Gold Price Reversal? Or Buying Opportunity? This Chart Reveals All.

It’s fascinating to me what’s happening with Gold & Silver prices right now. Especially coupled with what’s happening to US Equities. ESPECIALLY with the Dow Jones consistently hitting new highs without any major changes to fundamental economic data.

So let me get this straight? The market is going up, but the economy on which the companies within that market EARN money from, is getting worse? But the market continues to go up? HOW? One answer: Quantitative Easing. It’s artificial growth, of-course some money is coming back in to speculate and of-course some companies are increasing sales. But the WHOLE MARKET? No way.

I recently predicted, on a Weekly Coaching Call for our GFL students, that I think there will be a stock market crash within the next 9-12 months. So put that in your calendar and let’s see. I don’t really like “predicting” the market, but that sounds like a pretty certain “bet” to me.

Anyway, I was looking at what’s happening with Gold & Silver, when would be the right time to go further “all in” and add my personal portfolio, and I came across a fascinating analysis by a 56-year veteran.

This IS a slightly complicated analysis but I’m going to make it simple for you here. I read these analysis from Ronald Rosen, via his site here and then King World News’ analysis of what Ronald Rosen said here. After which Mike Maloney sent out the same chart, made to look much much much more simpler and understandable by retail investors, here.

For your benefit, I’m going to take ALL their write-ups, break it down in my understanding, make it simple, easy to understand and most importantly, ACTIONABLE.

By the end of this post, you WILL know exactly when to enter the market and if you’re already in it, when to increase your position (just like I am).

We’re going to look at the price of Gold only as the price of Silver follows the price of Gold, so we’re going to look at the big brother.

This was the chart Ronald Rosen sent out:

Ronald Rosen is looking at the long term trend of Gold (since the start of the bull market in 2000) and overlaying the long term delta trend lines over it. Now, you don’t need to worry about this indicator, all GFL students – I’ll be updating you on these in more detail at next week’s Q&A call.

Anyway, there’s been a consistent trend on the price of Gold hitting certain levels at particular colours of the vertical lines. For example, at every Yellow vertical line, there is a “low” in the price of Gold, and at every Blue & Green lines, we’ve had highs and then higher highs.

What this means, is that the next high will occur around next green line, which is set to occur February 2014. Followed by a small pullback and then a further high at the next blue line.

I know when you’re looking for something, you normally find it, and right now all Gold & Silver investors are LOOKING for reasons why they should stay in Gold & Silver & not panic. So naturally, you’ll find it.

BUT, here’s some important things to remember about this analysis:

1. This is a long term chart from the very start of the Gold bull cycle, not a short term chart. The theory is proven in this bull cycle.

2. The market fundamental have NOT changed. No matter how much you want to believe they have. They haven’t. Money is still being printed, jobs are still being lost, worldwide economy is still getting weaker.

3. This chart fits with the smart money long term view of Gold & Silver. It goes against dumb money, supports smart money. That’s vital. Dumb money is money that’s affected by the media and is in it for short term gains, smart money is money that is long term focused and is mainly investment money, not trader money.

Take ALL of these 3 things into account, and we’re looking at an amazing, amazing, amazing point in the Gold market.

This is Mike Maloney’s simplified chart and it makes everything a whole lot clearer:

Quite simply, the bottom purple line is the price support, i.e. when it hits that, the price will reverse and go up, the top purple line is resistance. What does this tell us? That in the historical bull trend that Gold has been in, we have just HIT again the price support line.

The last time this happened, in last quarter of 2008 going into 2009, THIS happened to the price of GLD (Gold ETF):

GLD went from $80 to $180… and…

SLV went from $9.58 to $46.88.

Now, this might seem unreasonable, this might sound like it’s “great if it happens” but, go back to Ronald Rosen’s chart, it DID happen. The 08/09 yellow line to the beginning of 2012 blue line.

This is proven. And it links up very nicely to Mike Maloney’s simplified chart of the long term cycle of Gold.

Does this make sense to you? Is this clear for you? Remember, doing the opposite of what everyone else does IS the key in the long term. That is why Gold For Life is NOT for those who are trading 3 months at a time, we’re long term investors. Everything I do is about Long Term.

We’re probably going to have 1 to 3 months of downs, we’re about a month and a half in right now and then the price, according to the patten will continue up.

We’re looking at $1,900 by February, with KWN and Ronald Rosen applying a standard deviation of somewhere between September 2012 and July 2013.

What does this mean FOR YOU?

It means, it’s time. If you weren’t invested, you’ve probably got about a month to get set, if you are invested, you’ve probably got a month to two months of waiting, or you’ve got a month to two months of adding to the position.

Then we’re ready for a steady, but fast rise to February 2014.

How Can You Take Action & Profit In The Next 2 Years:

1. Go buy Gold & Silver Bars/Coins

You can actually buy it directly from Mike Maloney’s company here & they’ll ship it out to you.

2. BullionVault or similar

Go & register an account with Bullion Vault or similar here & they’ll store it for you in a location of your choice.

3. Do it the Gold For Life way.

Our community is currently closed, we only accept a few people about 3-4 times a year. Because we have weekly coaching calls, where this sort of analysis happens on a weekly basis, where you can ask questions about everything you’re doing, where you get my feedback and advice on using the GFL tools to generate a cash-flow on your Gold & Silver rather than just buying bars and holding them, or having BullionVault store them. We provide all the coaching for that, and because we want to maintain our 92% success rate, our student average 2.2% per month cash-flow returns (while they wait for Gold & Silver to go up), we don’t over-flood our systems.

But you can go here and join the waiting list at the bottom of the page. . We’ll let you know when we open up next, which should be in the next couple months.

4. If you have over $250,000/£158,000 to invest, or are a VIP/Celebrity. You can apply for 1-on-1 coaching with me.

Email my assistant at:, tell her: Your name, phone number & amount you’re thinking about starting to invest with and she’ll send you the necessary details. Note: This is NOT  a cheap alternative, 1-0n-1 coaching with me ranges from £25,000/$39,500 – £50,000/$79,000 per year. This is for VERY serious people only.

I don’t do too many of these analysis posts, because as you know, I’m a long term investor, and until they have to stop printing money, Gold & Silver will eventually go up.

This price fluctuation is EXCITING. And for the Gold For Life community, especially the way we invest, it’s very very exciting times.

I’m going to be doing more and more trainings for investors over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for this, make sure you join the mailing list by finding the big red box under this post.

So, what do you think? Does this analysis make sense to you? Are you looking to get into Gold & Silver? Add to your position? Or dump the metals? Let me know in the comments.

What I particularly want to know is WHY you’re investing in Gold & Silver.

“Time is more important than price; when time is up price will reverse.” – W.D.Gann

This is a long term play, and the next phase is just about starting. Are you ready? Are you positioned? If not, if we can help, just let us know.

Minesh Bhindi


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