Gold Silver Investing Training – Part 11 – Step 3: Buy Gold With No Money Down

You can take your free cash and buy more gold. The gold will cost you nothing, which is great for your portfolio and your family. You want to use an institutional style buying facility. When a large bank wants to buy gold or silver they do not buy bricks and bars, they use an institutional style buying facility. The goal of your investment is to compound your amount of holdings every month with the income that you generate.

Gold and silver bullion dealers are the best way to purchase gold. When you purchase gold and silver through a bullion dealer you avoid high premiums. You should always choose a bonded facility to ensure that your gold is protected, safe, and secure. Bullion dealers allow you to buy online and get your gold at spot price, 24 hours a day, every day of the week. You can buy and sell gold without anyone knowing what you are doing. You can get your cash whenever you want it or need it.

How can you build your portfolio by investing in gold the smart way. If you have $10,000 in gold, after the first period you have a return of $500 and then you buy 18 grams of gold with this money, which is free cash. You continue to do this monthly and you will have your 10,000 worth of gold plus a portfolio of 220 grams built up that you bought for nothing. This is the smartest way to build up your portfolio.

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