Fast Track E-Course Part 2 – 4 simplest ways to buy Gold and Silver…

This is Part 2 of a 4 Part mini e-course.


Yesterday we looked at 4 Key Reasons to buy Gold & Silver right now, if you didn’t read that email, go and read it right now it’s key, and this is the 2nd part…

Today, I want to show you the most effective ways to go and buy Gold & Silver, so that…

1. You profit the most.

2. You don’t get ripped off.


1. Buy Gold & Silver Bars & Coins

This is a great way for anyone to do this, it’s simple and effective enough to store wealth. You can use local dealers, you can use online websites to buy your Gold & Silver and they’ll ship it to you. The only thing you have to worry about is making sure that you’re paying fair value for the Gold & Silver. With bars and coins, you’re generally paying a small premium to the real Gold & Silver price. To see how much of a premium, anytime you want to buy Gold & Silver, go to and look on the left hand side for the “Live Spot Gold”, this gives you the live market price for Gold & Silver. The “spot” price is the purest price of Gold & Silver you’re going to pay.

With coins & bars, you’re probably paying 10%-20% above the purest market price, this is due to manufacturing costs, shipping costs, handling costs and of-course, profit for the dealer.

Now, what you have to watch out for here is that buying physical coins and bars means that you might be paying 10% above market value, but if you want to sell it, you’ll be selling it for 5% less than market value.

The other problem here is that you’re responsible for storage and safety, just don’t go bragging you’ve got $100,000 of Gold sitting at home when you’re out in public!

This means you hand over $100 and you’re getting $80-$90 of real Gold and Silver value.

2. Buy Collectible Coins

This is where dealers print a popular picture on a Gold or Silver coin, produce a limited supply and you purchase this “limited edition” coin.

If you do it this way you’ll generally be paying up to a 50% premium on the true Gold & Silver value.

This means that you hand over $100, and you’ll be getting $50 in real Gold and Silver value.

3. Acquire Through Gold & Silver Network Marketing Companies

This has become popular recently and is sold as a “Gold and Silver Savings Plan” where you simply sign up to spend $50 a month and you’ll get a coin every single month for that $50.

In my research I found that the premiums on these type of schemes is up to 66% on the true value of Gold and Silver.

This means you hand over $100, and you’re getting $34 of real Gold and Silver in return.

This is single handedly my least favourite way to invest in Gold and Silver.

4. Popular Gold and Silver Storage Services

This is where you can use companies like Gold Money and Bullion Vault to buy Gold and Silver and they store it for you in very safe vaults around the world in different jurisdictions.

The clear advantages of doing it this way is that your money is safe, it’s stored in Gold and Silver, it is held for you in guarded vaults and on top of everything…

Your premium is somewhere between 0.05% – 1%. Which means using this method you hand over $100 and you’ll receive $99 in real Gold and Silver value.

The obvious disadvantage here is that you don’t have the Gold and Silver in possession, so if that’s a priority, then seek an alternative option.

I’m personally not too worried about that and love the ease, flexibility and safety of using Gold Money and BullionVault.

This is my 2nd favourite way of buying and holding Gold and Silver.

Finding this pretty easy right?

Well, if you found that easy, tomorrow, I’m going to let you in on the 3 fundamental core concepts you need to understand to be able to really profit with Gold & Silver AND what the key risks are with Gold & Silver..

And I’ll also talk more about NUMBER 1 FAVOURITE way of investing in Gold & Silver right now…

This strategy is the sum of 9 years of work, and I think you’re going to absolutely love it…

Stay tuned for that. The subject line will read: “Fast Track E-Course Part 3 – 3 risks of Gold and Silver”

Minesh Bhindi


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