4th Lesson Of 2012 – "Manifestation" Is Garbage. Especially When It Comes To Money.

Welcome to Lesson 4.

This was really a lesson I learned over the year, that really became clear September-November.

One of my biggest passions is identifying the thought patterns that DON’T allow new students to succeed with out investment strategy. Because 92% of people who put real money in, succeed, so why don’t others do it? It fascinates me, the strategy is solid, so I’m lucky that I get to focus on what makes people successful, rather than adjusting the strategy.

I really observe the questions of our students on the weekly Q&A calls, especially after every major intake of students we have, and the energy for attracting results in investing was completely off. They were saying things like:

“How long will it take for this to work?”

“Will I be able to make the returns your best students make?

“What pitfalls do I have to watch out for?”

“Are you sure this can work for me?”

“What if it doesn’t work?”

All of these questions are SO common with everyone involved in the “wealth creation” or “investment education” industry. It really highlights a very powerful belief system that itself is designed to lose.

Did you know, the average success rate in our industry is 3-7%. Yet Gold For Life has a 92% success rate (documented in our latest student survey). Why? Because everyone else doesn’t know how to train people to EXPECT success. I learned & developed this understanding after many chats with my friend Andy Shaw and reading a lot of Wayne Dyer books.

Let me ask you a question: Would you get into a car and drive it if you KNEW that you would have a car crash and the chance of reaching your destination was only 30%?


So why do that with success, money and everything else you want?

People buy programs and take steps believing that their chance of success is low. So therefore, they create that reality. They want to “manifest” success.

The most successful people we’ve had on our program this year are those who came in knowing that 2.2% per month consistently was just a given. It had to happen, that was already confirmed, all they had to think about was how to get a higher return?

Why do you put money into an investment thinking that there’s a chance it will fail? Because the level of certainty that you’re experiencing about the result you want to create is low.

Think about it, if you KNEW 100% that any investment you were getting into would be a success, how would you act? What questions would you ask?

Do you think Donald Trump buys a building or a golf course thinking that there’s a chance it might fail? No.

You want to get so crystal clear (from Lesson 3) on your intention/purpose that you are constantly living in it. So that when you come to face it in “reality” you actually have a sense of reenactment rather than “manifestation”.

The problem with the word “manifestation” is that people are using it wrongly. And remember, it’s never the word, its the energy behind the word that will determine the outcome.

Especially with money, if you don’t believe it already exists, every negative persons views about how much money you’re worth, the economy and the fact that money is hard to make WILL get to you, it’s just everywhere. Constantly.

This fascinated me so I started studying it, and I realized that the word “Manifestation” in current modern teachings is represented as “getting something you don’t currently have”. But the true definition of the word manifestation is to display or show something that already exists.

This really became apparent when looking at the words our successful investors were using vs the words of the people not successful. Like me, the successful investors when asked about their next months returns would say things like “I’ll make 2.3% next month” or “I expect to be making about 2.2% next month”.

The unsuccessful ones would say things like – “I’m hoping to get 2.2%” or “I’m trying to aim for 2.2%.

Just say the two different types of phrases in your mind to yourself and feel the difference. One is a certainty, the other is bullshit.

The successful students were in effect reenacting the receipt of those results as they manifested throughout the month. They KNEW it was happening, it was even already visited and in the history books.

The problem with using the word “manifestation” as it exists in it’s currently bad taught manner is that people are constantly living in the future. Just say it now, I manifest a million pounds”. Doesn’t it even FEEL like its an event taking place in the future?

Guess what, it’s the energy behind the word, not the word. All the great teachers have said this.

When I learned this, and realised it and paid attention to it consciously, magical things started happening. Almost as if we were being pulled into the future, like the very cells of nature were transforming around me.

So, my first test of this was to actually brutally destroy any of my students who used bad language like that, change the word first, force them to use a different word, which inspired an energy that I would coach into them. By the way, if you join the coaching programs, you, without knowing, give me permission to destroy your self esteem, future and everything, aslong as it helps you get what you want :-).

I’m a coach, not a member of the psychological support department.

Anyway, crazy things started happening, our success rate jumped from around 40% to over 92%. Just because every week, I’m on the calls, realigning the energy, realigning the expectancy.

So, manifestation is really garbage, BECAUSE of the way it’s taught and received now.

You must know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your next action is going to succeed and drive you further to your purpose before you actually take the action. Live from an energy of re-enactment, not from an energy of manifestation.

If you want to test this, try this: close your eyes and visualise what you want to MANIFEST in 2013.

It feels like it’s in the future right? or will be manifested OVER 2013? i.e. it’s not happened.

Now, close your eyes and go to the end of 2013 and RE-ENACT what showed up in 2013.

Feels like it’s DONE.

Everyday, you want to live in that re-enactment.

Buying a property? Live in the profit of that property.

Doing Day-Trading? Live in the profit of that trading

Investing in Gold For Life? LIVE in the profits Gold For Life have made you in 2013. And now act. Then it becomes simple, pick the one with the most proof of success. In-fact that’s all you’ll be able to see, the bullshit will disappear, as if by magic.

Then its simple, once you’re living in the reenactment, every opportunity you analyse will either feel right or feel wrong. Go with the one that feels right.

This is a big lesson I learned, everything I now do is an action that through the process of knowing what I want and then living in the re-enactment of it. So I hardly make any wrong or wasted decisions anymore.

If there is no decision to make, no action to take, I do nothing, this has already happened, I’m already on the Forbes 400 list, so why would I want to experiment, might aswell just do the same thing I did when I did it the first time around 😉

Lesson 5 tomorrow.

Minesh Bhindi




Laura Leigh Clarke

December 29, 2012 at 8:21 pm - Reply

Hey Minesh – awesome post. I love that you get into the practicality of manifesting, and call it as it is. I also love the way your personality comes across in your posts too. Will be returning to read more in the future, and we should probably talk about your coming on my podcast to share your wisdom!

Happy New Year!
Laura 🙂

Shauki Mahomed

December 29, 2012 at 8:53 pm - Reply

My teacher once told me a story. A man, weary from his travel, sits down under a tree for rest and shade. He is weary, tired and thirsty. He doesn’t realise that he is sitting under a magical wish fulfilling tree. ‘ I wish I had some water to quench my thirst’ Whoosh, a jug of cool, sparkling water appears from nowhere. Surprise, stunned. He quenches his thirst with this most delicious of fluids. I wonder…….’I’m hungry, I’d like some food’ Whoosh, a feast for a king manifests itself. WOW. ‘I wonder whats happening, this looks like the trick of the devil, if I go on like this I’m sure he’ll devour me’ CRUNCH.
Moral. We’re all siting under a wish fulfilling tree. The greatest gift we have is the gift of creating. But we are racked with doubts of our ability to create here and now.
Yes, Minesh, I think you are going to be a hard task master, but to bring us back to that realisation that we want is not measured by time, but our ability to create in the Here and Now.
Another great one, thank you.


December 29, 2012 at 9:23 pm - Reply

Hey Minesh,

Thanks for the blog post and Happy Holidays!

I have been following both you and Andy on the Wealthy minds Decoded and on YouTube for a while now. Love your stuff so much and believe in it! I have one question for you today: What does re-enactment mean in this sense and how do you do it? Can you possibly expand on your sentence:

“Now, close your eyes and go to the end of 2013 and RE-ENACT what showed up in 2013.”


That would help make wonders!

Thanks and best of luck,


December 29, 2012 at 10:56 pm - Reply

you right
you are a coach

Happy new year

Victoria Leal

December 30, 2012 at 2:36 am - Reply

Hi Minesh,

I appreciate your perspective on the topic of manifestation however, I’d like to throw something out there. To use your words, “it’s never the word, it’s the energy behind the word that will determine the outcome.” So, in this case, both words, “Manifestation” and “Re-enactment” can both be considered to be garbage, in that perspective. Although that is a strong statement, the meaning behind it is that the word, itself, does not matter but it is the belief about what that word means to you and that is what determines what kind of energy you will put behind the word.

To quote you, “I realized that the word “Manifestation” in current modern teachings is represented as “getting something you don’t currently have”. And my question to you is isn’t that exactly what the “re-enactment” is all about; a process for “getting something you don’t currently have?”

The word “manifest” means something that is clearly apparent to the sight or understanding; something that is obvious. While “manifestation” is an indication of the existence, reality, or presence of something.

On the other hand, the word “re-enact” means to perform again; To go through a second time. While “re-enactment” is the acting out or repetition of a past event or situation; something that has already occurred.

From the above definitions, it would appear that to manifest or manifestation deals with the present while to re-enact or an re-enactment deals with the past.

However, both the manifesting and the re-enacting, as you have described it, propel one into the future to either visualize the materialization a future event or to imagine that a future event has already occurred and you are now re-living those imagined moments. Either way, your subconscious mind will know that neither one is real if there are limiting beliefs surrounding the thoughts one may have about a future event occurring.

Whether you are manifesting, wanting certain things to materialize into your present, or re-enacting imagined happenings for your life, as you have mentioned, if you don’t really believe that something will happen for you, indicative by the words one chooses to use surrounding certain events, then it probably won’t; no matter how much you try to manifest it or re-enact it. But on the other hand, if you do believe that what you want is possible for you and you learn to start “Expecting” it because you already know that it does exist for you, then it will show itself to you and you will begin to see the signs of following your purpose and know the right decisions to make.

This is why those that teach manifesting and the law of attraction (and not all, by the way) tell you to visualize the event as though it has already occurred and to actually feel what it feels like to already be in the place you want to be in life because it is that feeling, that energy, that emotion that you have about that occurrence that will help it to materialize. This can be said of both, manifesting and re-enacting.

I would love to know your thoughts on this and I am looking forward to tomorrow’s lesson.

Mark Flatt

December 30, 2012 at 11:26 am - Reply

I must admit that as soon as I saw the title of this one I thought I was going to have ‘issues’ with what followed. But no, Minesh has nailed it again !! Great additions to the debate from Victoria as well.

Time to re-think my own ‘manifestation’ process.

Thanks guys 🙂


December 31, 2012 at 11:27 am - Reply

Shauki: I loved your story, thanks for sharing. Crunch…ah ha ha ha ha! Ouch!
Sherry: Does replacing re-enact with RELIVE help? As in “Close your eyes and RELIVE all that happened in 2013”. Or Visualize. Or See and Feel…

Minesh: thanks for another great article.


Jennifer Rodriguez

December 31, 2012 at 12:20 pm - Reply

WOW! Minesh you never fail to enighten. The more I read your lessons, the more I realize what I’ve been doing wrong all along. Thank you!


December 31, 2012 at 10:46 pm - Reply

…”the word “Manifestation” in current modern teachings is represented as “getting something you don’t currently have”. But the true definition of the word manifestation is to display or show something that already exists.”

One of the most profound & enlightening things I’ve read all year. I think I will make a sign out of it and hang it in my office!

I’m thrilled to know I’ve hooked up with a program (& coach), who “really” cares about my success.
How could I do anything but succeed?!

Rayhman Jefferies

January 3, 2013 at 6:45 am - Reply

Just a way of putting that will probably help you get what you want. Well.. Certainly.. I’m not so sure of the words and language used – it seems as though there is a too-heavy stress placed upon semantics; a getting bogged down in the semantics and linguistics of the process rather than the programming that is inherent in the actual creation of the outcome sought.

I think the multi-level gym may be useful, as a process:

May I help, Sherry, by perhaps putting the idea behind this ‘re-enactment’ in a form that may clarify – well, at least, I could see where Minesh was coming from having studied and taught Neuro-Linguistic Programming since 1992 – If you can start off with the end in mind, be then at the end, with all that you desired, look round, experience it in that moment, look back into the past, at the road you took from the present (that is in the past) – and at the past that had taken you there, experiencing all the levels and contexts of environments, capabilities, values, beliefs, spirituality, who you are, at every level – through every stage that you took as you look back to where you came from .. and this from a 1st person (you – looking through your eyes, hearing through your ears, feeling through your senses, you – being in that moment) .. Then you will have that knowledge in your neurons – inside you ..

Now, Look at where you are from a 2nd perspective .. step out, and away from you so you can see you, here in the future, everything that you have, at every level, look at you in the past, present, future –

What about a 3rd perspective ?? – A God’s perspective .. Detached even further, but loving – watching, teaching, guiding seeing all ..

What if you now integrated all you have seen, heard, felt, experienced through all those viewpoints, from each and every moment and viewpoint and brought it all back with you into the present .. And what if you now started to live those steps you took into the future, the ones you saw yourself taking in the past from the you in the future .. How would your life change ??

What if you had a You from the future come into you in the present, bringing you all the certainty and love you need to carry you into the future ?? How would that help you? What if .. You had had a loving You from the future come to you in the past? How would that have changed you? What if .. You had .. ? What if you .. You did .. You do ..

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