6th Lesson Of 2012 – Getting Wealthy Is A Birth Right, Not An Excuse To Spend More

Welcome to the 6th & final lesson of 2012.

Although I learned a lot of things this year, this series of lessons have really been the ones with the major breakthroughs for me, these are vital lessons that will shape the speed of progress I personally have in 2013.

This 6th lesson, I learned on my recent trip to Monaco, I took 2 of my best friends and we went to Monaco for the weekend. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been but it was their first time. So we were coming out of the Casino in Monaco and what do we find ourselves faced with? A Bugatti Veyron, a Lamborghini & a Ferrari. Parked up, sitting peacefully with their owners gambling inside.

At that moment, I realised something very important. I’m always looking for the mindset differences between myself and the people in the position I want to be in, it allows me to very quickly align my mindset with theirs and as you know, once your mindset is aligned, everything else is just “time”.

Bearing in mind I’d just bought the Bentley, something that was a personal symbol of “Unattainable Success” as you’ve read about in a previous post, I realised something very fundamental. Something that exists in the very building blocks of society. Something that exists in the building blocks of our mindset when it comes to “making money”.

A virus that’s hidden away, that limits the amount of money you’ll make almost automatically.

That is, your basic intention for making money.

Let me ask you this… What is your reason for making money?

99.999% of people will right now say something along the lines of “So I can buy this house/car/holidays/boats” or “So that I can create the lifestyle I want” or “So I can have the things I’ve dreamt of”.

Let me ask you this – so in every one of those situations, your intention for making money is to spend it. Correct?

Then why do you complain when you’ve made it and spent it and have little left?

Look, most people are taught right from school that you must go and get a job so that you can make money and live. The better job you have, the better you can live.

The problem with this, is that it teaches us to chase money SO THAT we can spend it. Not grow it, save it or do it just for the sake of it, but to spend it. And then we have the audacity to complain when the money is attracted and we spend it. THATS WHAT IT WAS SENT FOR!

All of your actions happen based on the beliefs and rules about the topic. So if your belief is “in order to spend money I must make it and I can only spend what I make” then thats the reality that will consume you.

I want you to DETACH the idea of making money from spending it.

That may take a second to sink it, but it’s very important. What most people are doing now is capping the amount of money they can attract and manifest and make by the amount they need to spend. I do this too. We are all taught to start up business’ get great jobs to have a better lifestyle.

Think about it, why does a person living very happily at £7 an hour never progress to £15 an hour, because they don’t need to spend any more money, so they are limited to amount that can be manifested by the amount they are happy to spend on their lifestyle.

However, a person living comfortably on £1,000,000 a year who suddenly experiences a downfall finds it VERY easy to get back up to his/her previous lifestyle, why Because thats how much they expect to spend, so thats how much they’ll manifest.

This is the very fundamental core belief that keeps people in high paying jobs 3 months away from bankruptcy. They make more to spend more. The only reason to make more is to spend more.


Here’s a key lesson, you can’t get rich by eating all your seeds, you’ve got to plant those seeds so they grow into trees of wealth.

But that’s the belief that everyone has, their very inspiration to make money comes from the intention of spending it.

Except these guys in Monaco. You see what I realised was, cars that they have as toys, are the ambition to the 99% to reach. The 99% aspire to have those cars. They aspire to make ENOUGH money to spend it on a car like that.

Are you getting it? It’s built into us.

The people in Monaco, their main purpose to making money was not the intention of spending it, it was just to make money, do deals, win.

The intention of making that money was not to spend it, and so they have a fortune and now your dream car is an option to them. By focusing on what they wanted to create in the world, not on how much money they wanted to spend, they have wealth.

I believe now that true wealth is choice. Not being able to buy a million pound Bugatti, not being able to hire a Yacht for £100,000 a day, not writing a £1,000,000 cheque to charity. TRUE wealth is having the CHOICE to do all those things.

Thats how I’ve retuned my energy after coming back from Monaco and really internalising this lesson. I’ve detached my need to make money from the intention of spending it on lifestyle & investments. You see, an investment, with the wrong intention is still a spending habit. So don’t get confused.

When people go and invest, this might be why you’re doing it, was exactly why I was doing it, you invest with the intention of someday having enough money to go and buy your dream house buy your dream car. You’re still INVESTING with the intention of spending it.

No wonder it doesn’t work – you’ve been trying to make money with the intention of getting rid of it.

Do you understand the stupidity of this?

And yet that is how we have all been brought up. Want a better life, make more money, so we run along and make more money with the intention of spending it and then wonder where it all went.

If you understand this and apply it, you’ll build a very strong muscle here which will free up the infinite abundance of wealth.

Remember, I learned this after 7 years of people in the game, you master this now and there are no limits to what you can do. Please, along with all the other lessons in this series, I want you to understand that money is spiritual, make every decision in 2013 with the guidance not for profit, but whether the act lines up with your purpose, know clearly what you want to create, live in the result of the creation, stay away from losers and silent thought attackers and remember that you making money is not determined by the amount you want to spend.

As my friend Andy Shaw says “Making money should be a by-product of living”. Thats very true.

Take these lessons and your ones and make 2013 the best year ever.

Money is a master of you until you understand that it is just an energy and is created from within you. You and your perceptions/beliefs and understandings determine the level to which money is created through you.

Have a very Happy New Year, I hope these lessons have been of as much value to you as they have been to me this year & 2013 is going to rock. I hope to see you walking with us. Winners stand together.

Lots of Love,

Minesh Bhindi


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January 1, 2013 at 12:43 am - Reply

Mindblowing concept! The statement that you are not earning money to spend it caused a complete shift in my thinking. As a kid my family had financial difficulties so money was always attached to what we need to buy and what we can’t buy. That’s not a great mindset for building the wealth and I can clearly see how I need to change my focus to reach my goals. Thanks for this great series of articles.


January 1, 2013 at 1:19 am - Reply

All 6 lessons are breakthroughs.. :o)


January 1, 2013 at 9:41 am - Reply

Minesh, thanks, very thought provoking.

I had to read this several times. Having lived in Taiwan and Hong Kong for about 15 years, and having a Chinese mother, I have to say my first thought is…there are a lot of people I know who make money and have no intention of spending it! That in itself is another set of issues.

However, a quick generalisation I will make it that western people are often ashamed of having money, and think of it negatively. In the Far East, where I lived for many years, money is talked about openly (ie taxi drivers asking you your salary) and with far less attachment.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Jennifer Rodriguez

January 1, 2013 at 1:56 pm - Reply

This was your most powerful lesson yet! What more can be said? You said it all and the comments that others have written before me exoress my sentiments as well. All that is left is to thank you for helping me create the shifts in my thinking so I can start building my wealth and reclaiming my birthright. Thank you and Happy Wealthy New Year 2013!

Victoria Leal

January 2, 2013 at 8:17 am - Reply

Hi Minesh,

What an excellent lesson! I have never heard it put that way before and this sentence was the clincher:

“By focusing on what they wanted to create in the world, not on how much money they wanted to spend, they have wealth.” I love it!

Thank you so much for bringing this perspective to the table and for all of the lessons you have brought us. You are much appreciated and I know (I don’t have to hope) that you will have a marvelous 2013!

Thanks again 🙂

Rayhman Jefferies

January 3, 2013 at 7:43 am - Reply

Nice – More extremely powerful pardigm shifts taking place 🙂 Thanks!

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