Gold Silver Investing Training – Part 16 – Wealth = Your Purchasing Power. Period.

Banks and institutions store their gold in an institutional high integrity vault. You can have your gold stored in the same place that the banks have their gold stored in. Buying gold online is extremely simple. You can click on the amount of gold that you want to buy and the currency that you want to buy it in. These companies sell gold as close to the spot price as you can get it.

It is not necessarily about taking the right action, but taking the right action smartly. Anyone can go to a buyer and buy gold and get scammed. However, making a plan to buy gold smartly is the best thing to do. If you do not take action, then everything that comes to you is deserved. It is important to take action in order to secure your wealth. Remember, your wealth is the amount of purchasing power that you have. Investments are only the vehicle to help you gain wealth.

It used to be that people would trade gold or silver for products. Then banks were created to hold people’s gold. The gold was traded for paper money that could be traded at the store for the things that you needed. The banks then decided to put a reserve on the monetary system. This reserve would allow people to gain wealth and there would not have to necessarily be as much gold in the bank as there was money issued.

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