Fast Track E-Course Part 3 – 3 risks of Gold and Silver

This is Part 3 of a 4 Part mini e-course.

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Part 3:

Yesterday we looked at 4 of the 5 ways you can buy Gold & Silver right now in ways that you can profit the most and avoid getting ripped off…

If you missed that, go find the email and read that, it’s crucial…

Today I want to answer 3 major risks with Gold & Silver and discuss 3 crucial “mindset shifts” you need to make in order to really profit from this!

Just like with any route for creating wealth, there’s principles of this route that may or may not be suitable for some people.

In my study now of wealth building and for the last 9 years of helping people invest and since December of 2010 helping people focus in on Gold and Silver there’s a few things I’ve learned about how to make this really “work” effortlessly.

1. Long Term Mindset

You’ve got to understand that asset cycles are much more different to business opportunities. Markets work on psychology and big markets like Gold & Silver work on the psychology of the world, so unlike a business environment, where you’re in control of what message gets put in-front of what audience and have the ability to influence their buying decision which allows you to increase your profits directly and very quickly, asset cycles take a bit of time.

Do not invest in Gold and Silver if you’re not in it for the long term. Real wealth is created by investing in the right place, at the right time and sitting there until the rest of the world catches up.

I would say that this investment is right for anyone looking to strategically invest money for 5 to 20 years.

2. Grow Money, Not Make Money

There is a natural cycle to wealth, and it works like this: You make money -> you invest money -> your investment makes more money. The common mistake I’ve seen amongst people all around the world in my journey as a coach has been that people match the wrong methods to the wrong point in the journey.

Gold and Silver are not going to “make you money” from nothing, they require an investment. Which means that this method of increasing your abundance comes into play at stage 2. This is where you take the money you’ve created in business, in your work and invest it for further growth.

If you come into Gold and Silver with the mindset of a Billionaire or a wealthy person and look at it from the perspective of growing the money you’ve made from those ventures where you have a direct control of your income, you’ll become fabulously wealth as this all plays out and this transfer happens.

3. Avoid Popular News

What’s been interesting on my journey with this Gold and Silver asset cycle is watching how many people allow themselves to be subject to the doubt creating machine known as “popular media”.

What you’ve got to be aware of is that it is really bad for the “system” if you invest in Gold and Silver and take your money out of the banking system. It’s really really bad for them. Which means they’re doing everything they can to tell you that the banking system is the safest place to store your money.

No one that you know who is wealthy or a Billionaire lets current news and current speculation alter their decisions. Imagine if Steve Jobs had believed that everyone was happy with keyboards on their phones as was the story in popular media at the time, we wouldn’t have iPhones, iPads or anything today.

The key here is to look at the agenda for the person giving you any information. Then make a judgement on whether the numbers make sense and then if what they’re saying makes sense.

The fact is that when you look at the amount of debt the USA is in and you look at the amount of credit debt is circulating in the USA and then you look at the fact that this is backed by nothing except the promise of the value of a $100 note, then you look at what the wealthiest countries and smartest people are doing in the world, the argument for allocating your money into Gold and Silver becomes so clear.

If that all makes sense to you and you can clearly see how the wealthy follow these 3 rules and why you need to follow them on this journey of profiting from Gold & Silver…

Let’s discuss the risks…

Knowing the major risks with any investment is very important to making a wise decision and allocating your money effectively.

So let’s dive in…

1. Gold and Silver go down

There’s a huge hedge in place here because there’s no way, unlike a stock, that the metals can go to $0.

In-fact there’s even a bigger advantage because as the world inflates it’s way out of debt, the minimum costs for mining Gold and Silver increase very slowly, so there’s always a very real bottom in the price.

2. Gold and Silver go nowhere

The good news here is that while the assets are going nowhere, the “holding in cash” alternative would have definitely been losing you money through inflation. So even though the prices haven’t sky rocketed, you’ll still be keeping your purchasing power.

3. Gold confiscation

While this has happened in the past and is a real risk, with the internationalisation of assets, I think a much better way to do this and more likely, is actually a confiscation directly from the banking system. Which is what has been blueprinted in Cyprus. I don’t think you have to worry about the Government coming to look for Gold, I think the bigger more immediate worry is your bank shutting it’s doors on Friday, not opening for a month and when it finally does open, you have 47% less than you originally had in there.

Make sense to you?

Unlike other investments, only a limited number of things can happen to Gold & Silver, because they’ll never ever go to $0…

The key is, knowing you need to buy Gold & Silver now, buying it the most effective and most profitably way, sticking with the community of people that believe and feel the same way about you when it comes to Gold & Silver and the world and then just understanding the risks…

Combine all of that, with the economic events happening in the world right now and how everything is lining up, if you’re someone busy in their career, busy managing their small business or full time investing looking for where to store your wealth…

Gold & Silver are one of the most effortless decisions for you…

But, the biggest problem I found with Gold & Silver is that the capital is not “working” while you hold the metals…

Sure they’ll protect your wealth against a collapse of the banking system, sure you’ll make money by just holding them when you sell one day…

But what about WHILE holding them?

What if you could generate a cash-flow with Gold & Silver monthly, WHILE waiting for the price of the metals to go up?

So just like real estate, you’re receiving a cash-flow income and benefiting from this huge coming price rise in the metals…

Wouldn’t that be just perfect?

Well, that’s what my number 1 favourite way of investing in Gold & Silver gives you…

And it’s taken 9 years of growth, 9 years of hard work, 9 years of ups and downs and crazy days where those that know my story know I lost $100,000 in 3 days one time perfecting this for you…

And now, people in 22 countries so far are using this strategy to profit in Gold & Silver, regardless of what happens to the price…

And I’m going to share that strategy with you tomorrow…

Stay tuned for that! The subject line will read: “Fast Track E-Course Part 4 – My favourite method of buying…”

Minesh Bhindi

P.S. Here’s a picture of all the countries where I’ve taught people to use this strategy and profit from it so far…



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