2nd Lesson Of 2012 – Money Should Be A By-product Of Your Purpose

Welcome to the second lesson!

This is something that I learned very early on in the year. I was at an event, speaking on stage with a couple of very very big personalities, but the event was going terribly.

The organiser had completely screwed up everything from registration to signs on the door as to which speaker was talking when.

And then, my speaking slot moved to 8pm on the last day in the main hall seating up to 2,000. I mean my friends were going on stage at 10am in the morning on the first day and having only 60 people in a 2,000 person room (which by the way is NOT fun for a speaker, so next time that happens, please move to the front so we don’t have to shout too loudly!).

If that was happening then, on the last day of this event I knew I’d be lucky to have half that.

So anyway, I got introduced, music started, I walked on stage, greeted everybody, did my talk and offered people the opportunity to join the Gold For Life Community and at this point (I can feel this now again as I’m typing) my energy was just terrible. I felt like just walking off the stage.

Why? Because I was standing on that stage at that very moment, for money. The end goal was to get sales. And I realized, I don’t want a life where I’m on stage “working” for money. I really enjoy speaking, it’s a talent and a gift I have to be able to motivate and inspire people. But in that moment, all I was doing was forgoing my gift and doing it for the money.

I didn’t do that with my investing. I didn’t do that with anything else. Just Gold For Life (the company). At that point my eyes opened. At that point. Everything changed. I walked off stage, left the event, went for a cigar and realigned my purpose.

What I’ve learned this year is that your accumulation of money should be a by-product of your purpose. My purpose here on this plane of existence is to create a new 1%. A new super rich where it’s not just people with money, it’s people who have money, but they also have great hearts, great minds and great intentions for the world. Just now they have the funds to put all that into action.

And I was putting the profits of the company above that purpose.

I refocused, retuned my energy, started looking at opportunities, speaking and otherwise that helped my PURPOSE and suddenly profits started happening. I literally looked at an opportunity like this, my friend JT Foxx who runs an event called Mega Partnering, fantastic event, invited me out to speak, I wasn’t “allowed” to sell. I would be flying out to Dallas, spending a week and about $10,000 to just go and speak.

With my old mindset, I would have said “No, no profits, not worth it.”

Here’s how I analysed the decision with the new way of thinking: “Is this speaking opportunity going to help me inspire people who are and can be in the new 1% to make more money, protect their wealth and do good things?”. I didn’t know at first, so I went to do some research about the event, looked at the caliber of attendees and then I knew. These people were IT. my vision of the new 1%.

I said yes and booked the flights that evening, no hesitancy. That led to a friend in JT, speaking on stage with some amazing people AND students who met me there who are now looking to expand Gold For Life to help more people join the mission.

All from changing my perspective from “Will this make money” to “Will this help walk me along the path to my purpose?”.

I don’t know how it works. But as SOON as you can shift from working for money to working for the purpose, the money comes & every decision becomes easy.

I have to admit, I’ve now adapted this to every part of my life. Spirituality, health, relationships… everything. Whats my purpose and then is this decision right for the PURPOSE, not for the need in the moment.

Imagine how many investments you wouldn’t have lost money on if you looked at the END purpose rather than the current situation.

It’s all about purpose. Make every decision with the PURPOSE in mind and life becomes a whole lot easier.

See you again tomorrow.

Minesh Bhindi





Shauki Mahomed

December 27, 2012 at 9:51 pm - Reply

I like this very much, touches a deep chord in me. I left a well paying job last year, and although I get called to work, I resist because, at this stage I find it mind numbing and soul destroying, its not in keeeping with my wanting to do what I want to do. as you say, with ones purpose.
I remember one of my teachers saying ‘When you do what you really want to do, and it serves life, Nature supports’. So when you realligned yourself to your purpose, things started to happen, Nature supported. You have a deep sense of purpose, you know where you are going, with conviction, with passion. That is truly a blessing.
Thank you for your Blog. Keep it coming.

Victoria Leal

December 27, 2012 at 9:52 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh,

Another great write-up! We have all probably heard, “Do what you love and the money will come.” However, I think we still get caught up in looking for the money at the end of what we are doing, instead of just doing. What you said, “Make every decision with the PURPOSE in mind and life becomes a whole lot easier,” is right on point. I view this as doing our part and allowing the universe to do the rest. No matter what we are doing, if we are living our purpose, the money will come … we just have to trust and do our part.

Jennifer Rodriguez

December 28, 2012 at 2:49 am - Reply

This was eye-opening. I never thought of it from this angle. And it’s even more impactful coming from a person like you who’s already a well-known and well-to-do investor. To know that you’re not motivated by profits but by purpose has made me rethink my relationship to money.

Richard Teare

December 28, 2012 at 10:27 am - Reply

This one is giving me pause for further thought. Great stuff Minesh!


December 28, 2012 at 1:48 pm - Reply

Hi Minesh

I was at the 8pm event, and despite the setbacks you still put on an impressive presentation.

Mark Flatt

December 30, 2012 at 8:12 am - Reply

Yep, these are fantastic stepping stones for major mindset changes.

I originally worked as a project manager for a major UK bank for 27 years, but the only purpose I was surving was to boost the profits of that organisation. As a behind the scenes Project Manager, I wasn’t even on the front-line where I could see tangible results in improving individual customers lives. My mindset was conditioned purely to delivering projects : On time & within budget……..

………..& nothing else mattered !!!

So I left the ‘corporate life’ to be come an internet marketer. I was in Daniel Wagner’s Platinum Group for a while (where I first came across Minesh) and I was told by Daniel (& others) on many occasions that your marketing mindset must be about ‘what can I do to help others, THEN the money will follow’…..

Of course with bills to pay my actual mindset quickly reverted to ‘How can I make the most profits… and how quickly’……. WRONG !!! The Universe will soon bite you on the bum with that attitude.

Roy Jones

January 1, 2013 at 1:46 am - Reply

I like your summary and if it does not offend you I have adopted it. Thank you my friend.


Rayhman Jefferies

January 3, 2013 at 5:00 am - Reply

Great stuff – but stop smoking – Cigars will kill you ..

Rayhman Jefferies

January 3, 2013 at 5:02 am - Reply

Great Stuff! But stop smoking – Cigars will kill you ..

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