Back From Miami, Mexico, Jamaica & Grand Cayman – Lessons.

For me, 2013 starts NOW! Who likes the sound of that!?

I’ve had a crazy January. Started off with an amazing day for Earn To Give, where we handed out 30 bags of food, drinks, blankets, gloves and hats to people who are homeless in London for the New Year. A lot of people question why I do this… I always get feedback suggesting I do this for promotional reasons, the fact that we publicize it… The truth is, yes we do. 🙂 I do it to promote “giving back”. I do it to promote and inspire “giving”. By me “showing” my giving, it makes other people do it, which makes the world a better place. That’s what this community is about. By running that event, we’ve inspired dozens of people to give back throughout the year and the greatest inspiration for me this year was Tanya Mann Rennick who attended and then THAT EVENING set up an event called “The Love Brigade” for 17th of February. Aiming to help 300 homeless people. If you’re in London, attend it, I’ll be there. Can you see yourself making money and then helping people? That’s what money is about, you can’t help the poor by being one of them.

So anyway, January then took a little bit of a pause because I had to fly to Miami and attend The Marketers Cruise which involved being on a ship with 472 of worlds best and smartest marketers & business owners. We masterminded, shared ideas and had a lot of fun too! I’ll attach pictures at the bottom of the post.

We went to Miami, which was interesting because I’d never been and I thought I’d love the place, but I wasn’t actually that impressed, it sort of reminded me of a “trying mans mini Monaco”. The views were amazing, the food was great, the beach was awesome but something about the energy was just off. Probably because of the very thin line of separation between wealth & poverty. Sort of as if the poverty was just accepted, not even being ignored like happens in London. So we did a mini “Earn To Give” out there where we bought 5 hot pizza’s and walked along the beach giving them out to homeless people who were literally homeless in paradise.

We then got on the cruise ship and set sail for Cozumel in Mexico, which was just fascinating, if you know me you know that I love all the Mayan conspiracy and the information about the “Spiritual Consciousness” of the world changing in 2012. I had a great opportunity to be student to a Mayan Historian expert, I think I asked him more questions than anyone in the last year! One fascinating thing is that to the Mayan’s a “Calender” was just a representation of a state of Evolution. So when the calender ended on 21st December 2012, what it represented was an ending of a period of evolution, not the death of the world. That 26,000 year of evolution ended and new 26,000 conscious evolution process began. According to the Mayan’s this next cycle of 26,000 years is going to be a huge alignment for the universe back to harmony. Sounds interesting.

But you know me, my first concern was “how does this affect our investing & my students?”. Well I was told, after telling the guy what I do, that this new cycle will create a return of “value” to real hard assets, eg Gold & Silver – the money of Gods. And wealth in the form of ego-ic assets (Cash & fiat currencies etc) will be reduced. So good news there, if you believe in this crazy energy stuff. I do.

Then we went onto Jamaica which was amazing but due to the lack of sleep I’d had and the shock of actually “unplugging” from everything my body needed a rest, so I spent the day on the boat relaxing and enjoying the sun while the rest of the guys went to Dunn’s River Falls and got completely exhausted!

We then had a day on the sea as we went to Grand Cayman. Yes, the tax haven. This by far was my favourite visit on the cruise, I had finally relaxed, stress had gone, my brain was retuning and my friend Jason Myers suggested, let’s not do the “Stingray City Tour” – let’s go and relax at the Ritz in the Grand Cayman. This was more my style.

We got there, enjoyed some GREAT food finally & some amazing champagne. What I learned was that food we have in the UK and USA, is NOT fresh. I had the brightest, most juiciest food of the whole trip in the Grand Cayman Ritz. I got online on my iPhone, checked the Gold & Silver positions, realized we’d made enough money in the days I hadn’t been online to pay for the whole trip and I understood in those few hours, THAT is the power of investing the way we do. You follow the rules, place the trade, leave it alone. Yes you’re not going to make 30% in a month, but you’re also not going to lose 70% the next month. This is for those people who want guaranteed wealth. So you can be anywhere in the world, choose to have the freedom of anything you want in the world and just enjoy life with the people you care about. Right? Can you imagine yourself doing that? Can you see that as a possibility for you? See it as a reality for you?

Overall, had a lot of fun on the trip, met some amazing people, had some great insights into what I want and got to experience a huge shift in my energy, which will allow me to help YOU more this year.

Anyway, it was hard to get on the internet on the boat, and when you could it was something like $2 a minute for a dial up speeds. And forget mobile phone reception. So I literally had the opportunity to re-evaluate my designs for 2013 and unwind and just have some fun. Couldn’t trade, couldn’t do anything. Although Silver did have a very good rise over the period, which was interesting to say the least. In-fact this was me when we set off and suddenly EVERYTHING disconnected! Sort of a “huh?!?!” feeling. My friend Suraj Sodha had to strike a pose!

The biggest lesson I learned was the benefit of really “unplugging” from everything. It just allows the mind to refresh and allow new ideas to come in clearly and easily. Especially with investing, if you’ve been constantly “on-top” of the investment week in week out day in day out for months, you know that your mind can get “clogged” up. You get caught up and can’t think clearly. So what was amazing was when we got back to Miami and I finally logged back into “investing” and “business” mode, I could see things that I hadn’t seen, my intuition with investing had shot through the roof.

For example, from the 14th to the 23rd of January Silver had a price rise every single day, normally what would have happened was a feeling of “I’m missing out” would have kicked in and you’d have entered a trade… I just knew that there had to be a pullback, waited and sure enough 24th-28th, Silver pulled back with an amazing opportunity to buy. I know this might sound like hindsight for you, but our students who were on the weekly Q&A calls know this, I told them to wait, they waited and got a huge opportunity.  I don’t know how I did that, it’s just a gift and being unplugged allowed that gift to flow. That’s the advantage of being a student, because of the weekly coaching calls you get that opportunity to get into my mind, tap into my intuition and take advantage of that.

I think that’s why we have a documented average “time” of investing on the program of under 20 minutes per month, our students just leverage off me. I even helped my friend Andy Shaw learn about how we invest at the hotel 20 minutes before we left hot & sunny Miami to come back to snowy London, sitting in the hotel lobby, on his suitcase, and he made 1.5% per month for November & December and I 2% + for February. Isn’t that cool? Sitting in paradise, investing off your suitcase in 10 minutes before you fly back to “life”! Is that something you want to create for your life in 2013?

Then I got back, crashed with jet-lag for 2-3 days, did our Platinum group 1 on 1 meetings, 30 minute trading session with me monthly and one of the Platinum members gave me some awesome feedback. While Silver has been sliding over the last 3-4 months, he has ALREADY made enough to cover the £10,000 deposit for Platinum and will earn the other £7,000 “Results Financing” for Platinum in the next 2-3 months. £17,000 is the fee for Platinum, and he’ll have made that back before the program is even half way through! And his total investing “time” is under 3 hours. Would that work for you? Is the power of this actually making sense to you? How would life be different if you had your wealth not only protected but making money at this rate?

One of my intentions was to be out of the UK once a month to come see you wherever you are in the world, speak more internationally and just get to know the world better… That’s going really well, as you know, you get what you wish for, so I’m going to be in Vancouver, Canada in February and Honolulu, Hawaii in March. Vancouver is really a personal trip, but I may organise a small meetup for any students for a couple hours but in Hawaii, I’m speaking at Hawaii Wealth Summit 6 along with some amazing speakers, so if you can make that, would be great to see you. I’ll be in Dubai at some point soon and also India in July.

If you’re an event organiser and know that what I teach would be of value to your audience and you have a GOOD event coming up, email my assistant Isabel – Isabel [AT] GoldForLife [DOT] com with all the full details. I don’t speak at many events, but I love speaking at high quality events with amazing quality people so I’d love to come if it meets that criteria.

Anyway, as you know the GFL community has been closed since November 2012. Student results have been amazing since then and we’re just about getting ready to open another 25 spaces for the program. Those that have paid their £100 deposit to guarantee their place in this intake will of-course have absolute priority & a guaranteed spot. More on that soon.

I just really wanted to write this blog post to show you that it’s possible. Impress upon you the power of intending the life you want, and that real FREEDOM is a reality for you. That’s the end goal anyway. Freedom. Every other fancy word is useless. Gold For Life is about freedom. Can you see how an investment plan, that actually works with a 92% documented success rate, can impact your life? Is that something that you want to implement in your life in 2013?

Can you see how learning this now would be in your best interest for 2013?

Well keep your eye open, I’ll send you more information about the spaces we’re opening  next week.

What do you REALLY want to DO in 2013? Where do you want to visit? What change do you want to make? How can learning how to INVEST successfully allow you to do that? Put your answers in the comment below, I’d love to hear your answers so I can figure out how to best serve you…

What I teach is strategies for guaranteed wealth. Not “maybe wealth”, guaranteed wealth. I know they can help you just like the hundreds of others, when you’re ready for it

Here’s to MORE fun & more wealth in 2013!






Minesh Bhindi




Richard Teare

January 30, 2013 at 6:04 pm - Reply

Great post Minesh – and glad you had such a fab time on your travels!
Were you once a travel agent? I hadn’t thought of going to Mexico but having read your travelogue I’ve changed my mind!
I’m re-focussed on my ultimate goal of living my life more playfully, and FREEDOM comes first! Onwards and upwards in the money-getting games!

Brian Zarb

January 31, 2013 at 2:40 am - Reply

MINESH, I would REALLY like you to be able to help me Make a REAL difference in the world, especially with the youth. I would like to visit as much of the world as possible in order to deliver a message of hope, disipline, respect,drive, motivation,courage and strength to the young. this is the change i would like to encourage. INVESTING SUCCESSFULLY can help me by allowing me the $$$ to do as much of this joyful work as possible with my $$$ or in combination with those who would like to be part of this journey! Learning to invest successfully will allow me to do these things when without the $$$ behind me i would not be able to,

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