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3 Steps To Cash-Flow Gold & Silver For A Passive Income Of 12% - 26.4%
Per Year Just Like Real Estate!

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Minesh Bhindi Presents – An Advanced Gold & Silver Investing Webinar:

3 Steps To Cash-Flow Gold & Silver

So You Get An Income Of 12% To 26.4% Per Year… Just Like Real Estate!

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Why Gold & Silver, Why Now?


= the purchasing power of $1 from just 44 years ago.

Wealth Devaluation

= the heart of Central Bank monetary policy worldwide.

3 out 5 People

will run out of money in retirement according to a study by Ernst & Young.

$200 Trillion

= global debt, excluding unfunded liabilities. It will never be paid back and inflating is the only solution. It’s no longer just a USA problem, which holds $18 Trillion of debt. More debt, more currency in circulation, more currency devaluation equals less paper money value & higher Gold & Silver prices. 

Paper vs Gold Cycle

On average every 38 years all Paper Money systems designed to replace Gold as “Money” lose value fast and die away, this cycle dates back to before the USA was “the USA”. The current form of the US Dollar has now been around for 44 years.


= true inflation adjusted high of Gold from the last time Gold boomed to $850/oz on January 21st 1980. This is using 1980’s inflation calculation formula which doesn’t hide real inflation like today’s. We haven’t even scratched the surface of the price potential. Using the same calculations, Silver’s true inflation adjusted high is $568/oz. 


Irresponsible economics of Central Bankers has made the protection of
purchasing power the most important goal for anyone
desiring an abundant future.


And, with our unique strategy, you can now
cash-flow Gold & Silver, just like Real Estate.

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We believe “wealth” allows us & our families the chance to use the resources we have to grasp the experiences and opportunities we wish to when they arise. For these moments it’s crucial to invest defensively, safely & strategically. We believe the most urgent goal must be to protect and expand the purchasing power of your current wealth, not to risk everything for a potential return.

How Investment Losses Happen


Choosing High Risk Investments

Most people choose high risk investments they just don’t understand.

Chase The Opportunity

Chasing an opportunity means you’re never where most wealth is made, ahead of the curve.

Continuously Readjusting Strategy

Panic, fear, greed overrules sound fundamental rules and continuous adjustment of the strategy almost guarantees losses.

High Leverage

Using high leverage can force you to take actions you don’t want to. Like selling an investment before it’s time for profit has come.

No Support

Investing is lonely and when you don’t have someone consistently making sure you’re on track and doing the right thing, it can cause big losses.

Misguided “Guru’s”

Unrealistic earnings, misunderstood risks and short lived strategies are desirable to promote because of the fee they generate. The truth is, this only costs you money.

Our Clients


Average Monthly ROI

1% – 2.2%

(not including capital appreciation of Gold & Silver)

Proven Profitable In

41 Countries

(as of 3rd Quarter 2016)

Client Success Rate

(Independently Verified)


Recommendation Rate

(Independently Verified)


Where Our Clients Are


United States – United Kingdom – Canada – Australia – Hong Kong – Argentina – Singapore – Kuwait – Dubai – Ethiopia – Nigeria – South Africa – Abu Dhabi – Sweden – France – Spain – Madagascar – Switzerland – China – Saudi Arabia – Ghana – Chile – Thailand – Portugal – Ireland – India – Pakistan – Sri Lanka – Netherlands – Venezuela – Poland – Vietnam – Denmark – Finland – Belgium – Austria – Greece – New Zealand – Romania – Indonesia

Why Our Clients Succeed


Powerfully Simple Strategy

It takes only 6 hours to learn and we have people from all ages, all backgrounds and all experiences profiting with this. It takes only 20 minutes a month to manage and turns Gold & Silver into active income generating assets.

Unbeatable Asset Quality

Gold & Silver provide a solid foundation and have never been beaten as safe stores of money in the long term. We don’t speculate for short term gains and now more than ever, the cycle and timing is right for Gold & Silver to shine.

The Best Support In The World

Every client gets access to a weekly Q&A call with Minesh personally to discuss the market and their options. There’s no charge and no limit to the number of calls you can attend. We still have clients attending from 2010 (when we first launched).

Potential Returns

Things change, markets change, so we don’t like to give return “predictions”. However for demonstration purposes only, assuming a 3x rise (moderate given the facts) in Gold & Silver plus the 1% to 2.2% per month cash-flow here’s how your money would grow compared to a standard brick, bar or coin investment over 10 years:



starting with a $10,000 investment



starting with a $10,000 investment

The Strategy

Step 1:

Buy Gold & Silver like institution’s. This means as close to spot price as possible and even potentially buying 5% to 20% below market value.

Step 2:

Cash-flow the Gold & Silver at 1% to 2.2% per month so that your money is not sitting idle and is working for you while we wait for this tremendous wealth transfer.

Step 3:

Compound. The goal is to acquire as much Gold & Silver as possible in your portfolio by leveraging the returns your current portfolio is generating.

How Safe Is Your Money?


Deposit Insurance?

The FDIC insurance fund holds $25bn to cover $9,283bn of deposits. That’s 0.2% of your savings left for you if your bank goes bust. And there is no law that requires the government to fund the insurance scheme if it goes bust. The numbers are shockingly similar for all deposit protection schemes internationally.

Paper Money vs Gold

This historic cycle shows that on average every 38 years Paper Money devalues fast and Gold sky-rockets in value. The current form of the US Dollar has been in existence now for 44 years. If history is right, all paper money is about to be devalued, and it’s going to be huge.

Real Inflation – 9.6%

ShadowStats reveals that real inflation is at 9.6% using the calculation methods prior to 1980. If you’re not set up to make 10% a year, you’re going backwards in terms of quality of life.

The Philosophy Behind Our Principles


We call it the Wealth Triangle Philosophy. It’s been the hidden pattern of all wealth ever created in history, regardless of the asset cycle. It has 3 fundamental core’s:


Buy Asset Below Market Value

We firmly believe you make your money when you buy. So we want to buy at the best price possible. Prices most retail buyers never even get to see.

Cash-Flow During Ownership

Without cash-flow it can become hard to own the asset during cyclical declines, so we want to use any and all methods to safely turn our asset into an income generating investment.

Buy More Of The Asset With Cash-Flow

Compounding allows you to accelerate the growth of your wealth by leveraging the returns of the money already hard at work for you.

When all these core’s are active, your wealth building turns into a very automatic process, gains momentum, speeds up and soon is just as easy as breathing, the only question is, what’s the right asset class?

What Our Clients Think


Ready To Discover The Strategy?

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Right For You?

$5,000 Minimum
Starting Investment

In order to test it adequately we suggest this initial investment. This strategy is not for those without any starting capital.

6-12 Hours
Learning Time

To learn the basics of the strategy followed by management at 20 minutes per month & Weekly Q&A Calls at 15-60 minutes a week.

Totally In
Your Control

We don’t manage your funds, we never have access to your accounts, we simply teach you the strategy that’s worked for us and hundreds of clients around the world.

Total Investment

£9,997/approx $14,997

Revolutionary Results Financing

Pay just £3,997/approx $5,997 to start working with us now & only pay the rest when you make £100,000/approx $150,000 in profit.

Steps To Becoming A Client

Step 1: Apply to join below.

Step 2: 15 minute call with us to answer
any questions & make certain your
expectations align with our strategy.


Apply To Become A Client Now

“Minesh Bhindi and the work that Gold And Silver For Life do with their
strategy for investing in Gold & Silver is revolutionary for long term metals investors.
To make it this easy, simple and efficient to generate a cashflow income
and get paid to own Gold & Silver monthly makes it a very enticing way
to hold metals while we wait for the wealth transfer, Dollar Devaluation
and skyrocketing metals prices we all know are coming.
The fact that anyone, any background, any geographic location, any age
and any experience level can now own Gold & Silver, get paid at 1% to 2.2%
per month to hold while they wait AND profit from the capital appreciation
when the wealth transfer happens in under 60 minutes per month and do it
this easily, makes this one of the most exciting ways for any smart investor
to add Gold & Silver to their portfolio.
As always wishing you health above wealth, wisdom beyond knowledge…”
David Morgan

Concerned About Gold & Silver ETFs?

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 11.12.03Our investment strategy utilises the freedom and security of two of the most highly invested in and trusted Gold & Silver ETF’s.

Some people, particularly those who make their profit from selling Physical Gold & Silver and/or sell “guides” to investing in Gold & Silver, spread fear about these tremendous investment products.

The facts are, the ETF’S we use are so heavily invested in, their holdings would land in the top 10 largest holdings, when compared to Countries. 

To truly examine the potential benefits of these investment vehicles, Minesh released his own research and answered some of the most important questions regarding the security of these investment vehicles:

Click here to read that report.

Your Portfolio + Our Strategy =


Gold & Silver

to protect your purchasing power and position your wealth for growth in the next 5-20 years

Cash-Flow Metals Monthly

to increase the return you’ll get rather than just buying brick’s bar’s and coin’s.

Diversify & Collapse-Proof

your portfolio so that the next financial crisis, wherever it may come from, will only affect you and your family positively.

“Minesh, and the work Gold And Silver For Life, do for investors
has been raved about by several experts in this industry…
This revolutionary strategy allows long term Gold and Silver investors
to generate a monthly cash-flow by owning these metals.

This means that if you’re holding a $1,000,000 position, by implementing
the strategy Minesh teaches his clients in 39 countries, you could create
an additional income of $10,000 to $22,000 a month!

What makes this strategy very exciting for me is that he has proven the
strategy works with clients in 39 countries and a 92% success rate for investors
starting at any level.

And it also gives you complete geographic independence because you can do it
in under 60 minutes per month from anywhere in the world…

Being paid monthly to own gold and silver is already enticing enough,
but with complete freedom combined with the ease of this strategy, this
makes this strategy a no brainer to add to your portfolio…”

Brien Lundin

Start With The Facts

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 22.55.37Register for our next free webinar and immediately get your hands on Minesh’s latest full investment report which reveals:

– The true inflation adjusted value of Gold & Silver

– Full in-depth analysis of why to buy Gold & Silver

– The simplest ways to buy Gold & Silver worldwide

– The risks every investor needs to be aware of

– How to cash-flow Gold & Silver

– 13 Questions to discover your “Investor Type”

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Not Ready To Become A Client Yet?

Our strategy is not right for everybody, we get it. It’s specifically, and purposely, designed for those with capital who are concerned about protecting purchasing power and long term wealth accumulation.

However, this doesn’t diminish the importance of investing in Gold & Silver for everyone. Minesh always prescribes everyone a minimum portfolio goal of 500-700 ounces of Silver as a hedge.

TrainingFor those who are not ready to become a client yet, Minesh recorded a 23 minute training, inspired by guidance he gave to one of his best friend’s when she was finally earning good money and wanted a safe, simple to manage, monthly investment plan.

This training can and will help you even if you’re starting with just $50 a month. It’s totally free and in our opinion, is the ultimate starting guide for those new to investing in Gold & Silver.

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“Statistics show it’s not “high risk” but rather safe, defensive
investing that’s responsible for 98% of all profits. When you
combine learning time, management time, historic safety of
Gold & Silver & the ongoing support we provide to clients,
I think it’s hard to beat what we’ve created.”
– Minesh Bhindi
Wealth Manager

Minesh Bhindi Presents – The Advanced Gold & Silver Investing Webinar:

How To Own Gold & Silver As Income Generating Assets

While Internationalising and Collapse-Proofing the Wealth You’ve Created

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