Fast Track E-Course Part 1 – Reasons to buy Gold and Silver

This is Part 1 of a 4 Part mini e-course.

Have you wondered why all the worlds wealthy, elite, countries and smartest central banks are buying up Gold & Silver faster than it can be produced?

Have you been seeing more and more news on Gold & Silver like I have?

Have you started feeling the uncertainty in the world today in all areas that actually matter to the safety and profitability of your future?

Like politics, like banking, like central banks…

All of these little uncomfortable shifts that seem to have accelerated since the 08/09 recession are very unsettling if you’re using the same strategy for protecting your wealth that you were before that…

In-fact it sort of feels like we’re being given a chance before something major comes along and shocks the system to the point where we can’t “print our way out of it”…

Don’t you think?

I mean, isn’t it funny that we had a debt crisis and the debt has almost doubled since then?

Isn’t it funny that the US stock markets seem to keep going up and up even though real economics that we see with our eyes shows us that things aren’t really getting better?

Isn’t it funny that the Government tells us they have a “control” over inflation, yet our real world prices that affect us keep going up every year?

Isn’t it funny that we get told real estate is doing really great but prices stop going up as soon as cash rich hedge funds stop buying? As reported by CNBC not so long ago?

It tells me that either I’m wrong, or there’s been a huge can kicked down the road and this this is one of the biggest transfers of assets the world has ever seen…

And we need to do something about it, not only to take advantage and strategically profit from the situation, but we need to also do it to protect our current wealth…

If that’s how you feel too, you’ve already started looking at Gold & Silver to hold your wealth.

If you haven’t, then you really need to pay attention to what I’m about to reveal to you.

Because everything that felt uneasy in all the questions I’ve just asked you, I felt that in 2009, and my journey since to understand what’s been going on and how to strategically profit from it…

Has been eye opening…

And let me straight into the arms of Gold & Silver…

You know in times like this there are so many ways to make money, it’s really unbelievable, as long as you bet against Government and paper cash money, you’ll be ahead in the long run…

Remember, more millionaires were made during the depression than any other time in history…

So as-long as you’re outside what I call the “Cash-Matrix” (more on what that is later), you’ll be fine…

But if you strategically want to grow your wealth in a short period of time and want to do that with people that think the same as you and feel the same as you…

Then let me tell you a 4 KEY REASONS why you should buy Gold & Silver right now:

Reason Number 1: Protect Your Purchasing Power, Secure The Value Of Your Money

We live in a monetary system that’s been backed by nothing tangible since 1971. When President Nixon took the US Dollar off the Gold Standard, we’ve been inflating currency at an uncontrollable rate since then.

The history of money is very interesting and provides great insight into the future. It started with people were trading and transacting in Gold, Banks decided to print “Notes” which represented the amount of Gold a person had to make the transactions easier rather than carrying Gold with you. This meant that if you handed someone a $10 note, they could go to the bank and redeem $10 in Gold.

Very simple.

Then, we instituted what’s known as the Fractional Reserve model. This is where to increase abundance, increase quality of life and increase the growth of an economy, the banks were allowed to hand out 10x more than the amount of Gold they held in notes. So if they held $1,000 in Gold, they could circulate $10,000 in notes. Very stable, very consistent money supply with low chance of major inflation because you had to deposit real tangible Gold in the vault before “printing” more notes.

This was the system up until 1971, by now the US Dollar had become the worlds reserve currency too, so everyone else’s currencies were valued against US Dollars, seeing as the US Dollar was very stable and there were no ways to inflate past a minimum tangible Gold holding.

Well in 1971 that all changed when President Nixon took the US Dollar off the Gold Standard and said that banks could print money based not on Gold in the vault, but more US Dollars in the bank.

This started the phase of an intense expansion in money supply and today a 1971 $1 is worth about $0.03 in real value. All this wealth has been inflated away and stolen through this process.

There has been a very real assassination of the middle class through financial control.

Remember, paper is just paper, the only reason it was printed was to represent the amount of real currency, Gold, people held in the bank.

What we have now is a diminishing Gold supply in the US Federal Reserve, and an exponentially increasing money supply. This means that the amount of real tangible assets backing the current $17 trillion of US debt is virtually nothing but a promise and the US war machine.

At the time of the 08/09 crash, the backing of US Dollars in Gold had diminished from 10% (stable and safe) to a measly 0.76%. And the debt has doubled since then. Covering the current money supply of $17 trillion with Gold at a reasonable rate would mean that the US would have to revalue Gold to over $40,000 per ounce (it’s currently $1,226.90 as of 24th September 2014), I find that number unrealistic personally due to cycle of how this process happens, but a 400-500% increase should not be out ruled. The opportunity for you is huge right now.

Any currency strictly expanded from paper reserves with no tangible asset backing it is known as a “Fiat Currency”, and Fiat Currency’s typical have a life cycle of 40 years as history has shown us (yes this isn’t the first time this has happened), we’re currently in our 44th year of the current US Dollar.

As this currency like every single other one before it, comes to an end there will be a return to Gold as the base for Money in some form and there will be a huge wealth transfer from those currently experiencing wealth as the form of debt, to real wealth held in the hands of precious metals holders.

This happens every time and this time will be no different. The opportunity every time for the few is to step out of the Cash Matrix… This is why there were more Millionaires created during the Great Depression than any other period in history. And if you get this right, your financial future is abundant, prosperous and financially secure beyond imagination. And all the wealthy in the world are rushing to be ahead of this curve. You should be too…

Now, let’s talk about…

Reason Number 2: Step Out Of The “Cash-Matrix”

Look, If you hold wealth in paper money, USD, GBP, EURO’s etc, you’re currently living inside what I call the “Cash-Matrix”.

While your wealth is inside the banking financial system it can be manipulated through whats called quantitative easing, a complicated economists term for “printing more money”. As more money is printed, the value of each Dollar decreases. Just like simple supply and demand, as there is more supply of Dollars with no increase in demand of Dollars, the value of the item increasing in supply goes down. Same thing happens with your Dollars, this is known as Inflation.

It’s as simple as if there was only a monthly demand for 1,000 iPhones and Apple decided to in Month 1 produce 1,000 iPhones, a “fair value” would be set in the market, everyone gets an iPhone…

In Month 2, Apple produce 10,000 iPhones, suddenly there’s 10 iPhones per person wanting it, the value of iPhones in our eyes goes down and so the price of the iPhone would come down.

The problem with this is that just like Apple is control of making iPhones, the Federal Reserve is in charge of making Dollars. You have no control over when the print button is pressed or how much is printed or anything. They just print, boost the supply and reduce the value of each Dollar you hold.

No wealthy person subjects their money to this in the long term. They step out of the Cash-Matrix by making strategic investments to not only make money but protect yourself from future banking system failures…

If you’re clear with that, let’s talk about:

Reason Number 3: Banking System Failures

As we saw in Cyprus in 2012-2013, the banking system couldn’t hold itself up and there was what is now known as a “Bail-In”. This is where depositors in certain Cyprus banks who held over the insured amount of €100,000 in the bank had 47% of whatever was over €100,000, taken.??And the crime? Trusting their money in a bank.

Don’t think this can happen in the USA? Remember, at the core of the banking system, as a depositor, you’re just an unsecured lender to the bank. Please go do some independent research on this as it is a very scary prospect for most people. The Bank of England

Did you know that the FDIC, the USA’s deposit protection insurance scheme by law is only required to hold 1.5% of total deposits as insurance? And in the UK, the equivalent being the FSCS holds a reserve of just 0.4% to protect depositors with. Which in essence means, even just one collapse of a not-so-big bank could wipe out all the insurance and collapse the insurance scheme altogether.

In-fact in the FDIC and Bank of England Joint Paper Summary which in essence is the “what do we do in the next crisis plan”, it’s clearly stated that in the event of an 08/09 banking system problem the plan is to “assign losses to shareholders and unsecured creditors” (quote from the Join Paper Summary). Cyprus was just a blueprint.

The good news is, the wealth always make money and if you read the patterns, there’s LOTS of money to be made…

If you understand that, let’s talk about:

Reason Number 4: There’s LOTS Of Money To Be Made

As the US Dollar, backed by nothing but printed paper, loses confidence, loses trust and loses trading power worldwide, the wealthy and smart are accumulating Gold. All the big hedge fund managers, all the big countries (including the USA) and all the upper Elite of society are moving out of paper money and into the “Currency of Kings”, Gold.

As the faith in the US Dollar, known as “Fiat Money” which is Money backed by nothing but a promise of the value printed on the note, goes down – people will rush to Gold & Silver which has been the core of sustainable Money for hundreds of years.

In-fact many countries like China and Russia have set up trade agreements where they’ve circumvented the US Dollar and are trading in Gold.

More interestingly, the State of Utah has legalized Gold & Silver has a currency and legal tender, so it’s happening inside the USA now and this is just going to accelerate.

As this all is happening, the US Federal Reserve will continue printing money, continue funding bad banking operations and continue inflating the currency.

As more and more and more money is printed, more and more money is being put into Gold & Silver from around the world and as you know, when you increase the demand of something (Gold), without the ability to increase the supply of it infinitely, the price is going up up and up!

And those that foresee this, and those that plan for this and those that take advantage of this, will be part of one of the greatest transfers of wealth ever seen in our lifetime.

So by investing in Gold & Silver, you’re stepping outside the Cash-Matrix and taking back control over the value of your money by stepping out of this paper money system backed by nothing tangible. You’re protecting yourself and your family from irresponsible bankers and risky banking policies AND on top of all of that added protection to your wealth, you’re going to make lots and lots of money as this re-adjustment happens to currency in response to high levels of debt and a rush to “real money”…

That’s why I’m SO excited about this opportunity in our lives!

Can you feel all the dots in the world aligning for you right now to make more money?

It just feels like everything is aligning at the right time worldwide, and now you have this information too, it’s all happening, waiting for you to profit…

But – there’s a right and wrong way to take advantage of this scenario.

And I want to make sure you do it the right way, so tomorrow, I’m going to show you the many different ways to buy Gold & Silver and bring to the forefront all the key numbers you need to be aware of to make sure you don’t get taken advantage of in the market…

Stay tuned for that tomorrow! The subject line will read: “Fast Track E-Course Part 2 – 4 simplest ways to buy Gold and Silver…”

Minesh Bhindi


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