Gold Silver Investing Training – Part 10 – Step 2: Monthly Cash-Flow From Gold & Silver

After you have bought gold or silver below market value, do you hold it? No, because we now know what you can do with it. You can rent it out in order to generate a monthly passive income.  You can get paid to own gold and silver using income strategies. For example: you own gold or silver valued at $34, you can say, hey Mr. Speculator, do you think the price is going to go up to $40? I will let you have my gold at $35, I will hold it for you, I won’t do anything with it, I won’t sell it, and you just pay me a dollar for holding onto it for you. You can continue to hold onto your gold while generating a cash flow. Hedge funds have used this same strategy for 10 years. Why do retailers not know this? If you can buy gold at the same price as hedge funds, you are going to make money.

Cost basis is your price that is left in the investment. If you have an IGS valued at $130 income is 6.5 which is 5%, net cost drops down to 123.50 next month, cost basis goes to 117, net cost keeps dropping, and you are generating an incoming. After 20 months your cost basis is 0. You just need gold to go up by anything at all and you will make money. You cannot do this with bricks and bars. This is how you truly make a passive income from owning gold.

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