5th Lesson Of 2012 – Stay Away From Losers

Welcome to Lesson 5.

I trust you’re learning a lot from this series of my personal lessons I’ve learned in 2012.

This is a lesson which is going to hit a lot of people in gut. It’s meant to.

One mistake I made, when progressing on the path of spirituality, love for all is that I forgot that there are still Winners & Losers in this reality we live in.

Being spiritual, the message is treat everyone equally, but if you want to create financial success as-well (only reason you should be following me) you know very clearly that there are winners and losers financially.

Let me explain first what MY difference between a Winner & a Loser is. A lot of people are going to get very upset about this status and “how dare I judge someone as a loser” – quiet down and listen to MY definition first. A winner is someone who is working & walking towards creating the success that they want in whichever particular area in their life you’re looking at. A loser, is someone who does nothing but talk about ideas, methods and strategies and their dreams. They don’t ever take the actions that are needed, they just talk.

So, a financial winner could be a spiritual loser. And the other way too. Someone spiritually successful can be financially a loser.

When you want something, you must must must only take actionable counsel from people who are winners in that area.

I got very caught by bringing people who weren’t financially successful in my peer group, because they were spiritually successful, and then discussing financial success with them. This obviously led to a slow down in my progress in 2012 and it was 4/5 months before I caught it.

Imagine that, 4/5 months of my progress was halted/redirected just because of the people I had around me.

I talk very emotionlessly about winners and losers. It’s just FACT to me, nothing more. It’s a state of existence that when changed, I will also change my “judgement”.

We are given the ability to judge as human beings to give us the edge we need. And the problem with the way spirituality is taught, it teaches to judge everyone the same. I’m not saying dis-respect people, I’m saying KNOW CONSCIOUSLY who you choose to spend time with.

The problem with the society we have today is that we put a lot of value on the dreams & intentions of others. We give credit for “trying” for “Wanting”. Trying gets us nowhere & wanting is not ambition.

DOING is ambition. Achieving is winning.

So what did I learn, if you want financial success, surround yourself with people who are as financially successful as you want to be, that do the things you want to do and surround yourself with them.

If you want spiritual success, surround yourself with people who are spiritually successful and surround yourself with them.

You’re probably asking “what if I want both?”

That’s why I thought I’d give you my strategy of practical implementation of this:

Creating The Winner & Loser List

Ok, put your emotions and feelings about the words winners and losers at the door. And just follow along, then if you can’t handle the truth at the end, you’ll know.

Right, get a piece of A4 paper, create a line down the middle, Winners on the left, Losers on the right.

Decide what goal you want to analyse. Lets pick investment success.

Now go through your life, identify every person, and put them in either the Winner column or the Loser column. The criteria is, “Are they successful with their investments?”. Be ruthless, thats the key here.

If you know someone who’s becoming an investor that you’re “masterminding” with, that person is a loser.

The ONLY winners should be people who have already ACHIEVED what you want to create.

Talks about investments? Loser.

Teaches you about investments but doesn’t invest? Loser.

Knows about everything thats happening but doesn’t act? Loser.

Talks intelligent market analysis all day? Loser.

Takes you out drinking & wastes time but owns a £1,000,o00 property portfolio, drives a nice car, spends all day doing what he wants? WINNER.

Thats the level of directness.

Someone in the process of winning is still losing. Until they win.

Now, this should take you, if you do it with no emotions, about 30 minutes.

Do this for each goal.

Allocating Your  Time

Okay, so now you’ll have a list, the loser list should be a lot longer than the winner list (in anyone’s life).

Your job is to decide how much time daily you’re going to allocate towards each goal.

Lets say, you’re going to spend 6 hours a day working with people towards financial success. My demand, is that you spend no more than 15% of your time entertaining the losers opinions ABOUT that goal. Thats 90 minutes max. And even in that 90 minutes you’ve got to be thinking “this is opinion from the mouth of someone who hasn’t lived it” because otherwise, you’ll get caught in their dream.

It’s going to be hard, because chances are, all of your friends, good friends are losers if you’re trying to create a lifestyle you don’t already have, because you attract exactly what you are. If you’re not successful, you’re a loser, until you become successful.

You don’t need to tell them that they’re losers and so you can’t talk to them, they’ll feel it, as you align your purpose and everything else in the lessons so far people will be able to feel your energy change.

This is why we we have a weekly coaching call on GFL, because I like to keep everyone surrounded by like minded people until they learn & have a strong enough shield to defend themselves from the “bullshit” opinions and thoughts expressed by those that haven’t done yet. It keeps the energy solid.

I don’t mean what others say, “dump everyone in your life who’s not where you want to be”. My best friends are not financially successful, yet. So guess what, how much time do I spend talking to them about my business? Not much.

And they understand that, as they become more successful, we’ll have those chats.

But in 2013, don’t give yourself any time for the thoughts of people who haven’t achieved what you want to achieve. This, I guarantee will speed up your progress as the right mindset, the right energy will always be around you. The power of your collective consciousness will increase 1,000 fold. Because you’ll be around people that have done it, not dreaming about it.

You owe it to yourself to become successful, it’s good for the world. Don’t let the people around you hold you back.

BIG lesson for me this one.

Tomorrow, is the final lesson of 2012, huge lesson I learned, about how most people, in just the very act of making money, they’re intending to lose it.

Be back for that.

Minesh Bhindi





December 30, 2012 at 7:14 pm - Reply

This is very powerful Minesh. It’s really gotten me thinking about those people who I hold near & dear and the effect they’re having on my success. Not so easy.

Thanks for sharing this series. They contain valuable lessons to take us into 2013.


December 30, 2012 at 7:15 pm - Reply

Good read … Thanks for sharing

Victoria Leal

December 31, 2012 at 2:59 am - Reply

Hi Minesh,

I can definitely see how some may be upset by what you have written however, you are exactly right! I am the mother of 3 grown sons and when they were growing up and meeting girls, they would sometimes talk to me about what was happening in their relationships and my advice to them was to always surround yourself and spend your time with those people that it felt good to be around; those that accept you for who you are. If one of those girls does not have your best interest, at heart, and doesn’t really care about who you are and what you want to do, then you need to let that go!

Although, that advice applied to personal relationships, it is the same with a business or financial relationship. You only want to surround yourself with those who are of the same mindset of what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to call anyone a loser or a winner, and in the truest sense of spirituality, there actually is No judgment. This is not to say that you won’t have people in your life that have no idea about what you are wanting to accomplish or even those who may have a discouraging word about what you are doing. And by the way, until you actually succeed, you will only get there by trying or wanting. You have to start somewhere. You don’t just all of a sudden wake up and everything has been accomplished. But you keep going until you do succeed.

As an online marketer, full-time, I know better than to even talk with some of my friends about what I do because they do not understand it and can not appreciate what I do. Some of them are of the mindset that the only way you will be successful is if you are working a full-time job, which I know to be untrue. But my point is, I don’t even waste my time talking to them about what I do. It just makes sense that if you want to know how to do something or be something that you would surround yourself with those who have already accomplished what it is that you are trying to do or become. Or at least seek the advice of someone who has already done it, even if you are unable to be around them.

I think the key here is first, knowing exactly what you want to accomplish, and second, once you know what that is, it should not matter who your friends are or even how much time you spend with them. Because if what you are wanting to achieve is truly a core desire for you, your focus will be solid and your drive will be to do the things you need to do to accomplish what you want. And this is what your friends will see; your drive and your determination and on a deeper level, they will understand that you have things to do and they will be okay with that. So, in the end, when you are focused on what you want to accomplish, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say or what they think about what you are doing. Just Do You!

Can’t wait for tomorrow 🙂


December 31, 2012 at 11:46 am - Reply

Minesh, I really enjoyed this one.

While I have already mentally made lists about the people in my life, segregating them according to their spirituality levels, financial beliefs, etc, etc, and thus limit our interaction or conversations to certain areas of common ground….this article made me think about me.

I’m a definitely a LOSER and a Winner. So I had to stop and think about where I am being a Loser and where I am being a Winner.


Jennifer Rodriguez

December 31, 2012 at 12:40 pm - Reply

You said it! Look for the winners! That’s where I’m heading!

Rayhman Jefferies

January 3, 2013 at 6:54 am - Reply

This was good – an eye opener – a paradigm shifter 🙂 Thanks

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