Gold Silver Investing Training – Part 18 – Dollars Are Just Perception

Money works on the same principal of supply and demand that all economics work with. If there is an increase in supply and the demand remains the same, the value of the money will go down. In our current economy, everything is pegged against the United States dollar. As the value of the dollar goes down, our value goes down as well. The only thing that can fight against this is gold and gold has been fighting against this.

If gold is the true reserve currency it should be 10% of the money supply. The published rates at the last time I checked were down to just above seven percent. This means that currency is almost worthless. In fact, currency is only what you think it is worth. As long as everyone keeps thinking that five pounds is worth five pounds, the system will hold up. As soon as people start to realize that their money is not backed by anything and is really not worth anything, everything will implode. This means that right now your wealth is dependent on other peoples perception of what money is and how much it is worth. This is why you need to start protecting your wealth.

We came off the gold standard in the 1970s. Since that time trillions of dollars in paper money has been printed, but no more gold has been added to the reserve. This means that no matter how much money that you make, if you are not protecting it with something tangible such as gold, that money is worthless.

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