

The closest I’ve been to MoneyWeek professionally is being on a Q&A panel at an event with Dominic Frisby, who’s their correspondent on Gold Investing.

The reasons is, under the new rules, you’ll be able to take 100% of your money from your pension from 2015, this means instead of getting a measly return and having your money trapped, you can withdraw it, plug into a safe investment system like what we teach in our Strategic Wealth Program and immediately start making 12%-26.4% income’s while having your money protected in Gold & Silver.

A great future lies ahead as all this money is about to be free’d up.

Definitely check out the Pension rule review at Money Week if you have a UK pension to get the most information and do your due-diligence on everything else they send you.

Hope it gives some clarity.

Minesh Bhindi


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