009: How Big The Deposit Protection Insurance Fund Really Is

In the last episode we discussed the concept of the Deposit Protection schemes and how they work.

In this episode I want to pull the curtain back even more and reveal the research we’ve found which shows, to the penny, how much money is actual held in these insurance schemes to protect a bank failure…

This directly affects anyone holding money in the bank and not in assets right now, forget inflation, this is a Government and Banking risk, which I personally think is more dangerous than inflation in the short term…

How much does the law require these schemes to hold?

What happens if they fail?

How many banks failing does it take to bring the whole insurance scheme down?

Listen in:

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In the next episode, I’m going to take a direct look at the Dodd Frank Act and Bank of England’s blueprinted, legal, plan for the next credit crunch or banking crisis.

Stay tuned.

Minesh Bhindi

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