History Month: Alan Greenspan On Gold vs Fiat Currency

Alan Greenspan, a former chairman of the Federal Reserve, someone who a lot of people say set policy in motion to cause the debt bubble in 2008, is now speaking out very loudly on the importance and validity of Gold as a currency.

If you’re in currency, you’re within what I call the Cash Matrix.

An investment in Gold is a protection against the Cash Matrix. The smartest people in the world are buying up Gold right now, why?

Hear Alan Greenspan’s answer in the video above.


Minesh Bhindi

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October 31, 2017 at 5:39 pm - Reply

the central bank and the politicians who will make the econony fall to 90% in a week or 3 months nobody can predict it

But the video of this ganster Alan Greenspan, a former president of the Federal Reserve with their friends destroyed the economy
you Minesh Bhindi you are super please do not mix with ……
do not give them the floor because you have seen right

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