Gold Silver Investing Training – Part 12 – Growing Your Gold & Silver Fortune With Compounding

There is a difference between traders and investors. Traders go into an asset and rely on the asset making money as soon as possible. When you are a trader you are putting your capital at risk every time you make a purchase in this manner. An investment goes into the deal knowing that they are going to be in it for the long term. How many of you want to make passive income now and protect your wealth for the next 20 years as wealth. Who does not want to protect their wealth?

If you invest smartly for 10 years, you have your original 10,000 value in IGS and you have your gold assets building up at 220 grams a year. After 10 years you will have 2200 grams of gold on top of your 10000 value. Those additional 2200 grams of gold are worth $60,000. This means that you have built up your asset base to 70,000 using free money to make the purchases of the grams of gold. This is without considering inflation or the price of gold going up over the next 10 years.

Who thinks gold is going to go up in price over the next 10 years? If you invest this way and gold does go up, with the estimated increase in the price of gold your portfolio will be worth over $140,000. If you invest the old fashioned way and simply sit on your 10,000 worth of gold, your portfolio will only be worth $20,000.

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