Gold Silver Investing Training – Part 15 – Institutional vs Retail Ways Of Investing In Gold & Silver

There are several options for buying gold. There are gold certificates that represent gold bullion that is held by a financial institution. There are gold futures and options which are futures contracts that are traded on one of the gold future exchanges. Jewellery is another option for buying gold. Jewellery represents the largest consumption of gold every year and has high making changes and taxes such as VAT. Investing in jewellery is one of the worst investments in gold as you are paying nearly 70% above the price of gold. There are also gold mining stocks, which you should stay away from. The reason is that a gold mining stock comes with high risk. As Warren Buffet says, only invest in a company that could be run by an idiot, because one day it will be. Finally, you can invest in institutionalized gold and silver securities.

In order to avoid being scammed in the gold market today, you have to stay away from MLM companies. The multi level marketing companies mark up the price by nearly 50%. These companies will rip you off. These companies set the price that they are going to pay you. If you have gold bars or coins you are going to have to go to more than one buyer in order to make sure that you are getting the best price. This is not a good investment. They are telling you what they are going to pay and it is not going to be what your gold is worth.

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