Best Book For Investors EVER?

As you know I’ve been working on my book for over a year now.

It’s almost ready.

I’m calling it “Beat The System”.

Here’s the first draft of the cover:


Now I’m writing this book for you, and for everyone else out there currently stuck in the system with no hope of breaking free and living the life you want.

So, I know there are some excellent books out there, Rich Dad Poor Dad to be one that I first started off reading, and many many more.

But, I’m also aware that Rich Dad Poor Dad was published in April of the year 2000. It’s now 2013. And in those 13 years times have changed, the questions we have, have changed, the solutions we need, have changed.

Chapter Titles:

Chapter 1: The Biggest Lie Ever Sold About Money
Chapter 2: How The System Seduces You Into Staying Trapped
Chapter 3: What Your Future Within The System Looks Like
Chapter 4: Which Assets Can Set You Free
Chapter 5: Are You Buying Your Assets Inside Or Outside System? (The System’s Rat-trap)
Chapter 6: How Billionaires Invest Outside The System And How To Copy Their Unconventional Wisdom
Chapter 7: Dissecting The Formula
Chapter 8: Finding Your True Vision Of Success
Chapter 9: Can You Do It?
Chapter 10: How To Create A Mastermind That Gets Results
Chapter 11: The Question I Hate Answering The Most

It’s time to break free from the system and I want to make this book the BEST book you have read.

And in order for me to do that for you, I need to make sure that everything that you want to know about investing, saving, breaking free and being rich forever is answered in the book, so please help me by answering this question and submitting your answer in the comments:

1. What Would I Need To Cover In This Book For It To Be The BEST, Not One Of The Best, The BEST, Investment/Personal Finance Book You’ve Ever Read?

2. What Result Would This Book Need To Get You For You To Love It So Much You Would Buy 5 Copies For Your Friends & Family, and Force Them To Read It?

If you can answer these for me, in as much detail as possible, I’ll make sure you get an invite to our book launch party in London in the 4th Quarter of the year.

Thank you for your help! I love serving this industry! Answer in the comments below now!



Vivek Sharma

June 8, 2013 at 1:21 pm - Reply

For a book to be the best one in its advocated niche it has to have some solid and practical ways of generating revenue. It should not just talk the talk but walk the walk too!
Anyone would buy additional copies of a Book only when he or she if fully convinced of the message that the book is trying to convey. A finance book has to make a difference to your bottomline and if and when it does you will not hesitate to share the good news!

Dave B

June 8, 2013 at 1:42 pm - Reply

The book would have to deal with the situation of people with small accounts. The market is awash with strategies for mid to large size accounts (100k +) but how does the little guy survive and go on to prosper. And please, don’t rehash the same old advice to spend less and earn more, or the same old strategies to reduce debt. There are millions of people taking care of their debt and expenses but have no clue how to effectively grow a $5000 or $10000 account into a viable income producing asset.

Actually, if you could demonstrate growing the small account to an income generating asset in a reasonable period of time like 3-5 years, and how to protect that asset (portfolio) as it grows and beyond, then that would be a book I would buy and distribute to my friends and family.


June 8, 2013 at 1:52 pm - Reply

I can not wait to be able to read your book, Minesh. It is that I have to arrange something else first before I can learn more about your program, but otherwise, I would love to be able to be part of it.

Jennifer Rodriguez

June 8, 2013 at 1:56 pm - Reply

Basically for me to buy 5 copies of this book it would have to tell me how someone on an average working-class salary, living paycheck to paycheck can create wealth for themselves. In other words, real solutions for real people please! Too many finance books out there are aimed at people who already have a certain amount of financial knowledge and investments and are just looking to tweak their know-how. There’s very little out there in the world of financial advice that speaks to the everyday, ordinary person. The Average Joe or Jane just trying to create a better life for themselves with the little, poor financial knowledge they have.


June 8, 2013 at 2:38 pm - Reply

It would have to impart wisdom on becoming an individual that can effortlessly create long last wealth in ANY economy or period in time. I.e. timeless advice that doesn’t become redundant six months from now.


June 8, 2013 at 2:39 pm - Reply

1. This book would need to teach people how to invest in order to create cash flow, and by doing this ‘beat the system’, which would separate Our economy from the economy.
2. The end goal of buying a book like this would be to achieve true financial freedom, where money would not be a worry anymore, and therefore we could do whatever we want to do in life and not need to work if we don’t have to.

I am very excited for this book and can’t wait to read it! It looks really good!

Saranjit Chahal

June 8, 2013 at 2:39 pm - Reply

The book would have to inspire people into immediate action. The philosophy and methodology would have to be realistically enough for a layman to comprehend & believe it worth the effort to pursue.


June 8, 2013 at 4:19 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh,
1. For it to be THE best book, it has to explain exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do it in a way everyone will be able to follow. It would also need to be explained in a way that makes people take action so that it doesn’t end up on the shelf as another theory book. (like don’t read the next chapter until you’ve taken this action step… maybe?…. perhaps follow the system virtually?)

2. If I did what you said in the book and made money, I’d tell everyone about it and buy 5 copies (although I know probably only 1 person out of the 5 I gave a copy would read it and even then may not take action).

Looking forward to the book launch


June 8, 2013 at 5:08 pm - Reply

Step by step guide on how to create an income stream for yourself that can eventually give you financial freedom so you can pursue your dreams. For each reader, obviously, the income stream they would need to reach freedom would vary and each person would have a different amount to start with to begin creating that income stream and growth in their wealth. We are tired of the old system that grows and then crashes and takes our wealth away that we built up over 4 to 5 yrs and then it takes 3 to 4 years to recover the losses. Seems like we don’t make a lot of headway in the stock environment in the last 10 yrs. So if this book had a solution to that problem, in other words a way to grow your wealth and develop an income stream that is not subject to losses of principal and your growth is protected that would be a valuable book. If it accomplished that, and I saw the results and it enabled me to create more wealth in a safe and protected way I would share it with my family and friends (after I tried it and saw that it worked). LOVE THE COVER!!


June 8, 2013 at 5:12 pm - Reply

I’ve worked with and among people with NO financial investment savvy at all. It’s just not been part of my education nor many quite smart people i know. I’ve got more brains than most people i know, and it’s only since 2008 my education began..i’m now in my mid forties!!

This book would need to use simple terms and real world examples the butcher, the mechanic, and the carpenter can understand. I know people right this minute who’s earnings are below minimum wage working 70 hours a week for £2.50 an hour.

Their world is bleak, desperate and a constant hustle in and out of the black market to make ends meet. This book needs to teach and demonstrate that there is a way to beat the cycle of debt and the mind set of lack from ground zero.

Alan Jones

June 8, 2013 at 6:02 pm - Reply

Yes I agree with most of the previous comments.
If it is to be the BEST book it has to cover everything we are not taught at school about money.
Why credit cards (if not managed correctly) are the invention of Satan, why your home is a liability not an investment, how to start small and grow hugely your investments, the power of compound interest when used in your favour rather than lining the banks pockets!
Why you should NEVER let any so called advisor from brokers etc actually invest your funds.
In fact it needs to give ALL the information that the gurus charge thousands for.
Every day I am beseiged with offers of ” subscribe to this newsletter” ” buy this system” etc Unfortunately most offers are from people that make most of their income from “selling the sauce” rather than carrying out the systems they offer.
However as a guru can you afford to do that? That is the quandary you face I believe.
If it had all that I would get it out to hundreds not just five!
Nobody would need another book,seminar or course with the absolute BEST book!


June 8, 2013 at 6:20 pm - Reply

Before I answer you questions, I have a suggestion: you should have someone (or a test group of individuals), with NO (or very, very little), knowledge of what you are teaching, read your book draft and see if they can implement what is being taught WITHOUT your assistance and succeed. They must use the book only. If you can not succeed at this challenge, then you probably shouldn’t publish the book because it would not be fulfilling your vision/intention.

1) What needs to be covered:

a) Developing the mindset of success as possible for the individual – or else they might as well close the book because they will not succeed at anything until they believe it is “possible” for them to succeed. They don’t even have to fully believe…. just believe it is possible would be enough for the universe to work its magic.

b) How to evaluate a company whose stock you are considering using as an investment tool – and most important where you can find this information for free. Using just gold & silver is not enough…. and if the book will just be about trading gold & silver than that should be stated in the title or you will get critical reviews about a book that is too limited and only covering GLD/SLV.

c) Low risk trading strategies for creating income – like covered calls. 2 to 3 strategies should be covered and instruction for what to do if the strategy goes your way, goes no where or goes against you for each one. Strategies should be explained step-by-step, leaving out any area where you “assume” the user knows how to do something (i.e. for example, even something as simple as calculating a percent should not be assumed that everyone knows how to do this). The strategies you cover are not new, but explaining them thoroughly, in a step-by-step fashion, would be new as I think most books & courses leave to many holes in their explanations. Even your GFL training videos could be much, much clearer. In my opinion many of the students in the class look confused and your answers, for those brave enough to ask a question, are very, very quick and still over their heads.

2) What result does the book need to get for me to recommend it

a) All strategies should work with a minimum of $5,000. There is a HUGE population (myself included) that do not have a lot of money to invest and if you want a best selling book you need to tap into this population – we are the majority I do believe…

b) Thorough step-by-step instruction & information for each strategy

c) Link to printable check lists to help people keep on track w/each strategy

d) Case studies that the student can back test of trades that went your way, went no where and went against you and how you handled each one. It lends more credibility if you show how trades were handled that went against you instead of just all winning trades.

e) That you keep your focus on the student’s success and not present the information in such a way that it is interpreted as bragging or self-promoting about how great you are. You are young & excited about helping – I get that, but you can’t do it by telling people you’re great – this is a conclusion the student much come to on their own by succeeding with the information you teach them (just expressing my honest opinion – hope you take it in the positive vibration that I am giving it).

I think that covers everything I can think of… from a fellow student and teacher, much success to you my friend.

Roger Curry

June 8, 2013 at 7:41 pm - Reply

Hello Minesh,
I really enjoy reading your materials and I firmly believe that your work is good.
However, I need to know what I can do starting all over with my life.
I’ve lost every thing I owned including job, home and money. My question to you is “What can I do & how do I start from scratch and recover to become a wise invester with your system”?

Thank You,


June 9, 2013 at 12:27 am - Reply

1. The book would have to teach broadly, but step-by-step how to create cash-flow for ordinary people. Whether it be 500/month, 5000/month or 50,000/month. Teach several cash-flow strategies and give advice/resources/links to places where they can thoroughly learn/investigate them.

So thorough that a kid could pick it up and have an idea of how to get started from nothing, to building huge cash flow. Then info on taking that cash flow and turning it into big sums of money.

It should also delve into personal development and mindset, and the truth about the importance of mindset and personal development/mindset strategies.

2. For me to recommend it/purchase for 5 friends:

It would have to generate an instant result in some way. Whether it be an instant change of perspective or a physical result. Basically some practicality that could instantly be implemented with a positive result.

There should be strategies for people with as little as $5000. Checklists/case studies/links, they will turn the book into more than just a book.


June 9, 2013 at 12:59 am - Reply

The main purpose would be to address the 99%. How we can attain financial freedom, starting with $10,000 and compounding the growth, at a much higher rate than the real inflation rate, which is around 20%. The importance of controlling hard assets to offset inflation.
It should also address some of the basics of good money management and the development of a proper mind set. You would need to start out with some of your background and why people should listen to you, (build credibility). A brief history of how we derived our current fiat money system.
Discuss your general investing philosophy and then give specific examples of supporting strategies that you employ and how people reading the book can implement these same techniques.


June 9, 2013 at 11:35 am - Reply

For the book to be successful you will have to explain how those 300+ investors beat the system, and how they continue to beat the system. Be sure to include lessons that were learned along the way. The reader should think it is in your best interest to help them personally.

This part 2 question is a refining of the power of the personal referral. To recommend to 1 person, or 5 or 10, I must believe it worked for me and it will make their lives better.


June 9, 2013 at 2:47 pm - Reply

People I know have no idea about compounding so this book needs to cover the absolutely basics ..starting with the financially illiterate moving through in easily understood phases [compounding knowledge 🙂 ] The book need specific examples or mnemonics to get people to think differently. You could include the monetisation of assets exercise you gave us…I’ve tried to demonstrate it to a few they think I’m batty so having your book in my hand would be lovely.
It’s a tall order but for me to buy five copies the book needs you to totally expose your grey matter on paper, explain your vision precisely in layman’s terms for newbies and those financially experienced: for people with a few hundred ££ to those with £££££££s That being said …I will definitely be buying two at the launch which I am totally exicted about being invited to!


June 9, 2013 at 5:34 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh

I have found that the greatest barrier to wealth is mindset.
I am sure that if you tackle this then combined with practical down to earth systems such as –
1. Managing your income.
2. Effective investment strategies.

……then your book will be a great success. Good luck and I look forward to reading it.




June 9, 2013 at 5:52 pm - Reply

I think Penelope’s got a pretty comprehensive reply for you.

best wishes both


June 9, 2013 at 8:35 pm - Reply

For your book to be top is to start with a small capital
everyone can read it easily from 7 to 77 years thank you
and if a win I give to the youngest of you e-mail liste


June 9, 2013 at 9:32 pm - Reply

For this to be the best book, I think you need to teach people not only the mindset that they need, but also provide strategies for getting the mindset that they need. You need to stress how important it is for people to have the correct mindset before they do anything else. Then once you have taught people the mindset side of things your book should go on to provide a few different strategies for investing, teaching people how to invest whether they have a small amount of money or large amount, even breaking it into tiers so you can start on the small scale then use the bigger strategies once they have enough to invest. When I finish reading the book I want to be inspired to start straight away with the strategies and have the confidence that I can make them work for me.

For me to buy the book for my friends, it would have to cover the above, and it would also be good if it was a book that was written for everyone, not just hardcore investors, as a lot of my friends and family are not into investing, so if you could make the non-investor interested in reading it that would be great (I don’t know if that’s even possible).

I look forward to reading this book, all the best with finishing it.


June 9, 2013 at 9:45 pm - Reply

To be the best? Well, that’s of course subjective 🙂 needs classic advice, standing the test of time, not something which is for the now (many property people banged out their book during the hey day and now its all pretty much invalid and not worth the shelf space and they’ve had to reinvent themselves as a result). Basic financial info anyone can understand with practical, easy to understand examples or scenarios and this feeling- “I really can do it too”.
Result- if its on finance and mindset, maybe people can invest in it themselves and take ownership 🙂 something which will attract all sorts of personalities, not just those driven by money, fear or greed. Money is a vehicle for us all to have our dream lifestyle, which is different for all of us and as most of the worlds population can’t even afford a decent meal, some perspective is needed. Like a workshop format, as a lot of people aren’t confident around money and get intimidated easily, so some exercises, discussion, and reflection space so you are engaged while reading.
I hope that helps you minesh! Looking forward to the launch, if I’m still in the uk then!


June 10, 2013 at 7:18 am - Reply

The cover is looking great! Really looking forward to your book – All the best with it!

-The importance of having the right mindset
-How to easily create the correct mindset
-How not to get carried away by emotions when investing
-How to achieve a mindset that will let you generate income in any economic circumstance

A Practical Guide:
-A step by step guide that any average person can follow – Tell us exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it
-Easy ways to change old investing / spending habits
-A guide that doesn’t require much preparation – something that anyone can apply right away easily

2. It would have to make me feel like anyone could implement your advice very easily and right away.
I would have to feel like this knowledge is amazing and can solve many problems that if I don’t share it, I am doing something wrong and depriving my family and friends to create a greater and better life for themselves.
It would have to make so much logical sense that it would be illogical to not to follow your advice.

The result I would want from the book is to successfully create a monthly cash generating income of a substantial amount – easily, without stress or hassle, and quickly. Therefore, creating a financially free life where money is not a worry/ concern.


July 8, 2013 at 11:03 pm - Reply

1. Continuing to keep it simple, so that anyone who really wants to enjoy wealth and freedom can follow, whether for a small account or a big account.

2. Would be positive results. I read Law of Attraction and that was the missing piece. I now rave about that book. I also rave about you Minesh. To be able to place a trade that is simple and works is excellent!
I look forward to your book!


July 28, 2013 at 8:39 am - Reply

1. For this book to be the actual best book anyone has ever read it would have to present a step by step system in an extremely clear and concise manner of EXACTLY the process you have taught to your 304 students AND the results they have achieved on a dollar and percentage basis from start to finish of your course no matter what dollar level they started at. ie REAL results that can be substantiated

All too often we hear claims of “all my students made money” or “98% of people doing this course are guaranteed to get a positive result” when on closer inspection (if the course director even bothers to supply real details) the students only did the course over a few months or worse still the percentage gain over the time period was so small the course advertising smacked of hype.

A property guru here in Oz ran an ad once about how he wanted 20 people (similar to your students mentioned above ) to follow him for a year and guaranteed to show them how to attain ie actually get – $1 mill in equity within a year.

The ad made national news and needless to say he had NO problem in getting 20 people to sign up. Many people already had seen his property success and had attended his workshops but to become a disciple of this guru for a year was priceless value because many people had TOTAL faith in HIS ability to get results.

So there you have it – list the plan in a clear concise manner – demonstrate real results !

2. Adhere to point 1.

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