Gold Silver Investing Training – Part 13 – How Much Time Does It Take?

My students come to me and pay me to teach them because I have a proven record. I simply teach my students how to make a one percent shift in their portfolio. By allowing me to help them make this one shift, my students go from having a net worth of 347,110 pounds to a net worth of 1.1 million pounds in less than 10 years. This only takes three hours a month to do.

I am extremely proud of our community. You can read the comments from my Facebook page. This particular woman has little time to spare; she is a student and a mother of a seven month old baby. After a month she is already producing an income of 2%. There are other comments from other students who have had success within the first month of using our program.

If you buy something and have to wait six months to use it, is this a good purchase? Why would someone buy something with a six month learning curve? When we started there was a three month learning curve. However, we have simplified the process to help people get to the first trade. We know that you learn more when you are out in the field than by sitting on the bench. This is why we strive to get our students to their first purchase as soon as possible. While making money is important, it is not the most important thing that we teach you. We want you to understand why you can make money in this way.

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